Route of Land(Path 5-Ruins of Ex-capital)

The next morning,Syrfan woke up and found something near the door.
“A letter,eh?”He picks up the letter and read:
“There are important things that you need to know:
1.Please get the night vision device from the site workers,as they will stop excavating the ruins to allow you explore the ruins freely and they won’t use it until you are done.
2.Be careful that there are monsters in the ruin.Most of them are fear towards mining axes.Get one from them too.
3.This place is a restricted zone,so mention my name and they will allow you to pass.The pass code is “Lyron Zast Staguras”.Be sure to tell this pass code to them if they requested.
4.As a reminder,the ruin is a prohibited zone at 2000-0800.Teleport out of that ruins before the time is up.
5.There is a rumor that there is a guardian who guards the equipment that you need.Get some medicine or herbs before you go there.
6.This place is considered a heritage by the world heritage committee of planet Lefrad.So,don’t leave anyting,include your footsteps and scratches in it.
My final advice,don’t ever die in that ruin.Die somewhere else.

Hynof Dugron

“That old dude….looks like I have to pay him a visit after I’m done.”
He went to the Zard ruins,located west of Hare village and found out that the site workers are all dead or heavily wounded.
“Please…capture the impostors and save this ruin.”A heavily wounded worker speaks with weak voice.
“Please rest.”Syrfan healed the wounded workers and resurrected the died workers while talking to them.
“So,you are Syrfan Sigmeund?”A coarse male voice appeared nowhere.
“Yes,who are you?”The man suddenly appeared in front of Syrfan.
“My name is Tefler Zargaso,an information collector.”Tefler replied.Tefler Zargaso is an expert information collector in kingdom of Oszer,a country north of Zyland and leads the Oszer Union,the largest information collecting clan in Oszer.
“So,what are you doing here?”Syrfan suspects that he is the murderer.
“I’m chasing a wanted criminal from Oszer.”Tefler answers as if he is framed.
“What does he want in a broken ruin in Zyland?”Syrfan urges.
“I think it is the same with yours.”Tefler replies.
“How do you know that?”Syrfan shocked with his answer.
“I am very powerful in collecting information,even if it is at the heaven and the hell.”Tefler does not suprised with Syrfan’s question.
“We won’t get the criminal if we keep fretting like this!”Syrfan starts to become angry.
“Then,let’s go inside and fight that jerk!”Tefler agreed.
They took the night vision and mining axe and went inside the ruin.
They did not know that the ruins are not as same as before…


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