Route of Land(Path 6-Devil of Weapons)

They went into the ruins and found out that something’s not right.
“What the?”They are shocked that the ruins’ aura were changed.
“I sense evil.”Tefler shocked with the change in the ruin’s atmosphere.
“Me too”Syrfan agreed.
They did not explore the ruins as they rushed to find the criminal.
“Follow me.”Tefler urges Syrfan to let him lead.
“Why?”Syrfan wondered what happened to Tefler.
“I memorized the map of this ruin.”Tefler replied.
“If we’re lost,we are doomed.”Syrfan warned Tefler.
The ruins had no monsters,as if they are vanished(actually destroyed by the aura),hence they were able to move quickly.
30 minutes later,they arrived at the treasure room.
At the door,they found a heavily wounded dwarf.
“Please…kill…the…demon…I’ll…give…you…the…treasure…”The dwarf cold barely speaks.
Syrfan healed him immediately and told him to sleep.
“Looks like I’ve go company.”The criminal realized that someone had discovered him.He is Kazen Yadruj,a demon who disguised as a human and murdered lots of people.
“They won’t ever enter this room.”Kazen launched a blade wave piercing the door towards them.
But,they are able to dodge it and rushed into the room.
“Kazen Yadruj,surrender now!”Tefler shouted.
“Who should surrender?”Kazen cast needle rain spell on them.
Syrfan cast barrier to nullify the attack.
“Looks like I have to unleash my powers as a demon of weapons.”Kazen’s body turned blue and emitting white aura.
“So,you showed you real identity.Then taste this!”Tefler struck Kazen by casting thunder on him.
“Internal bolt!”Syrfan’s sword are covered with bolts and he slashed Kazen using the electrically charged sword.
“Aaaaargh!”Kazen’s body shattered and turned into dust.
“Wind sweep!”Tefler blowed the dust away out from the ruin.
“Good job.”The dwarf awakened and complied them.
“These are yours.”Syrfan recieved strike sword,elemental armor,air shoes,horn helmet and wave gun.Tefler recieved wing boomerang,chaos jacket,barrier trousers,blast shoes,Meluncro hat and drive whip.The treasure is actually the dwarf’s treasure spell.
“Thanks.”They thanked the dwarf and leaved the ruins.
While going back to Hare village,
“So,what are your plans?”Syrfan asked Tefler.
“I’ll join you.”Tefler wanted to join him as a companion.
“Ok.I need you to get information about the holy weapons.”Syrfan agreeed.
“I’ll help you as much as I can.”Tefler asserted Syrfan.
They went back to the village and received good welcome from the villagers.


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