Route of Land(Path 14-The Fight Begins)

The next morning,Tefler and Syrfan woke up.Tefler tried to wake Clair up at the girls’ room but stopped by Syrfan.
“See this.”Syrfan pointed on the plate on the door.
The plate writing says”Girls’ room.Men are strictly off limits.And don’t even try to knock this door.”
They wait for Clair to woke up for 15 minutes.
Then,Clair woke up,had a shower,and when she came out from the Girls’ room,she shocked that both of them are waiting for her.
“OK.Let’s go.”Syrfan called Tefler and Clair to go.
They went to the coliseum,queued up to register their names and made final preparation.
Muzert,Quaf,Belfon,Deoka and Zheng Fu had also registered.
Deoka also brought Eyfen along(Well,Eyfen is Deoka’s girlfriend).Syrfan shocked that Eyfen also registered for the competition.
“You think I’m just a clerk?I’m a student of Guronof Hespib,the master clerk in Zyland.”Eyfen scolded Syrfan.
“We are the same disciple of him.Clerks can be very powerful,right?”Syrfan erased her anger.
“All participants,please come to the fighter’s chamber now!”Agel made an announcement using a microphone.(don’t shocked with this,planet Lefrad have also their own scientific developments)
The contestants went into the fighters’ chamber and took their randomly chosen numbers.
Syrfan’s number is 9,Tefler’s number is 6,Clair’s number is11,Zheng Fu’s number is 15,Eyfen’s number is 21,Muzert’s number is 25,Quaf’s number is 1,Belfon’s number is 4 and Deoka’s number is 32.
“Since that the number of contestants this year is 32,we’ll have direct knockout matches opposed to group match.Except for finals and the first round,the fights are reshuffled for each level.For the first round,contestant no.1 will fight no.2,no3. will fight no.4 and so on.”Agel announced to the contestants.
“Contestant no.1 and no.2,please proceed to the first arena.Contestant no3. and no.4,please proceed to the second arena.Contestant no.5 and no.6,please proceed to the third arena.Contestants no.7 and no.8,please proceed to the fourth arena.Others please wait while watching the fights.”Agel added.
“Good luck then!”Syrfan wished for their first victory.
At the first arena,Quaf fought Digazrel Gictar,a miner at the gold mine near Valin,a port town southeast of Dugras.
“Ready…fight!”A referee announced the start of the fight.
Digazrel shot a wave on Quaf using his mining axe.
Quaf punched the wave,jumped to the center and punched the ground.
Digazrel were flew upwards,fell down,crashed the ground and fainted.
Quaf won the battle.
At the second arena,Belfon fought Istfen Mazdop,a gunner from Hare village.
Istfen shot Belfon using her machine gun.Yet,Belfon avoided her attacks and rushed towards her.Istfen attempted to knock him out by swing her machine gun.Belfon broked her machine gun’s barrel and connected it with his lance and launched shoot slash attack(an attack which a melee weapon slashed and shoot an enemy at the same time)on her.Istfen were defeated instantly.Belfon won the battle.
At the third arena,Tefler fought Darren Facuv,a magician from Blazet,a port town north of Syn.
Tefler casted tornado on Darren.Darren retaliates by casting gravity on himself.
Darren were standing still on the arena,unaffected by the tornadoes’ stong winds.
Tefler casted space on Darren,causing his gravity spell cancelled and he flied out from the arena.
Tefler won the battle.
At the fourth arena,Xigas Iflid,a hunter from Norch,a port city in Zyland northeast of Syn,fought Resen Funer,a geomancer from Dlig,a town at the Zyland-Oszer borders.
Xigas shot laser beam towards Resen while Resen launched earth wave on Xigas.
Both attacks hit each other.Resen fainted but Xigas were knocked out from the arena.5 seconds later,Resen woke up and thus won the match.
The other battles will start afterwards…


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