Route of Land(Path 13-Preparation)

While there is still time for them to prepare for the competition,the villagers renewed the posters,the fighters were training and the shopkeepers are too busy with their customers.
At the Sorelm lake,Syrfan,Zheng Fu and Belfon was training their focus.
“Split blade!”Syrfan split his weapon into three and destroyed Zheng Fu’s Chinese bronze coin dagger and Belfon’s strech blade lance.
“Whoa,I’m beat.”Belfon was too tired.
“Your focus ability was too weak.”Zheng Fu told Belfon.
“I wondered what is my problem.”Belfon replied.
“Let me see…I think that your weapon drains your spiritual energy once you are in remote control mode.You need to recustomize the weapon.”Syrfan checked Belfon’s weapon and gave some comments.
“Try fix my weapon.”Belfon asked Syrfan for help
“OK.”Syrfan changed the lance’s system structure and internal shafts.
“Fixed,now test it.”Syrfan asked Belfon to test the lance.
Belfon felt that the new lance was more easier to control and lasts longer.
“I think I’ll refine this later.”Belfon stopped his training and went back to his camp.
At the meantime,Tefler and Clair were at the outer walls of the village.
“It’s been a long time,right,Princess?”Tefler asked Clair.Clair is the princess of Oszer kingdom and having romantic relationship with Tefler since 10 years ago.
“Yep.I can’t forget how you cried when we went back to our places.”Clair smiled.
“Yeah,that is our first kiss then.I won’t be able to imagine how romantic that was.”Tefler smiled too.
“I hope that I can join you but I think I need Syrfan’s approval.”
“Syrfan might want more companions.I’ll ask him tonight.”
On the afternoon,Syrfan,Tefler and Zheng Fu trained their skills at the lake until night.
At night,near the coliseum,while Clair was slept in girls’ room and Zheng Fu were with his family.
“Syrfan,I have some important request.”Tefler told Syrfan.
“I know what you want.I need to see if Zheng Fu agreed to join us.He said that he will join us regardless of her presence,but he need to talk with his family first.I’ll wait until he give me an answer.”Syrfan answered.
“Well,I won’t join you.”Zheng Fu suddenly appeared.
“I need to stick to my family.”He added.
“Thanks for your help.May we have a great battle then.”Syrfan thanked him for his help.Zheng Fu leaved.
“You know what that mean,right?”Syrfan told him.
“Thanks.At least I can escort her to Riv and marry her there.”Tefler replied.
“So,you don’t want to join me to the end?”Syrfan felt weird of his statement.
“No.I have my missions in my country.”Tefler answered him.
“I understand.At least,it is my mission,right?”Syrfan smiled.
“Let’s sleep.Better not wake up late tomorrow!”Tefler reminds Syrfan and went to sleep.
Syrfan slept with him at the boys’ room.Tomorrow will be another day of fights…


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