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Route of Land(Path 34-Repairs)

November 30, 2008

The town is very odd.Every building is separated and it looks like a paddy field except for the fountain located at the center of the city.
After they arrived at a weapon shop,they went inside.
“This is it,our first stop.Kubrick armory.”Syrfan told Tefler and Clair.
“Hey,long time no see!What brings you here?”A shopkeeper greeted him.
“Remove your armor please.”Syrfan made a request to them while removing his armor.They removed their armor and Syrfan handed it to the shopkeeper.
“Standard fix or what?”The shopkeeper asked him.
“Military fix,please.”Syrfan answered.
“OK.Take them by tomorrow morning.”The shopkeeper told him.They left the shop and went north.
“Is that mean we have to stay here tonight?”Tefler asked Syrfan.
“Yes,I have a house at here.”He answered.
A few minutes later,they arrived at another shop.
“This is the next one.Fowan’s weapon shop.”Syrfan told them and they went into the shop.
“So,is there any weapons for me to fix?”Another shopkeeper asked him.
“Take out your weapons please.”Syrfan requested them again.The weapons were took out and handed to the shopkeeper.
“Is there any special requests?”He added.
“Fix everything including the shafts.”Syrfan answered him.
“Yes.We’ll have them fixed by tomorrow.”The shopkeeper added again.They leaved the shop and went west.
“Hey,how suppose we defend ourselves then?”Clair asked Syrfan.
“I have some good equipments stored in my house.We can use them afterwards.”Syrfan answered her.
7 minutes later,they arrived at an old warehouse.
“This is the last one.Cefine’s fighting center.”Syrfan told them.
They went inside and have their bodies checked.Tefler and Clair was shocked by the result of the check.
“What?I have excess aura traces?”Tefler asked Syrfan.
“Don’t tell me you don’t discharge your internal aura regularly.”Syrfan teased him.
“Teach me how to do this afterwards.”Tefler told him.
“Well,I’m worse than you.I have energy flow imbalance within my body.”Clair grumbled on Tefler.
“This condition usually happens on the fighters who used up physical strength or magic too much.It can’t be helped.”Syrfan told Clair.
They went to Syrfan’s home and have some rest there.Tefler had his internal aura discharged.Then,they had lunch and had a nap.
They won’t be able to rest long anyway…


Route of Land(Path 33-The Hard Fight)

November 30, 2008

0830 next morning,they were awakened.Syrfan took the weapons from the lake and went towards Clair and Syrfan.
“Hey,you two!We have work to to,so wake up now!”Syrfan woke them up.
“All right,let’s go!”Tefler and Clair woke up.
They walked to the west gate of Norch and suddenly a guard ran towards them.He seemed begging for their help.
“Please help us.The city is under attack by a witch!Even the fighters from the Syn village fighting competition were unable to defend themselves.”The guard asked for their help.
“We’ll take care of that monster!”Syrfan agreed to help.The trio rushed straight to a fountain and found out that Astranaf and Xigas were battling a witch.
“Fire ignalial!”Astranaf cast the spell on the witch.
“Hydro plate!”The witch cast the spell on her foot and cancelled his spell.She quickly cast ice plate on their foot but quickly cancelled by Xigas’ vapor spell.Then,she cast meteor on them but Tefler quickly cast targeting confusion on the meteors and they were directed towards the sky instead.
“Phantom slash!”Clair cast the spell on the witch.A scythe rose from the ground and slashed her.But she was unharmed at all.Syrfan charged his sword using holy aura and threw it towards her.She stopped the attack using the stop spell but it was cancelled when Xigas kicked the sword and it pierced through his body.
“Burning wound!”Astranaf cast the spell and her wound was on fire.Yet,she healed herself.She even cast trinity strike ray on them.Syrfan blocked them using his wave shield spell.Then,Clair shot some positron beams using her wand.The witch avoided the shot and rushed to the front to slash Syrfan using her ruby laser saber.Tefler charged his fists with laser and punched through the saber.It broke and the witch jumped away from them.Tefler rushed towards her but he was unable to move closer.He punched a laser wave on her but still did her no harm.Tefler was kicked back instead.
“Yin yang nova slash wave!”Astranaf and Xigas launched the attack on her.Tefler and Clair launched a similar attack,steam nova slash wave.Syrfan charged his sword and launched the earth hawk attack.The attacks hit her and she was hurt badly.She teleported herself away.
Yet,the threat was not over yet.A magician appeared in front of them and cast darkness storm on them.Xigas cancelled the spell using holy storm.Astranaf charged his sword with sun aura and stabbed it on the ground.The magician was burned by the sun glow but he was unharmed.He cast star ignalial on Clair but she jumped directly above him and he was hit instead.The star,however pierced through his body and went towards her.Tefler reacted quickly and kicked it away.
The magician quickly cast ocean rush but it was cancelled by the dry spell cast by Syrfan.Then,he cast electrical disrupt on them.The spell works by making the nervous system in the target’s body malfunction.Clair quickly cast normalize on them to cancel the spell.
“Those people…they are so persistent…”The magician started became exahausted.He rushed forward,took out his halberd and slashed them.They were hurt badly.The magician charged his dark aura and a huge dark ball formed above him.
“Magma ignalial!”Suddenly Nicole cast the spell on him from a hidden spot.Magma rose from his feet and his spell was cancelled.
“Nicole,is that you?”Astranaf asked her.But,she ignored him and cast fire tower on the magician.He quickly cancelled it using hydro plate.Syrfan and Tefler quickly charged their swords using electrical aura and shot electrical pulses on him.He was electrocuted and fainted.He was teleported away from there.
Nicole shown herself up and went towards Astranaf.
“Well,I have something to ask you.”Nicole told him.
“So,what is it?”He answered Nicole coldly.
“What do you meant by this,you scum?”Nicole shown him a letter written using magic.The content was like this:
Dear Nicole,
Sicnce the last time I fought you,I felt that you are lovely,cute,and mature.I felt like in the heaven when I’m with you.If you wished to see me again,go to Norch.I’ll wait for you at the central fountain.
Astranaf Legrab.
“Yeah,I almost forgot.Come with me.”Astranaf held her hand and dragged her to the east.Xigas followed him.
“I think it is better we continue with our works here.I know some weaponsmith shops which I usually visit.We’ll go there and have our equipments fixed.”Syrfan told Tefler and Clair.They went to the west to find the shops.
They will have to stay there for quite a long time…

Route of Land(Path 32-The Night Outside Norch)

November 29, 2008

After two days of traveling,at night,they arrived at Norch,but the gates were locked.Syrfan went to the west gate to ask the guards.
“Why the gates were locked down?”Syrfan asked a guard.
“Well,no one is allowed to enter or leave this city at 2200-0800.If you want to have some rest,I suggest that you go to the Fliuin lake 1 kilometer north west from here.”The guard answered him.
“Thanks.”Syrfan leaved there.
“So,where are we going?Is it the lake over there?”Tefler asked him.
“Yes.Let’s have a rest there.”Syrfan answered him.They went to the lake and had a rest there.
“Hey,there is no one at here?”Clair shocked.
“This place is unpopular among the travelers.Usually they will go to Uraf to get some rest.But it is good that only the three of us are here.”Syrfan explained to her.
“If this is it,let’s get some shower!”Clair jumped into the lake and had shower there.Tefler and Syrfan went away from there and rested under a tree near there.
“Hey,are you a lone ranger?”Tefler asked Syrfan.
“Not really.I always join team missions with my friends.”Syrfan replied him.
“Yeah,I forget that.I know about your girlfriend too.She was one of our enemies in the past,but since the formation of the Oszer union,she is no longer our enemy.”Tefler added.
“You are right.Although I adviced her to not interfere the Oszer clan wars,but she insisted to assist our royal intelligence clan.”Syrfan agreed with him.
“How can you having romantic relationship with her when you are separated from her?”He asked Tefler.
“Since that I am guarding the Zyland-Oszer borders,I get the newest information from her using the sound portal spell.Sometimes I had a chat with her.That is how we retain our relationship.”Tefler answered him.
The night was so calm and the stars were everywhere.Suddenly,Clair appeared in front of them.
“Go get your shower or don’t sleep with me tonight!”Clair shouted at Tefler.He and Syrfan quickly went to the lake and had shower there.
“The stars are so beautiful…I hoped that Tefler will enjoy it with me.”Clair looked at the starry sky.10 minutes later,they went back to the tree.
“I’ll leave you two here.I’ll have my weapon maintainence at the lake.Enjoy your private time.”Syrfan told Tefler and Clair and went to the lake again.
“I wondered if we really need to help him to the end.Can’t we have our marriage earlier?”Tefler asked Clair.
“I know that he has to face the final challenge alone.But he cannot make it to there without us.In fact,you promised to me that you’ll take me to Lestreb.Don’t forget that.”Clair pointed her finger towards his neck.
“Allright.You win.Let’s get some sleep.”Tefler agreed with her and slept there.
“That dude…he always been like this…”Clair hugged him from his back and slept beside him.
At the lake,
“These weapons require hydration.Better soak them in the lake water or they will lose water aura.”Syrfan dropped them into the lake and slept there.
The next morning will be a disaster…

Route of Land(Path 31-Unexpected People)

November 29, 2008

The gargoyles launch sonic waves but quickly blocked by Tefler’s sword.
“The Oszer royal sword…I must help him.”Clair thought something.Then,she cast silver cross on them.The silver crosses hit them and paralyzed them.
“Yin yang nova slash wave!”The angel charged her sword with holy aura and the man in dark cape charged his sword with dark aura.They launched their slash waves together and they combined into one.The gargoyles were hurt badly but they healed themselves.
“This is not good.We can not let them destroy the light sphere.”Syrfan started became anxious.He took out his compass and it suddenly move towards the light sphere.
“So,he is the chosen one…”The gargoyles knew about Syrfan’s identity.They cast darkness chaos on him but he avoided the spell.He charged his sword with electric aura and shot some electric pulses on them.The gargoyles flew towards the light sphere and attempted to destroy the compass but Clair quickly cast mirror warp in front of them and they were warped to the door,still inside the treasure room.
He charged his sword using metal and electric aura and preparing for a charge blast.The side blades were slightly shifted away from the central blade,created an opening.The positrons,photons,protons,electrons,neutrons and neutrinos were filling the opening.When they reached the tip,he shot the charged blast towards them.
The charged blast hit them and they were turned into dusts.
“The chosen one…please go to the altar.”The angel told Syrfan.He went to the altar and he was teleported nowhere.When he realized that,he found out that he is in an alternate dimension.
“The chosen one…the destiny is yours…”A sound appeared from nowhere.
“You have collected the destiny and fate’s compass and light sphere.There are two more items for you to collect before you were allowed to attempt the holy trial.”
“What are they?What is the holy trial?”Syrfan wondered what was the person talking about.
“I cannot tell you.You must find them on your own.That is the thing that makes you the chosen one.Good luck.”The sound faded and he was teleported back to the altar.He took the compass and the light sphere.
“So,what is your plan?You won’t need to guard this place anymore.”Tefler asked the angel and the man in dark cape.
“I will stay with him.Well,I forget to introduce myself.My name is Tylane Emigur,the guardian angel of this ruin.He is..”Tylane answered him but suddenly he removed his cape.
“My name is Estau Garcias.Pleased to meet you.”Estau introduced himself.
“Estau Garcias,the exiled king of Lestreb…am I correct?”Syrfan asked him.
“Yes,currently the new king wants to take the four holy items to get the holy weapon.He sent an explorer team to here three months ago.Oddly,they haven’t arrived at here yet.”He replied.
“They must be at here somewhere.I can feel their presence.”Clair sensed the team Estau mentioned.
Suddenly,a gunner,a knight and a mage went into the treasure room.
“What?Your highness,are you safe?”They ran towards him and asked for his condition.The trio shocked when they did not harm them.
“They were secret rebels in Lestreb who were loyal to me.”Estau explained to them.
“So,the Estau rebel pact does exist?I heard some rumors that Oszer and Zyland government secretly fund them.”Clair asked a gunner.
“Yes,your father is one of our commanders.Lord Wirt is involved in this pact too.Well,my name is Harry Jones,the knight is called Brytef Dopir,and the mage is Skatlm Gharit.”Harry introduced himself and his teammates.
“Well,well,where is the light sphere?”Several thieves suddenly appeared before them.
Brytef launched a slash wave towards them and they were hit and hurt badly.They were tied together and put in a prison cast by Skatlm.
“I think better we go out from here.”Syrfan called them to go outside.After thew went back outside,they were welcomed by the officials.
“Good job.The treasure finally is in the rightful hands.Thank you very much.”Hercan thanked them for the help.
“We’ll meet again.”Estau and his companions left the ruin.The trio left the ruins shortly afterwards.
“So,where are we going?”Clair asked Syrfan.
“We are going to Norch.We need to repair our equipments there.At least the weaponsmiths there were honest.”Syrfan answered her.
They will have a break afterwards…

Route of Land(Path 30-Chase)

November 28, 2008

Two days later,they arrived at the Zuf ruins.They met Hercan and Iost.
“Hey,you three!What brings you here?”Hercan asked them.
“We are exploring this ruin.I heard that there are trespassers in the ruin too.”Syrfan answered him.
“You are right.Until now,we are unable to track them down them.They might already reached the treasure room.You must stop them or the chosen one will lose his possession.”Iost asked them for help.
“We’ll help you.They must be stopped.”Tefler agreed to help.
“Please wear these passes or the officals will think that you are the trespassers.Take these torch lights too.The ruin is very dark at even at noon.”Hercan gave them the explorer’s passes and torch lights.
They wore the pass on their chest,took the torch light and went went into the ruin.
“Hey,can you tell me what is this ruin at the past?”Clair asked Syrfan while they were exploring the ruins.
“This place is fort Zuf during the Oszer-Zyland war 120 years ago before it was abandoned after the war ended.Several criminal groups used it as its fortress or outpost but were quickly eliminated.But recently,the archeologists found new underground floors.It is odd because the fort is built 160 years ago but their research show that the underground floors were built 5000 years ago.The only explaination is the fort was built to the underground base and when they wanted to build deeper floors,they thought that there was a huge rock preventing the construction of the fort and they leaved it as it is,as written in the war log of Oszer-Zyland war.”Syrfan answered her.
“This ruin is a very popular excavation site due to a rumor of hidden treasure at the underground base.My father explored the ruin as a challenge set by my father-in-law and finally he discovered a huge pile of gold.The gold was returned to the Zyland government and my father married my mother after he went back to Dlig with victory.But the rumor didn’t disappear.Some claimed that there is another treasure at the bottom of the ruin.Accoring to the map,he mentioned about a sealed door on the ground at the bottom level.The new discovered floors maybe can accessed from there.”Tefler added.
Suddenly they heard some suspicious sound.
“We must take the light sphere before the chosen one take it or the demon lord will be destroyed.”A demon spoke to his partner.
“Hey,someone’s there!”Another demon shouted to him.
The trio spotted the demons and they were escaping.
“Don’t let them go away!”Tefler rushed towards them while shouting at Syrfan and Clair.
“Wall!”Clair cast the spell in front of them and they were crushed by the wall.
At the meantime,in front of the sealed door,
“This will keep them busy.”A gargoyle mumbled to himself.
He destroyed the sealed door and went deeper.
Back to the trio,
“Better go directly to the treasure room.Maybe there is someone who is behind this.”
They went directly to the sealed door and found that it was broken.
“Damn!That person must have extremely powerful fighting skill.”Tefler shocked when he saw the passage.
“I sense some scattered dark aura on the surface.That must be the work of demons.Wait…there is a strong dark aura approaching.Be careful,guys.”Clair told them to be careful.
A cerebeus approached towards them.It was killed quickly using the holy trinity spell cast together.They quickly rushed down the passage and followed the trails of scattering dark aura left by the gargoyle.
After one hour,they arrived at the hidden treasure room’s door.
“The dark aura is concentrated inside.That demon must be in there.”Syrfan felt the demon is in the treasure room.
They opened the door and found several gargoyles were attacking an angel and a person in dark cape.The trio rushed to help them.They cast holy trinity again but they were just hurt a little.Suddenly,the sword given by Agel to Tefler was glowing.
“What the…father…is that you?”Tefler was mindless for a while.
“This is the lost royal sword of Oszer which I borrowed from the Oszer and forgot to return it to the king.Use it well and return it when the time comes.Goodbye,my good son…”Tefler’s father’s voice appeared in his head.The sword’s glow faded and he took the sword.
“Come on,demons!your enemy is me!”Tefler challenged the demons and launched a slash wave.Their wings were broken but were quickly regenerated.
The battle will continue afterwards…

Route of Land(Path 29-Before The Ruins)

November 28, 2008

Shortly after the audiences leaved the coliseum,Syrfan,Cafip and Preline volunteered to clean the coliseum.Suddenly,a demon appeared.
“Syrfan Sigmeund,this is your last day in your life!”She shot some dark bullets on him.He blocked them using his sword.Preline quickly used her new powers.
“Burning firewood!”She cast the spell on the demon while taking out her firewood sword.
Lots of burning firewood blocks were launched towards him and she slashed the demon using her sword.The demon turned into dust.
“Why she is very resistant to fire?”Cafip shocked that she was emitting fire aura and stayed alive.
“So,how was my new power,my dear?”Preline discharged her fire aura and hugged Cafip.
“At least you will not burned by fire anymore.Better continue our work or we’ll have to stay here tonight.”Cafip answered.
One hour later,they finished the job.Syrfan went to the village’s gate and found Tefler and Clair waiting for him.
“Isn’t that you want to go to the Zuf ruins?You better have your lunch before we go there.”Tefler reminded him.Syrfan agreed and had a lunch at a restaurant nearby.At the meantime,
“So,should we help him in his mission?My father sent me to ask you this question.”Clair asked Tefler.
“That is their kingdom’s internal affair.We should not interfere.Don’t forget our wedding is two months from now.We might unable make it on time if we help him.”Tefler answered her.
“My father said that the wedding can be postponed until we finished helping him and the cabinet approved it.”Clair argued with him.
“Well,just now my lord ordered me to get several companions and you two will join me to the end.Is that OK?”Syrfan asked them.
“All right,you two win.I and her will join you.”Tefler answered him.
When they wanted to go out to the Zuf ruins,Eyfen suddenly appeared from nowhere and stopped them.
“My father told me to give these things to you.”Eyfen told them and disappeared.
They found a map,a letter and a sword.
They read the letter:
I heard from Zheng Fu that you want to explore the Zuf ruins.There is some advice for you:
1. I’ve attached a map leaved by Tefler’s father when he explored the ruins 40 years ago.Use it well.
2. There are no monsters in the ruins,but there is guardian guarding the treasure room located at the most bottom part of this ruin.Get some potions before you go.They will give you discount.
3. This sword is Tefler’s father lost possession that he leaved at here purposedly to give it to you.Use it well too.
4. There are rumors that there are some trespassers wanted by authorities explored the ruins a few days earlier.If you meet them,catch them and send them to the officials.
5. I hope that you will succeed in your mission.

Agel Jost

“Let’s go.We have little time to spare.”Syrfan called Tefler and Clair to go.
The mission continues…

Route of Land(Path 28-Counterattack)

November 28, 2008

“Now,it’s time for the finals!Are you ready for the last battle?”Agel shouted at the audience.
“I’m ready!”The audience replied.
“At my left side,a S-grade knight who mastered everything in this world,Syrfan Sigmeund!At my right side,the leader of Oszer union and known as the boomerang master,Tefler Zargaso!Are both of you ready?”Agel asked them.
They raised their arms to show that they were ready for the battle.
“3,2,1,fight!”Agel announced the start of the final battle of this competition.”
Syrfan started his first attack by charging his stainless steel sword with water,sky and electric auras and stabbed it to the ground.Tefler thought that he will launch a geyser and jumped but he was hit by thunderstorm instead.However,he absorbed it as his boomerang’s electrical aura and threw it to Syrfan.He jumped and slashed him but he blocked it using his shield attached on his right arm.He was hit by the boomerang’s electrical shots.
Syrfan fell onto the ground but stood still and swung his sword repeatedly.A tornado formed and sucked Tefler in it.Syrfan jumped and stabbed him but he was hit by Tefler’s shield as well.They fell to the ground as the cyclone disappeared.Then,they jumped away from each other.
“His attack…is he trying to figure out my overall strategy?”Tefler wondered why he let himself hit by his shield.
“That shield…I know what to do now.”Syrfan thought a stratergy.
Tefler attached his Agau(an alloy made from 50% gold and 50% silver)sword on his shield and rushed to the front to stab Syrfan.He strafed to the left and slashed through Tefler’s shield and broke it.He even swung his sword and Tefler’s right arm was cut,his shield was completely shattered and he was pushed to the left.
Syrfan took Tefler’s sword and combined it into Coravan(an alloy made form 25% gold,25% silver,45% iron and 5% nickel)sword.Tefler took out his boomerang and combined it with his platinum lance into platinum scythe.Tefler charged it and launched a slash wave towards Syrfan.He blocked it using his sword.Then,he charged it with earth aura and made an arc shaped mark the ground.Earth waves spread from the mark towards him.Tefler quickly jumped and removed the mark.
Syrfan separated the sword and attached them on his shoulder.He shot lots of laser beams on Tefler but he quickly dodged them.Tefler cast mirror on himself and rushed to the front.Syrfan kept shooting the laser beams and prepared to launch the center blade.He launched it when Tefler is close to him and jumped.The center blades barely cut through his body and hit the ground.The blades spun and two sand blades rose from the ground.Tefler blocked them using his scythe.
Syrfan took the center blades and attached them back.He removed them and returned the Agau sword to Tefler.Tefler separated his scythe and put his boomerang into his pocket.He combined the lance with his sword become Foruen(an alloy made of 50% platinum,25% gold and 25% silver)sword lance(a lance with sword as its tip).He charged it and launched another slash wave.Syrfan blocked it using his sword.Tefler rushed towards Syrfan and tried to slash Syrfan but he shot a blade wave and it broke.Its tip spun and hit Tefler’s chin.He was thrown backwards.Syrfan took this chance and finished him by launching several slash waves on him.Syrfan won the the battle.
“Are you all right?”Syrfan healed his injury.
“I’m OK.It’s just that I’m wondered why you so serious in this match.”Tefler asked him.
“All the opponents in the battlefield are my enemy.That’s it.”He answered it.
All the contestants were teleported to the coliseum and the prizes were given to them.
“This competition is finally over.Give them a final applause!”Agel announced the end of this competition.
But,Syrfan,Tefler,and Clair will stay at Syn village a little bit longer…

Route of Land(Path 27-Crushing Attacks)

November 27, 2008

At the fighter’s chamber,Tefler and Clair woke up after the second semi-finals battle.Astranaf and Syrfan came towards them.
“Well,well.Looks like I’ll fight the princess of Oszer.Be careful because I won’t use the same equipments used to lose the semi-finals battle.”Astranaf warned Clair.
Syrfan remained silent and walked away from them.He started to practice his skills,never seen anywhere before.
“Looks like I’m his enemy now.”Tefler sighed.Clair gave him a Kevlar suit but he refused.
“Syrfan knows everything.I must create something on my own.”Tefler explained to her.
Shortly afterwards,Astranaf and Clair were teleported to the coliseum.
“Now,the fighters are here to take the third place of this competition.Who will get it?Is it the knight from Norch with extreme fire manipulation,Astranaf Legrab?Or the princess of Oszer who mastered extreme magic,Clair Tyranof?The third place battle starts now!”Agel himself announced the start of the third place battle.
Astranaf was wearing Teoartha(a special material that nullify all elements and very resistant to physical attacks which is 150 time stronger than Kevlar)suit and gloves while holding his zinichroal(an alloy made of 25% nickel and 25% zinc,25% chromium and 25% aluminum)spear,opposed to his usual wearing of alloy armors and gloves with fire elemental sword.Clair changed her gear too.She worn Forata(a metal made from magic)armor and plate glove with platinum sword with platinum ion layer,opposed to her usual wearing of the Oszer royal robe and silver glove with Oszer royal rod.
“This new strategy…will this works?”They doubt the possibility of winning this match.
Clair started her first attack by shooting platinum ion laser on him but quickly reflected by his spear back to her.She avoided the counterattack and rushed to the front knocking him using her sword’s hilt but blocked by his lance.Astranaf threw her away and shot a lance wave towards her.She absorbed the lance wave as a blast charge and shot it back to him.Astranaf absorbed it as metal aura on his lance by made an opening on the lance’s tip.
Astranaf charged it on his fist and punched it to the ground.Lots of metal blades rose up from her feet.Although she was able to dodge it,but the weight of her gears drained her stamina quickly than usual.
Clair charged his sword and stabbed it to the ground then it was buried by the soil of the coliseum.Suddenly,a pair of that sword rose from the ground and she took them using both hands,one on each sword.
“Are you try to further increase your burden?You are such a fool.”Astranaf taunted her.
“I haven’t finished yet!”Clair removed her armor and turned it into Forata robe and replenished her stamina.Astranaf charged his lance and charged towards her.Clair strafed to the right and slashed him.He was pushed back,but the suit absorbed the damage and got some cuts.
Clair cast concrete on herself and she was covered by a layer of concrete.Astranaf knew her tricks and threw his lance towards her.Clair broke the concrete layer and kicked it back to him.Astranaf took the lance but it was too fast and he was unable to get the grip of the lance and pushed to the wall.The wall was cracked.
Astranaf woke up and healed his wounds.He charged his lance with electrons and launched a shockwave on the ground.Clair blocked it using her sword,thus lose the platinum ion layer on her sword as all ions were reacted with the electrons from the shockwaves.Clair charged it with fire aura and the aura disappeared as the heat was absorbed by the platinum atoms on the sword’s surface to become ions.Astranaf cast acid mist on Clair and her robe turned into crystal armor(of the same magical metal,of course).
“Looks like the corrosive property of the acid is useless here.I must crush her armor and make her surrender.”Astranaf thought a very dirty trick.He charged his lance and rushed towards Clair and performed the wave slash(an attack that launches wave and slash the enemy at the same time).She managed to block the attack using her sword,but the wave penetrated the sword and shattered her crystal armor and pushed her back to the wall.Yet,Astranaf was shocked that she was wearing another greyish green armor.
“You pervert!”Clair charged her foot with proton,rushed towards Astranaf and bicycle kicked him.Her left foot was blocked by the lance and the protons was unable to flow but her right foot hit his body,causing Astranaf to be thrown to the air and smashed the ground.Clair jumped and tried to stab him directly from above,but he manage to raise his feet before her attack hit him.Then,he spun himself and knocked her using his head and stood still on the ground.She was hurt badly and some of the green crystals had collasped from her armor.
Clair stood up and healed her injury.She charged her sword and threw it to the center of the coliseum.She jumped and stood at the hilt of it and cast crystal stalagmite on the coliseum.The green crystals rose from the ground but he stood still and the crystal stalagmite did not rose at the position he was standing.Astranaf absorbed the green crystal as a layer on his lance.
He charged his lance,charged towards her and slashed her.Clair quickly chraged her fists with metal aura and punched through the lance.The lance was broken and its tip spun around his body and cut his back.Astranaf fell down unconsciously.Clair won the battle.
They were completely recovered and teleported to the fighter’s chamber.Then,Syrfan and Tefler were teleported to the coliseum.This means that the finals are around the corner…

Route of Land(Path 26-Exhaustion)

November 27, 2008

Syrfan and Astranaf were teleported to the coliseum.
“Now,let’s see if they have something to say before the battle starts.”Agel announced to the audiences.
“The S-grade knight from Dugras,are you ready to face my wrath?”Astranaf taunted Syrfan.
“What an arrogant fighter.I’ll see if you can really torturing me.”Syrfan challenged him.
“The semi-finals battle 2…start!”The referee announced the start of this battle.
Astranaf threw his fire sword to Syrfan and took out a burning sword.Syrfan avoided it and rushed to his back to slash him using his stainless steel sword but he managed to block it using his burning sword.Astranaf kicked him but he quickly blocked it using his left foot.Syrfan punched him instead and he fell to the ground.Syrfan attempted to slash him but his armor received no damage.
“This armor is made from Azeyl alloy(An alloy made from 5% diamond,15% iron,15% zinc,20% aluminium,20% nickel,20% cobalt and 5% glass fiber) and you think your stupid sword like this will defeat me?”Astranaf taunted Syrfan again.
“Then,what about this?”Syrfan took out his platinum sword and combined it as one,the Ozaryl(an alloy made from 45% platinum and 55% stainless steel) sword.He launched a blade wave towards Astranaf and this time his armor was cracked.
“So,is that the wrath that you mean?”Syrfan taunted him back.
“This is just the first layer,you fool!”Astranaf laughed and recovered his armor.
“He must have his wave barrier cast on himself sometime earlier.This is bad.”Syrfan started to became nervous.Astranaf took his fire sword and combined it with his burning sword as one,the pyro storm sword.They stared each other sharply.Astranaf shot some heat waves on him but he managed to neutralize it by charging his water aura and absorbed the heat.Astranaf shot some more waves and turned his water aura into steam aura.Syrfan charged it on his fist and punched the ground.Steam was released in the coliseum and it was absorbed by Astranaf’s sword,turning it became water plasma.He threw it towards Syrfan but he managed to absorb it as a plasmatic water aura.
“Is that really possible?”Astranaf shocked with his move.He separated his sword back to his fire sword and burning sword.Then,the two swords’ blades and their respective shafts were exchanged and they were combined into the sun burn sword.
“A-type cross combination?This is going to be exciting.”Syrfan smiled excitedly and the audiences were amazed.
Astranaf launched sun wave on the ground but quickly canceled by his vacuum spell.Syrfan separated his sword back into stainless steel sword and platinum sword.This time,the hilt and the shafts of the blades were exchanged and they were combined into the Tigaras (an alloy which is the same as Ozaryl alloy,but the platinum and stainless steel were placed into lots of layers) sword.Syrfan launched a blast wave on him but quickly blocked by the sun burn sword.
“C-type cross combination?Looks like he is really a S-grade knight.”Astranaf smiled excitedly.
Astranaf discharged the sun aura on the sword and prepared to launch a blow.The side blades were slightly shifted away from the central blade,made an opening.The sun aura was charging and filling the opening to the end of it,at the sword’s tip.Realizing the danger,Syrfan did the same,but using metal aura with iron and platinum atoms formed from the coliseum’s ground soil(using the subatomic rearrangment).
“This is not the final blow…I must not sacrifice my armor…”They did not charge the blow at full power,knowing that their armor will break if they shot the fully-charged blast
Then,Astranaf shot his sun blast and Syrfan shot his Tiagras blow at the same time.The attacks cancelled each other but the iron and platinum atoms were ionized and penetrated Astranaf’s armor.Yet,the wave barrier blocked them and the armor is recovered.Syrfan’s armor was unaffected,but his gloves were ripped badly.He managed to recover the gloves while Astranaf was recovering his armor.
Astranaf charged his sword with sun aura and launched a sum beam on Syrfan but he avoided it and rushed to the front and slahed Astranaf.He blocked it using his sword but Syrfan quickly pushed him.Astranaf retaliated by casting concrete on him.Astranaf moved to the other side and launched some fire blade waves on him.The waves were absorbed and Syrfan broke the concrete.
Both of them were exaushted.They threw away thier swords and armors aside.Astranaf took his knife,tied to a thread.Syrfan took out his pen.
“A pen?Don’t make me laugh!”Astranaf laughed at him.Syrfan held it in the sword mode and stabbed it on the ground.Laser beams rose up from his foot but blocked by the wave barrier.Astranaf threw his knife and controlled its movement using the thread.Syrfan broke the thread using the pen.Astranaf took out his stun gun(not the stun gun used in earth) and shot him.Syrfan blocked it using his pen but the pen was unuseable due to the energy flow of the shaft were stopped.He cast earth ignalial on Astranaf but he dodged it.
“If this continues,I’ll lose.”Both of them started became more exaushted and anxious.Astranaf jumped and tried to punch him but Syrfan strafed to his back and bicycle kicked him out of his conciousness.Syrfan won the battle.
They were completely recovered and teleported to the fighters’ chamber.
“The third place battle will start in 5 minutes.Please remain seated.”Agel made an announcement.
The third place battle will start after this…

Route of Land(Path 25-Lovers’ fight)

November 26, 2008

The losers of the quarter final battles were teleported to the fighters’ chamber.The semi-finalists were completely recovered and stayed at the arenas.
“Now,I’ll throw a dice which have written the first battle of the semifinal.Let’s see who will fight first.”Agel was speaking to the audiences while throwing a dice.
“Tefler Zargaso VS Clair Tyranof!”The writing on the dice was shown to the audience.Tefler and Clair were teleported to the coliseum.
“Let’s see if they have something to talk before we begin our battle.”The dialouge between fighters in the last four matches arre displayed to the audience,which is a tradition of this competition.
“I don’t want to fight you.My heart hurts when you are injured.”Tefler cried.
“Me too,my dear.But it is not the time for that.We must face it.”Clair cried too.
“Then,by the name of Oszer Union,get ready!”Tefler wiped his tears and took out his boomerang.
“That’s what I want.As a princess,I won’t lose to a commoner like you!”Clair wiped her tears too and took out her rod.
“Princess of Oszer entered this competition!”An audience shouted.
The audiences were excited to a new level,never achieved in previous competitions.
“The semi-finals battle 1…start!”The referee announced the start of this battle.
Tefler started his first attack by charging his boomerang with water aura and threw it towards the ground.Clair kicked it and the boomerang hit the wall edge near the entrance.Tefler took the boomerang and wondered why the ground did not turned into mud.Then,he thought a new strategy.
He charged his boomerang with air,wind,and sky(explained in foot note) auras and threw it to the center.A tornado rose up from the boomerang.Clair were sucked into the tornado but Tefler were able to stand still.Yet,she cancelled the attack by breaking his boomerang using her rod.Clair cast drown on him but he seemed to be able to breathe.
“This oxigenerator and rebreather was just fit for this trick.Better get rid of it see if she attempt to electrocut me.”Tefler cast burn on himself and cancelled the drown spell.
“That reminds me about those trainings that I had done with him.”Clair smiled.
Clair cast ice needle rain on the coliseum but quickly cancelled by Tefler burning drops spell.Then,Tefler took out his sword and shot a ground wave on him.Clair absorbed his wave using her rod’s tip and shot a compressed air ball on him.Tefler kicked the ball and it hit the broken boomerang.The boomerang recovered itself suddenly and returned to tefler.He charged his boomerang using metal aura and threw it towards her.Clair avoided it but it ripped her shirt a bit near her right shoulder.
“This guy…I have no regrets to love him…”Clair was happy with his fighting spirit.She cast meteor on the coliseum but Tefler quickly blew them into pieces using his boomerang.
“So,is there anything left before you lose?”Tefler taunted her.
“Here it is!”Clair rushed to the front and stabbed him using his rod but he punched the rod and it broke.Clair cast repair on the rod and it was recovered,but the crystal emmbeded in the rod was “shattered” when Tefler shot the rod using air needles.Clair threw her rod and took out her sword.Tefler took the rod and replaced its central blade with it.Oddly,the shattered crystal was reformed.
“You think I’m cruel enough to destroy your most liked belongings?I just made it invisible.”Tefler told her.
“So,you know these cheap tricks?Is this a proper way of the leader of the Oszer Union?”Clair asked him.
“Yes,only if the opponent is you!”Tefler retreated,charged it using thunder aura from the rod and launched a shoot slash attack.But Clair managed to block it using her sword.Clair even launched an electrical pulse on him.He was electrocuted but he healed himself.They were both exausted.
“If it was others,I’ll replace the jewel with mine.”Tefler felt that she did not understang his words.
“Why he always answers my questions like this?”Clair wondered about the reply.
Clair jumped,charged her sword with gravity aura and stomped Tefler.Tefler was able to charge his sword with space aura and blocked her attack using his sword’s tip just in time.Tefler launched a slash wave on her.It hit Clair and she fell to the ground,unconsicous.Tefler won the battle.They were teleported to the fighters’ chamber.
Tefler healed her.Shortly afterwards,she woke up.
“How dare you do this on my rod?”Clair pulled his suit angrily.
“I’ll return it to you.”Tefler replaced the central blade and returned the rod to her.
“Well,my rod became more powerful now.Thanks to your move,this rod’s ability limit was raised.I can further increase its powers.”Clair teased Tefler.
“You cheap little witch!”Tefler suddenly became angry and shouted at her:”Do you know that my sword is now full with rust and cannot be used anymore because of your rod?Repair my sword now!”
“Don’t angry,my darling.I’ll fix this.”Clair repaired the sword and sharpened its tip.
“Well,how was my performance?Am I overdid it?”Tefler knelt in front of her.
“You should behaving worse than that if the opponent is others.But to me,you were so nice to me.”Clair hugged her and they were laid on the ground.
“Well,I’m very happy to fight you.It is just like a date.”Clair smiled.
“Me too.”They kissed and slept there.
The next battle will start another shortwhile…

Footnote: Air,wind and sky elements are basically the same but with different definitions.Air is static or moving gas with speed 1 meter per second(Lefrad use the same measurement with Earth.) at height less than 10 kilometers from the sea level.Wind is the same as air but with speed 1 meter per second or faster.Sky is static or moving gas at height 10 kilometers or above.