Route of Land(Path 7-Dangerous Discussion)

In the Hare Hair Tavern,they are having discussion on what happened in the ruins.
“So,you get your brilliant equipments,eh?”Hynof praised of their new equipments obtained in the Zard ruins.
“Yeah,at least they are better than my default equipment.”They agreed.
“If you think of continuing your mission like this,you better forget about it.”A young weaponry analyzer suddenly voiced out from nowhere.
“Of course.Such kind of equipments are far from even called standard.”Syrfan added.
“Syrfan Sigmeund.One of the rare S-grade knight in Lefrad.Am I correct?”He asked Syrfan.
“Yes.And you are Yaden Vuthli,the royal weaponry advisor of Oszer,right?”Syrfan asked him back.
“Looks like I’m quite famous in Zyland too.”He went inside and revealed himself.
“How have you been since the royal symposium on equipment customization in Dlig?”Syrfan shown his concern.
“Well,I’ve been chasing a criminal from Lestreb to here and found out that the criminal is dead.”Yaden answers.Kazen actually ran from capture from kingdom of Lestreb,a country at the very northen of Lefrad,southwards through Oszer,and finally at Zyland.
He added,”It’s obvious that a S-grade knight and an information master can defeat him easily.”
“You know about me too?”Tefler shocked as he tried to be low-profile.
“Of course.You are one of our wanted recruits.”Yaden explained the situation.
“I’m not joining any armed forces.”Tefler refused.
“It’s your choice.But don’t regret if I do something to your outpost…”Yaden tauntedTefler.
“You little jerk!”Tefler punched Yaden and teleported to his information outpost.
“I think you are not that serious,am I?”Syrfan suspected Yaden’s threat on Tefler.
“Well,it depends on how he thinks.”Yaden gave a vague reply.
“Let me guess…you put a purple skull mark on the building?”Syrfan guessed what Yaden done on the out post.
“No,I put a red tundercross instead.”Yaden replied.
Everyone laughed.
“You fool!That is the new logo of Tefler’s intelligence clan after gained peace and merged with his rival clan!”Hynof teased Yaden.
“But with white borders…and a yellow tick at the right bottom corner.”Yaden added.
“How dare you!”Syrfan kicked Yaden.
“That is a mark for total anihilation of a place by my very own subordinates!”Syrfan scolded Yaden of his filthy work of falsifying orders.
“Attention to all members of ZRSS-4226 troop(a troop which is directly under Syrfan’s order),halt the attack on Furyz intelligence outpost(the main outpost of Oszer Union clan)!repeat,halt the attack on Furyz intelligence outpost!”Syrfan ordered his troops to stop the false attack.
“Report,sir,the assault mark is fake!No raid is done!”The ZRSS-4226 troop captain replied.
“Thanks for the report.Can you explain what happened?”Syrfan asked for further information.
“The source of the mark is unauthorized.”The captain replied.
“Yeah,I forgot that we have such system.Thanks for your information.”Syrfan closed the communication.
“Well,looks like this is a prank rather a real threat.”Tefler returned and  teased Yaden.
“Ok.Before I leave,I have something for you.if you care about your fighting skills,go to Syn village at the west of Zard ruins and join the weaponry fighting competition.”Yaden leaved and thrown several pieces of paper to them.
“This is going to be fun then.”Tefler picked up the paper and found out that they are competition forms.
“Well,let’s get going!”Syrfan drags Tefler and leaved the village.
“Good luck then!”Hynof hoped for their victory.
They do not expect that there are other demons which they have to face…


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2 Responses to “Route of Land(Path 7-Dangerous Discussion)”

  1. Scope Says:

    Hmm… No wonder. I just can’t recall since I browse many many and many blogs for ideas and to be updated on social changes. OIC… So you were on Xanga. ^.^

    If you like writing novels, I hope you can find a publisher for that.

    Thanks for your comment, very smart also because commenting is leaving links for visitors to flow here. My blog is receiving some nosensical attention and nasty ‘attacks’ which are laughable. People on the streets have remarked the pics are original and fantastically done and the talk cocks are not bad. It was about the way been done at Sohu for years, and that shows those troublemakers are just trying to create troubles, nothing else.

    If you want hits you can go to and learn from her. If you are writing a novel… Lets be realistic, unless people like myself make a movie out of it or your friends are many, usually people read sex sex sex or scandals or other junks… You’d need a ping tool to at least boost the hits counts.

    You can do blogroll to attract consistent readers or you can selectively leave comments/links.

    I hope these help. If you want to chat, you r welcomed over.

    BTW, I am looking for sponsors for my shooting next year. I offer a 20% for every S$10,000 cheque I receive from you. The sponsor also stands to gain. You might consider.

  2. technicolourgirl77 Says:

    I liked it. You have a really good idea, but I think you should spend a bit more time developing the setting and describing the surroundings. If you want this to be published, you should probably take it down because most publishers won’t want a book that’s been available on the internet.

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