Route of Land(Path 4-Information)

Syrfan and the villagers were gathering in the Hare Hair Tavern,the only tavern in Hare village ran by Hynof.
“So,you know about the person who kills the guard?”Hynof asks.
“Yes,he is a criminal who known to kill gurads only.”Syrfan answers.
“His name is Nazyl Dugron,right?”Hynof added.
“Yes,and…”Syrfan answered again.
Suddenly he cried.
“My son,how come he becomes a filthy person?”
“I understand.Now,I need to know the whereabouts of the holy weapons.And you are Hynof Dugron,right?”Syrfan’s voice became serious.
“Well,well,we don’t know what the heck the holy weapons are,but I suggest that you get some better equipments at Zard if you are intending to continue your quest.And,I’m indeed Hynof Dugron.”Hynof Sighed.
“Zard?Isn’t that Zard is just an archeological site?”Syrfan was wondering what was Hynof Saying.
“There are treasures yet to be found in that site and whoever finds them,they can have the treasures.”Hynof Laughs.
“Thanks.”Syrfan tried to leave but stopped by Hynof.
“That site is a prohibited zone from 2000-0800.So,please stay here until 0800.”Hynof explained the situation.
“Ok then.Now,what is our next topic?”Syrfan invited the villagers to talk as he felt too energetic too sleep.
“I heard that you girlfriend is the royal astrologist and fortuneteller,Fie Sephin.Is that true?”A villager asks.
“What the?How do you know that?”Syrfan shocked.
“Because she visited here one month ago and told us to prepare for the arrival of her boyfriend which is in an official mission.She also said that he will defeat a royal enemy in front of us.”
“Sweat…”Syrfan thought that Fie was talked too much about him.
“You are also the royal bodyguard of Princess Neliene,right?Looks like she is also having romantic interest towards you.”Another villager asked.Princess Neline is the only adopted child of lord Wirt.She is has two bodyguards before this mission began,which are Syrfan and Fie.Neline also secretly have romantic interest on Syrfan,although she never expressed it.
“OK now.No more such questions.”Syrfan warned the villagers to not asking him personal questions.
“What kind of knight are you actually?”A kid asked him.
“I’m a full equipment knight.That means that I can learn,equip,and use anything.”Syrfan replies while touching his head softly.
“How did you learn the earth hawk attack?”An archer asked him.
“I learned that from a fighting art textbook.”Syrfan answered and felt sleepy.
“Can I sleep here?”Syrfan laid himself on the ground.
“Yes.”Hynof agreed and the villagers went back to their houses.
The night was peaceful.But,he does not know what is going to happen next.


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