Route of Land(Path 12-Reunion)

“That demon…I can’t believe the aura it is emitting.”Syrfan shocked by the aura of the demon.
“That demonic machine…it holds the power that I cannot handle alone.”Zheng Fu worried about his strength.
“I’ve seen that person before,but where?”Tefler and Clair was staring sharply at each other.A few seconds later,
“I missed you so much.”They hugged to each other.
“Hey,there’s no time for reunion!”Syrfan shouted at them.
The demonic machine awakens and launched homing missiles to them.
They destroyed the missiles before they hit them.
Then,it spins and shot laser beams on them.
Syrfan and Zheng Fu slided on the ground and kicked its leg,while Tefler and Clair jumped and pierced its arms from above using their boomerangs.
The demonic machine’s arm and legs are broken,but its head and body was still active.Its body cover is opened and shot lots rockets on them.
“Targeting confusion!”Tefler and Clair casted the spell on the rockets and the rockets were moved towards it.
The demonic machine emitted a barrier and shielded itself from the rockets.
At the meantime,Syrfan rushed and cut through the barrier and its body.Zheng Fu assisted by shooting Chinese bronze coins on its head.The demonic machine exploded.
“Looks like I have to deal with you instead.”The mysterious voice appeared again.
Then,another demon appeared in the coliseum.
“Where is my family?”Zheng Fu asked the demon angrily.
“Defeat me first!”The demon attacked him.
“Soul vengance!”Clair casted the spell on him.
The souls he trapped within his body was released and he turned into dust.
“That demon is nothing compared to the ones I defeated in the past.”Clair talked to Tefler.
The souls released are then went back to their bodies.
Zheng Fu’s family then went into the coliseum and have a reunion with him.
“Good job,fighters.”The real village chief went into the coliseum too.
“So,Mr.Agel Jost,can you explain this?”Syrfan asked Agel.
“I happened yesterday when the demons attacked our village and put my and the others’ soul in the demon’s body.Then,they continued the competition with the intend to murder you.”
“Then,the other four are?”Tefler wondered about the other finalists identity.
“Don’t equalize us with the impostors!”They appeared as if they weren’t injured.
“We were also got our souls embedded within that jerk’s body.Furthermore they filled our body with the demon souls.”They explained the situation.
“Well,at least I feel grateful that the naive girl isn’t hurt at all.”Agel relieved that the registration girl was safe.
“Yeah.She acted as if she was blinded.”Clair disagreed with him.
“But I did not get anything even scratch right?”Eyfen suddenly appeared from nowhere and argued with her.
“You fool,Eyfen!You became a tool for the demons!”Agel scolded her.
“What?”Eyfen shocked and cried.
“That’s enough.Don’t cry,my dear.It’s over,right?”Deoka hugged and calmed her.
Everyone laughs.
“Would you consider for a…?”Agel asked the fighters but was interrupted by Syrfan.
“Rematch?NO!You have brought us to this trouble and you want us to waste our time again?”Syrfan scolded Agel.
“Consider this your official training.Don’t forget what Yaden said.”Tefler reminded him about the advice.
“OK,OK.I’ll fight again.”Syrfan agreed to have a rematch.
“Yay!I can see the matches again!”Eyfen happy that the competition is open again.
“For now,rest at one of our fight houses.They are free for the fighters joining the competition.”
They have one day before the real bout begins…


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