Route of Peaks(Path 23-Fort Raid Part One)

July 10, 2010

After a whole morning of walking, they arrived at fort Ait. The interiors were all destroyed, except a few damaged towers which were used during Yedrei-Phlaq confrontation as anti long range spell protection.
“Six people only? This is really ridiculous. I thought that a whole army will attack us. And we have two traitors here. Want a duel?” A man wearing Kevlar suit and wielding cupronickel pike hammer formed a cubic barrier. A pike was seen welded at the center, between the two sides of the cylindrical hammer blocks.
“You…the damage has been done…you shall be engraved for your sins!” Rhya rushed inside the barrier while taking out a invar sword with laser beam pods attached on the hemisphere shaped cross guards.
“I guess you skipped the cursed saint located somewhere before us. Perhaps this is more important for you, but this shall be your greatest regret!” He started his attack by strafing to his right in a circular motion, trying to attack from her left. The sands from the ground told her his movements, allowed her to launch a slash wave with the opposite trajectory, yet he jumped and attempted to smash her.
“I fear that this is yours instead,” She charged his sword’s pods and fired double helix laser beams on him without even looking at him. He was hit and knocked onto the barrier. She walked a few meters and looked at him with disdain. “Now it’s my turn,” She charged her sword with poison aura and “launched” a cobra snake to him.
“Sorry, if this can defeat me I will just die with my comrades by the ground back then!” He knocked the cobra snake onto the ground and stared her sharply. Then, a stab wave was launched by stabbing the air  in front of him. She merely absorbed it exactly on her sword’s tip and launched a slash wave back to him.
“I know that. But don’t stall, will ya?” She dashed towards him while scratching the ground using her sword’s tip and charged it with fire aura. The flames were seen on the scratch marks and it spread to her sword’s blade. “Let’s see if you can resist this!” A diagonal swung of his sword was attempted for an ambush, but suddenly she slammed the sword and cut along the suit. His right hand was severely wounded and he jumped away from her while healing it.
“This…I guess I have no choice but to fight from long range,” He switched to a pair of shot gun and fired repeatedly. She quickly randomly dashing and jumping around, dodging every single shot fired on her. Then, she charged her sword blades with wind aura and launched the side blades onto him. He tried to blow them off by shooting them, yet,
“This is what I expecting from you, fool,” She charged her laser pods with ice aura and fired freezing laser beams on his feet, preventing his movement by sealing his feet with ice, yet he broke it using merely physical strength and bicycle kicked the blades upwards which flew out of the barrier.
“What?” Suddenly, a few laser beams hit him and he was slammed onto the barrier. He quickly stood up and blocked another few laser beams while firing ricochet shots on her. Those shots were swiftly dodged as she was rushing close to him. Just when she came close to him,
“This is my answer,” A cross slash with a cross shaped slash wave ended his life. The barrier was disappeared while she was walking back to Cogra and the others. Xiel pointed her spinning blade gun to another bandit. Another fight ensues….


Route of Peaks(Path 22-New Team)

July 10, 2010

After one day of walking, a guard stopped them. His full armor and the helmet with visor concealed his full body.
“Are you Cogra Hazran?” The guard asked him. He nodded and they were teleported inside the room. It’s the minister of foreign relations of Cisq’s room. Four book racks were seen behind the seat while two women was standing beside the minister.
“So you guys are the ones who defeated the bandits of Tziac? Impressive. I’m here to tell you other things, though. Our army mostly crippled the bandits in this country, but apparently there are a few people still guarding the bases and we could not penetrate them from the ground. It’s up to you to defeat the remains of the enemy. Now these two people will help you,” He turned his head back and forth once and the two woman walked towards them.
“Xiel Dinar, local bounty hunter,”
“Rhya Tahil, ex-member of Phlaq mountain unity front…wait…you are….”
“Yes, I guess this is fate, I think,” Uknaras suddenly pulled her hand over him.
“Stop that, will ya?” Cogra was embarrassed by the situation. After a few seconds, they were teleported back to the very spot they were before. Uknarax was flirting with Xiel, but the rest were discussing why Eirlok held Rhya’s hand.
“I had some ‘good’ past with her, until I was tasked to lead the invasion at Tziac. I thought that I will die when I face you, but now…I guess I have chosen to live,” Eirlok was still holding Rhya’s hand.
“I see. I’m Cogra Hazran, a guard and she’s Sieffe Odphi, an angel from the realm of heaven. That pervert over there, Uknarax Ecias,” Cogra introduced themselves while bad mouthing Uknarax in purpose. He heard the words, walked towards Cogra and slapped him.
“Pervert? If I’m a pervert, you are a moron who only knows to fight and nothing else,” Uknarax tried to insult Cogra, but it backfired when Xiel walked towards him and touched his butt.
“He is. Touching inner thighs of a woman whom he knows just seconds ago is the best proof. But it’s him so it’s okay,” She hugged him from the back tightly, making him flustered.
“Well, Xiel…I….” He was totally at lost of words. After a few seconds, she let him go, but still holding his hands. Then, they continued walking along the mountain pathway. At the meantime, around a base,
“Those ground scums stopped wasting their ammunition, but apparently they have different ideas,” A man was cleaning the area where the ground forces attacked them for the past month.
“What do you mean? Is it the same way Tziac’s forces were destroyed?” A woman did the same thing.
“Yes. I doubt if they can survive the cursed saint just below this base, though,” At the meantime, at a press conference in front of Grio,
“The forces of the bandits, or what they so called as Phlaq Mountain Unity Front in Tziac is now completely eliminated, thanks to the anonymous people who fight against them in vigilante fashion. They are now aiding other countries in defeating them, however whether they will be rewarded is not under my control. Plus, the government of Cisq has sent us a letter of compliment,” A man threw a letter to the reporters, which shocked everyone present.
“Can you tell what it is about?” A reporter asked him.
“I can summarize this in one sentence: ‘Congratulations on Tziac government who wiped out the bandits in one attack silently with zero casualties’. This is the proof that we do take actions against them. I demand any media who called us wimps issue an apology or I’ll personally sue them,” He teleported himself away and ended the press conference. This starts to getting intense….

Route of Earth(Path 21-Valley Battle)

July 9, 2010

After five days, they arrived at Grio, located exactly at the borders. The gates were absent, dusts were abundant and the buildings were all destroyed. The upward mountain pathway was steep. Just when they reached the top, a fiberglass spear was fired from a bow.
“This fast? So do I,” Uknarax kicked it back to Eirlok. He quickly rushed frontward and a cubic barrier was formed, preventing anything interrupting the fight they have promised. Eirlok took back the spear, barely preventing it from piercing himself. The atmosphere inside the barrier was intense. They were staring sharply on each other.
“Ha, now we can battle at our own pleasure!” Eirlok started his attack by charged his spear with fire aura and slammed it onto the ground. The ground turned hot, then a few cracks appeared on the ground, emitting fire arrows on Uknarax, only to be blocked by his nimble movements of using his platinum spear.
“Yeah. Take this!” Uknarax charged his spear with water aura and let the tip touch the ground and ran in a zigzag formation while dodging the fire arrows emitted on him. Just when he reached close, a crack was formed on the ground just in front of him and a fire arrow pierced his body. He fell onto the ground, but the spear was slammed onto ground as well.
“Whoa, this is far more exciting than I’ve expected,”  The fire arrows turned into steam arrows which were emitted at Eirlok instead of Uknarax. Eirlok quickly jumped while charging his spear with ice aura and dived down. An ice dove was formed on the tip of the spear with the tail feather formed exactly at it. Uknaras quickly woke up, charged his spear with metal aura and swung it upwards, breaking the ice dove but Eirlok was merely blocked.
“This is going beyond what we have expected,” He charged it with poison and electric auras, trying to poison Eirlok using electric current. Eirlok was electrocuted, but he shrugged off the pain and jumped backwards. The cracks were disappeared while they were healing themselves. Their stares were sharper than earlier, perhaps knowing the opponent they are facing is skillful.
“How about joining us? We are going past this place anyway and destroy your organization,” Uknarax switched to a double sword lance, charged it with wind aura and stabbed it onto the ground. Whirlwinds were launched towards Eirlok, yet he charged his spear with non-elemental aura and formed a barrier, blocking the whirlwinds.
“Oh? Then break through this barrier. You got only one chance,” Eirlok dashed towards Uknaras while shooting missiles made from the barrier.
“Sure,” Uknarax charged his sword lance, threw it upwards and bicycle kicked it. The weapon was rotating like a razor, shattering the barrier and broke the spear before slashing Eirlok repeatedly. He fell onto the ground and the barrier disappeared. Then, he work up and healed himself, giving a softer stare.
“Let’s go, warrior. My ex-comrades past this point is harder to kill,” He ran past the non-existent northern gate. The rest quickly followed him, but Ophark and Irliay teleported themselves away.
“Our mission is finished. The rest, good luck,” Feil quickly chased Uknarax and stopped him.
“I must stay here. Who is going to report everything?”
“This is just an excuse to stay with that officer. I know that better. But, beware of remaining survivors,” He shrugged her off and ran away from her. At the meantime, inside that office,
“They have completed theirs. It’s now yours to help them. Especially you, you defector,” A man was finished writing a letter and teleported it away. This shall be their new continuation of this mission….

Route of Peaks(Path 20-Duel Over The Kilometers)

July 7, 2010

“Electrostorm!” Cogra charged himself with electric aura and electric storms were rained down the bandits, killing 30% of them. Knowing being ambushed from far, the flag bearer threw the flag down the slopes and charged himself with rock aura. Rock spikes were struck exactly at Cogra, but it was quickly blocked by Sieffe’s and Feil’s barrier spell.
“I guess this will make them busy,” Ophark launched the spikes from his spiked club far to the army of bandits and fired laser beams on the flag bearer, but they were absorbed into his tetrahedral barrier. Just when he attempted to fire a laser blast back to them, suddenly,
“Oh no you don’t!” The blast was suddenly knocked off to the army of the bandits when Irliay charged her pole shield with rock aura and fired a mirror towards him, killing another 20% of them. The barrier was soon shattered, yet the group of bandits behind the flag bearer jammed the spikes using shockwaves. The jamming was soon recovered, but another group of bandits dashed towards them and attacked at close range, forcing them to teleported back.
“I guess I just have to go against them myself,” Uknarax teleported to the army of bandits, took out a pair of rocket launchers and fired them as if firing machineguns. Another 5% of them were killed, but the flag bearer survived and took out a pair of platinum scythe and dashed towards him, attempting for a duel. The rest of the bandits quickly rushed for aid, forcing Uknarax to deploy a pair of stainless steel spears in mind control mode to block his advance while continued to fire the rockets and dashing backwards.
“This is nothing but hell. I guess they are getting extremely serious this time,” Cogra charged himself with light aura and fired light pillars onto the army of bandits, killing 25% of the bandits at the rear. Then, he switched to dark pillars and killed rest of the bandits, but the flag bearer was still attacking Uknarax.
“You are still standing? I guess I just have to fight you fair and square,” Uknarax kept the rocket launchers inside his dimensional storage, took the spears and attempted to attack the flag bearer, but he continued to block the strikes directed at him. After twenty seconds,
“You certainly is a good fighter. See you at the borders and I shall fight again with you,” The flag bearer teleported himself away. “Oh, and my name is Eirlok Niel,” Uknaras teleported back to Cogra and the others. They were all exhausted and the sun was going to set. They decided to continue walking until late night.
“Is this all of them?” Uknarax asked Feil. He was worried that there will a similar battle after this, which is very exhausting.
“Yes, from my superiors’ recent data. Anyway, someone challenged you for a duel, isn’t it?” Feil asked him with a curious tone.
“Yes. And I have a good feeling that he will join us if I give him a good fight,” Uknarax looked at the cloudy night sky, which another planet was still visible. At the meantime, inside the very office Ophark and Irliay were long time ago,
“The intelligence said that the bandits in Tziac were eliminated when they were marching along the mountain range. Those people…doing nothing all along but create a blast when they do…this is what I call as Tziac,” The minister was happy upon looking at the speech said earlier at the press conference. “I guess I just have to compliment them for it. Perhaps the discretion is the better part of valor,” He started to write a letter using a feather pen. The duel is going to start soon….

Route of Peaks(Path 19-Sembilan Part Two)

July 6, 2010

“This is not over yet…defeating me requires more work than what you think!” Sembilan woke up, formed a barrier and blocked the spear thrown to her. She even absorbed the energy from the attack to heal herself. Uknarax tried to charged it with metal aura, but it was absorbed as well and metal blocks were dropped onto him instead.
“Oh? I guess you are right,” Cogra switched his spear into a drill and dashed towards her while narrowly dodged Uknarax’s spear launched on him using eject spell. Just when he came close, the barrier was ejected onto him at high speed. He was hit and thrown 30 meter upwards.
“This is the proof of his words,” Uknarax teleported to the edge of the platform charged his leg with water aura. Just when the barrier reached close to him, he jumped and kicked it back to her, with water crystal spikes formed on the surface of the barrier. She tried to block it using another barrier, but the water crystals hitting it, causing it to shatter just before the water crystals turned into water. She was hit and smashed the barrier at the platform’s edge.
“This is really devastating…you certainly know how to hidden your strengths, but I am not finished with you,” She took out a pair of chain whips with lance tip welded at the end of the chains. She swung it repeatedly that they could only dodge her swings and could not reach close to her.
“I guess this really mean something. But if guess this goes escalating after all,” Cogra focused his mind and charged himself with poison aura. “You go for long range, so do us,” Poisonous needles suddenly surrounded her and pierced through her. Unlike usual poisons, the poison merely paralyzing her hand and leg muscles which stopped her movements and by extension, her attack.
“I agree with you, pal!” Uknarax took out a tuning fork shaped spear, charged it with rock aura and threw it towards her. Sandstone sealed the spear along its pathway before thrust through her body and the barrier. After a few seconds, light dusts were flying upwards before she was disappeared.
“I guess this is quite some good work, huh?” Cogra was tired from the battle and lied onto the ground while drinking a bottle of energy potion. A Uknarax quickly walked towards him and did the same, laughing together.
“I can’t imagine we are having fun like this, isn’t it?” After a few seconds they were teleported back to the ground. They were surprised that the others were standing still and staring sharply at them.
“What takes you this long, huh?” Sieffe took out her rod and pointed it at him as if she was going to attack him soon. “Just kidding. Let’s go,” They woke up and started walking, but suddenly a humanoid demon appeared in front of them. Her glittering light green robe with similarly painted trident was clearly visible.
“What the hell you are doing here, Feil Gaix? Isn’t that you are supposed to be at the borders?” Uknarax shouted at her.
“We have a problem here. The bandits are now marching towards us and they will arrive in four days. I personally could not stop them so I asking for your assistance,” Feil held his hands.
“I have a good solution for that. How about some long range spells?” Cogra drew a magic circle on the mountain pathway and sat on it. At the meantime, while an army of bandits were marching along the mountain pathway,
“This time, with this much of troops, the Phlaq Mountain Unity Front shall take the triumph!” The flag bearer shouted. This is a danger for everyone….

Route of Peaks(Path 18-Sembilan Part One)

July 5, 2010

“This is my ‘gift’ for you!” Cogra switched his laser blade into a pole shield which mimicked Irliay’s pole shield, charged it with vacuum aura and ‘placed’ a vacuum spot just behind her. She was sucked to the spot, preventing her advance. Then, Uknarax charged his spear and launched a slash wave on her, but she quickly kicked it back at them.
“I guess I just have to be daring this time,” Uknarax dashed, swung his lance horizontally to let the slash wave ‘stuck’ on it and swung it vertically, attempting to slash her from above, yet she blocked them using barrier glove. Then, she charged her glove with electric aura, attempting to electrocute him, yet the current stopped at his glove.
“You are not thinking of everything! Transpose!” She cast the spell and the vacuum spot shifted to Uknarax. Cogra quickly cancelled the spell, but that did not stop her from charging her chain which straightened it as if it was a lance, thrust it through his armor and pulled it out. He quickly jumped backwards and healed himself, thinking of what to do next.
“She is a cursed saint, after all. Those tactics against the bandits won’t work on her,” Cogra switched her pole shield back to laser blade and dashed towards her, dodging the swings from her. Uknarax switched to a shorter spear and followed him. Just when Cogra came close, she took out a platinum spear and attempted to stab him, yet,
“You surely know how to counter such attack,” Uknarax was amazed when Cogra swung his laser blade clockwise, which knocked it off a bit and made the stab attack missed, and slashed along the spear, hitting her hand holding it and her body. Then suddenly he was kicked and thrown 15 meters away.
“What the….no wonder he is selected to fight against me,” Uknarax charged his spear with metal aura, which suddenly elongated the weapon and she was stabbed. He quickly swung it upwards and slammed her onto the ground, but the shockwave formed on the ground threw him back to Cogra while the spear was pulled out of her body. Then, she charged herself with acid aura.
“This is nothing for us!” They quickly charged themselves with alkali aura and formed a skin tight barrier which neutralized acid formed on their clothing, but the heat was intense that they suffering from heat damage, which perhaps she was planning such trick all along. While the pain from the heat damage was in effect, she quickly switched to a pair of desert eagle handgun and fired a few shots at them, yet,
“Ha, you think this really works? You are underestimating us!” The shots were blocked by the supposedly weak neutralized barrier. Then, they healed themselves and rushed towards her again, dodging the shots fired at them. Just when they came close, she suddenly disappeared from their sights.
“No,” Two screw tipped spear stabbed their back and the attack Uknarax used on her was was repeated, except that there were no shockwaves were formed, allowing her to attack them that way repeatedly. After a few seconds, Cogra barely managed to focus his mind and charged himself with ice aura, sealing her under an ice pyramid. The attack was stopped and they teleported themselves away from her.
“Your answer is a blatant lie,” Cogra switched his laser blade into a screw tipped laser spear, charged it with fire aura and threw his pen to her. A burning phoenix was “formed” and it pierced through her body, with the ice shattered into pieces. Then, Uknarax charged his spear, attempting to throw it to her. This is not over yet….

Route of Peaks(Path 17-They Finally Reacts Part Two)

July 4, 2010

After two days, they reached a cursed saint statue with a horde of bandits pointing their firearms on them.
“Man, they anticipated this? I guess this means go for a massacre,” Irliay charged her pole shield with water and wind auras. “Blowing water jet!” She fired bursts of water, knocking the enemies down the slopes. The shots were too weak that they ignored the damage inflicted on them.
“Ha, you mooks are nothing but fools!” Ophark launched the spikes to the bandits, charged them with fire aura and fired them as if from flamethrowers, burning the bandits. The streams of weak firearms shots was still intense as well.
“I guess they have reinforcements. Laser blade, let’s go,” Cogra took out his laser blade and dashed down the mountain pathway, blocking the shots fired at them. Then, he dashed towards them, slashing the bandits who is in his sight. Sieffe quickly joined him while taking out a stainless steel scimitar.
“Don’t enjoy such a killing alone!” Sieffe took out another scimitar and did the same with Cogra. The firearms’ shots were less intense. They quickly ran downwards and joined the fun. The bandits were quickly eliminated, but the reinforcements were keeping them busy. Their amounts were in hundreds, but they were getting harder and harder to kill.
“Those bastards…I guess this is the only thing that can eliminate them,” Cogra took out his pearl wand and charged it with electric aura. “Electric magnarid…range extension!” He shouted loudly while running towards the reinforcements. A huge magic circle appeared on the mountain pathway and electrical sparks were emitted on the bandits from it, striking upwards and electrocuting them. The bandits were killed in an instant, but the smile on Cogra’s face turned into sorrow. He walked slowly back towards them, but a bandit with a platinum sword dashed towards him without him noticing.
“Watch out!” The lancer teleported to his back and blocked the bandit’s attack using his spear’s tip. “I, Uknarax Ecias, will knock this bandit down!”  He then charged it and broke the sword, thrusting through the bandit’s body which killed him instantly. Uknaras pulled it out and pointed it at Cogra.
“Sorry. I have some problem regarding massacring such a number of people. They are criminals, but they are humans as well. You are soldier trained to combat these feelings, but I’m just a guard who will only kill when they become a threat. After a few more assaults I will get used to it,” Cogra looked at the cloudy sky and sighed. Uknaras quickly lowered his lance.
“I see. The same thing happened to us as well while we were fighting our way to reach you. Whatever it is, shall we slay the cursed saint?” Ophark winked at them and walked back to the cursed saint statue with Irliay and sieffe.
“Hey, wait for us!” Cogra and Uknaras quickly ran to catch up. After a minute, they went back to the statue, but nothing happened. Then, a sound suddenly was heard in Cogra’s head.
“Choose your partner with your mind and you shall be transferred to the platform,”
“I understand,” Cogra closed his eyes. After a few seconds, he and Uknaras was teleported away to the same floating platform he was earlier.
“Why you are choosing me?” Uknaras switched to a platinum spear.
“Because you have extremely strong will. She’s coming,” Cogra kept his wand in his dimensional storage. Then, a nun looking saint with black feathery wings appeared in front of them.
“Names Sembilan, the ninth cursed saint. Kill me or I’ll kill you all,” She took out her short spear attached to a chain whip and dashed towards them. A new battle begins….

Route of Peaks(Path 16-They Finally Reacts Part One)

July 3, 2010

After a day of walking without any encounters with the bandits, they decided to stop for a while and enjoying the scenery. The bright but cloudy sky with an unknown scattering pattern matched perfectly with the grass plains below them, which were unaffected by Phlaq’s modernization. They were lying against the slope which is covered by meadow grass.
“If we are not fighting against the bandits this is a perfect spot for dating, isn’t it?” Cogra asked Sieffe, which not only surprised her but made her flustered as well. She quickly turned to him and tried to slap him, yet he caught her hand and the atmosphere was tense.
“Don’t ask such a thing at such a time!” She scolded him and turned against him, but soon she turned around and blushed. “At least ask this while we are alone!”
“Well, we prefer the places down there instead of here,” Irliay who overheard them threw a random reply to ease the atmosphere. “But for likes like you this place is a perfect spot. After all, for some couples talking alone under the nature is better,”
“Wait…I sensed someone rushing towards us,” Ophark suddenly stood up and took out his spiked club, only to see a lancer wearing magnalium armor with a bronze lance walking towards them with its tip facing onto the ground instead of to the air. Apparently there was no malice detected from him.
“So you are the ones who captured Viloc Valley?” He asked them with a curious tone. He removes his armor and put it against the slope while taking rest by sitting onto the ground. It appeared that he was tired by all the walking that he has gone through to see them.
“Yeah, it is us. What is it?” Cogra gave him a bottle of energy potion and he drank it slowly. “And I’m surprised that you are able to come to us from that way without any injuries,” Cogra pointed at the direction they were walking to, which is also the way he was walking.
“Apparently the bandits are currently reorganizing their troops. In fact with the fall of the valley they can’t afford to lose anymore. I’m from the ground, sent by some morons,” He was polishing his lance with shoe wax, making it black and shiny. “I thought they will at least assemble a small army and attack the borders directly,”
“If even you can call them morons you know how they doing things. Granted that they claiming that they will not meddle with the mountains, but out of fear of attacking the ground they will do something. Unnecessary pride…why they must hold onto it?” Cogra told him while walking away. The others quickly followed him.
“I see. Let’s go, warrior,” At the meantime, at the ground below where they were,
“That lancer go without our consent. Our intelligence approximated that there are currently 20,000 bandits amassed in the borders, which will be risky to attack directly given that they have various weapons stored inside their base. Our army’s stance is to assess the situation and monitor them before we launch a kill them all strike on them. We must not repeat the disaster happening during the Phlaq-Yedrei Confrontation which we lost almost one hundred thousand soldiers. Outsiders might see us as cowards, but we prefer minimizing unnecessary assaults and casualties. Please forward other questions to my assistant,” The minister of national defence told the reporters before teleported himself away. At the meantime, near the ninth cursed saint statue,
“We are now at the cursed saint. Orders, sir!”
“Kill them once you see then,” This is not good….

Route of Peaks(Path 15-Assault At The Valley)

July 2, 2010

After a week of walking and fighting against mobs of enemies attacking them, they arrived at Viloc Valley. The stone made buildings were in rubbles as if the whole town is a ruin. A rock gate was seen with a pair of bamboo fireworks well hidden behind it. They were standing behind a pair of walls as a hiding spot.
“This is it. The main base of operations. Let’s storm inside,” Cogra switched his laser blade into a cannon pod and fired cannonballs in projectile motion, killing the guards around it and destroyed the bamboo fireworks. Sounds of alarms ringing was heard and a hoard of bandits were rushing out.
“This will take care of them,” Sieffe took out her boulder launcher and fired a few rock boulders, smashing many of the bandits but some of them were smart enough to jump over the boulders. Upon sensing a few of them attempting to run past the pair of walls,
“You are not smart enough,” Ophark launched the spikes from his club and fired energy beams on them. The waves of attack was stopped for a while, but after a few seconds a weird sound was heard. It was the rockets fired from a tower far middle to the valley. Sieffe quickly cast metal magnarid and steel pocket knives were fired from magic circles appeared beneath them, exploding them.
“They have such equipment?” Irliay charged her pole shield with fire and wind auras. “Pole shield, rocket launch!” The shield along with part of the pole was fired, revealing a lance hidden inside. It was fired straight to the tower, blocking and dodging attacks from them. Meanwhile, another horde of bandits were rushing towards them, with firearms that slowly withering the walls.
“Doppelganger trick? I guess I have no choice,” Cogra switched his cannon pod to a grenade launcher and fired a few of them to blow them while Sieffe quickly fired several boulders to stop them from advancing. The walls were start cracking, forcing them to fix the walls. After a few seconds,
“Our base was destroyed! Retreat!” The bandits teleported themselves away upon seeing the tower fell onto the ground as it was attacked repeatedly by the launched shield. They quickly walked out the walls and walked inside. The buildings were all damaged, perhaps to create an illusion of nothing is inside.
“So this is the valley. It isn’t like what my superior said. Perhaps the bandits destroyed this town in purpose. Hopefully your country’s government will fix this once this problem is solved,” Irliay sighed at the town which was once a tourist attraction. Walking past the town was hard as the debris scattered on the ground formed obstacles.
“Past this is the Ziusc mountain range. After this defeat they will definitely strike harder than us. Too bad everyone else is trying to reclaim the mountains or we might get reinforcements,” Ophark sighed at the spot where the tower was. At the meantime, somewhere near the borders,
“So they defeated us. They must be dispatched by some secret organization. Those wimpy uppermen surely know how to handle us,” A man wearing white formal wear inspected his magical map of the Phlaq continent showing the bandits’ bases. Then, a hollow walked inside.
“What is your next order, sir?”
“Secure the cursed saint and kill them there. Leave no survivors,”
“Yes, sir,” The hollow teleported itself away. Then, a sound portal appeared in front of him.
“What the hell you are doing? While we are struggling against forces on the ground you can’t even handle four people?”
“They are apparently secret forces. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure they won’t get past me,” This isn’t good….

Route of Peaks(Path 14-Dark Sorcerer)

July 1, 2010

“Ha, we don’t fight you without the capacity to do so!” Cogra switched his surfboard back to laser blade and dashed towards the woman, but she merely pointed her wand to him and he was stopped instantly. A quick swung of the rod from her stopped everyone, but,
“And this is the proof,” Sieffe charged herself with alkali aura and the purple paint on the amber was washed away, recovering everyone from the stop status ailment. She quickly dashed backwards, trying to run away, yet Ophark charged his spiked club with fire aura and knocked it onto the ground vertically.
“Oh no you don’t!” She charged herself with water aura, turning fire pillar striking her from the ground into steam, absorbed it as her wand’s steam aura and released steam mists onto them. They quickly protected themselves with heat barrier and continued to dash backwards, despite the water drops formed on their barrier and the steam was hindering their vision.
“The same thing goes to you,” Irliay charged her pole shield with light and dark auras. “Trace of Light and Shadow!” She fired a light and dark ball each which traced the woman’s movement and moved along it. Knowing she will be hit, she formed a wall using rock aura and on the mountain pathway, but the balls dodged past it and hit her.
“Now this is for the victims!” Sieffe charged her feet with air, wind and sky auras. “Smash kicking blow!” She kicked it using both of her legs, but just when she hit the wall it was blown into pieces as if it was exploded. In split second a dark green colored energy ball hit her and she was poisoned.
“You should have just stop pursuing me. But since that you are insistent to die I guess I’ll let you have the honor of being killed. Wood magnarid!” The woman charged herself with wood aura and cast the spell. The magic circle formed on the ground was large that they were within the spell’s range. They were hit by wooden spikes striking them over and over again.
“Die? We are not here to die,” Cogra shrugged off the pain, charged his laser blade with fire aura and smashed the wooden spikes back to her while burning them, yet she merely blocked them with a barrier. Then, he tried to dash out the magic circle but an invisible hemispherical barrier blocked him.
“She cheated you. This isn’t a magic circle! This is a spell trap!” Irliay charged her pole shield and slammed the barrier, but shockwaves formed injured them instead. Ophark did the same with his club with the same result. Then, suddenly Sieffe sensed the change in the magic circle’s aura.
“I guess you really want us to go down, but we will stand up till the last drop of our blood,” Sieffe took out her rod, charged it with ice aura and knocked it onto the ground. The barrier and the magic circle was frozen, but soon the ice formed were melt.
“I know what you mean, Sieffe,” The water formed sealed Cogra’s laser blade. “Now this is what I call power!” Then, he charged it with wind aura and launched a hurricane out of his pen’s tip. The barrier was shattered and the magic circle disappeared. The woman tried to block it using a barrier and it shattered instead, washing her down the slopes.
“You pen is indeed a masterpiece. Like our weapons, isn’t it?” Ophark swung his club as if it was a sword, which was easy as it’s handle is a sword hilt.
“Oh? I guess you are right. Perhaps this is why are together. Let’s go. We have to be quick if we want to reach the valley before sunset,” Cogra quickly ran along the mountain path while the others followed him. This is only the beginning…