Route Of Land(Path 15-The Second Cycle)

The first eight fighters were teleported back to the fighters’ chamber and the next eight were teleported to the arenas.
“Contestant no.9,Syrfan Sigmeund and contestant no.10,Hercan Josd(An official currently working at Zard ruins),are you ready?Fight!”A referee announced the next battle in the first arena.
Syrfan launched a shockwave attack on Hercan,but the sword was pointed on Hercan instead.Hercan was unaffected by the attack and launched the earth hawk attack instead.Syrfan cast stop on him.Hercan’s body does not move but the attack was still directed towards him.Syrfan jumped when Hercan approached him and Hercan was moved out from the arena.Syrfan won the battle.
“What the?”Hercan shocked after recovered from the “stop”status ailment.
“The earth hawk attack cannot be stopped without the attacker’s control.When you are in stopped condition,the weapon “assumed” that you’ll move straight.”Syrfan explained.
While at the second arena,
“Contestant no.11,Clair Tyranof and contestant no.12,Rosé Tragaf(the mayor of Valin),are you ready?Fight!”A referee announced the second battle.Rosé took out her electric rod and shot her some electric balls.
Clair was hit by the balls and paralyzed.But she still managed to cast drown on Rosé.Rosé’s body was covered with water and she was electocuted and fainted.Clair won the battle(My note:Paralysis only hinders movement but not thoughts.All magical spells in Lefrad does not require chanting,although chanting is a requirement by law as long as the caster is able to chant.Spells can be cast just by thinking.The drown spell cause the target and the target’s equipments are covered in water.)
At the third arena,
“Contestant no.13,Iost Vaneh(An official working at Zuf ruins,a ruin north of Syn)and Usron Markyf(a wanderer of unknown origin),are you ready?Fight!”A referee announced another battle.
Iost casted protect on himself.Urson charged his punch towards him.Iost were unaffected and he launched a blast wave on him.Urson flied but managed to land in the arena.Iost launched another blast wave on him but he reflect the wave and making it more powerful.Although Iost launched a charged blast wave to defend himself but the reflected wave were too powerful that Iost hit and fainted.Urson won the battle.
At the fourth arena,
“Contestant no.15,Yap Zheng Fu,and contestant no.16,Phang Calg(a travelling vendor from Riv,the capital of Oszer),are you ready?Fight!”The second battle in the fourth arena has begun.
Zheng Fu and Phang launched their weapon in remote control mode.Zheng Fu’s Chinese bronze coin sword and Phang’s blade claw were constantly attacking each other.After five minutes,Phang’s blade claw was completely shattered.Phang launched a dark ball on the sword but it was hit by the sword,turned white and attacked at him back.Phang managed to dodge the attack.Then,Zheng Fu launched his sword on Phang but Phang caught the sword,causing Zheng Fu’s spiritual energy unstable.But Zheng Fu quickly reacted by launched electric pulse from his sword.Phang was electrocuted and fainted.Zheng Fu won the match.
The next four matches will be more intense than those ones before…


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