Chaos Fighters-Route Of Land(Path 16-The Coincidental Elemental battles)

The previous eight fighters were teleported back to the fighters’ chamber and the next eight were teleported to the arenas.
The first arena suddenly became hot once the contestant no.17,Nicole Kaser,a fire manipulator of unknown origin,and contestant no.18,Astranaf Legrab,a fire based knight from Norch,emitting their fire aura.
“Looks like this is going to be tougher than ever…”Both were cautious of the same elemental possessed by them.
“Are you ready?Fight!”A referee started the match.
Astranaf spun his fire sword and steam rose from there.”Steam strike!”Astranaf threw the steam formed.The steam cooled,become water,and deleted Nicole’s fire aura.Nicole regains her aura but she seemed to be unstable.Astranaf attempts to slash her but Nicole was able to hold his sword and absorb heat from his equipments,rendering him become non-elemental.Nicole regained her stability and cast fire pillar on him.A fire pillar rose up from Astranaf’s feet and hit him but he was unaffected.He regained his fire element instead.Next,they started to attack each other using their swords,but the attacks never hit them.Their sweat were found everywhere in the arena.Astranaf collected the sweat and leave it covering the sword.He swung the sword and those sweat hit her,causing her to faint.Astranaf won the battle.
At the meantime,the second arena became cold due to ice aura emmited by contestant no.19,Forant Werg,an ice blacksmith from Valin and contestant no.20,Hestac Lagryl,a snow gunner from Uraf,a port town east of Syn and Hare.
“Are you ready?Fight!”A referee announced the start of this battle.Forant start his attack by casting frost on Hestac.Hestac retaliates by absorb the ice formed within him and shot at Forant.Forant shielded the attack but Hestac approached him while still shooting at him and whacked him using a club.Hestac caught the club and broke it.Forant attacked again by stabbing a knife to his blocking hand.Hestac countered the attack by performing the bicycle kick while still blocking the ice shot.Both hands of Forant was hit and he fell down.Hestac finished him off by kicked frost wave on him.Hestac won the match.
By the way,The third arena became windy due to the air aura of contestant no.21,Eyfen Jost and the air aura of contestant no.22,Kahn Gerand,the mayor of Blazet.
“Are you ready?Fight!”A referee announced the start of this battle.
Kahn cast air pressure on the arena,causing the air pressure in the arena rise.As the effect,Eyfen’s movement was slowed.Eyfen cast space on the arena,thus canceled the effect of air pressure spell.Next,Kahn shot some air balls on Eyfen but Eyfen managed to control them when they were near,compress them and send them back to Kahn.Kahn avoided the attack and lauched several air waves on her.She still did the same thing but this time she enlarged the wave too.The wave is too large that Kahn cannot dodge them.Kahn are forced to jump,but he was almost flew out from the arena by the wind caused by the wave.Kahn rushed and punched several air waves on her.This time Eyfen was hit but she managed to stand still.Suddenly her air aura flowed like a cyclone.
“Cyclone iganlial!”Dusts suddenly flowed in circular form beneath Kahn’s feet.Kahn tried to run but the spining dusts followed him as if the dusts were his shadow.A few seconds later,he was threw upwards but he managed to stand still on the air.Kahn even compressed the cyclone into an air ball and launched it towards Eyfen.However,
“Don’t ever underestimate me!”Eyfen charged some air on her shoe and kicked the air ball back to Kahn.The ball hit Kahn and he was flew out from the arena.Eyfen won the battle.
At the fourth arena,dusts were flew over the arena due to the earth aura of contestant no.23,Lyank Stire,a lancer from Uraf and contestant no.24,Wang Kai Han,a quaker(a person who create earthquakes when battling)from Dugras.”Are you ready?Fight!”A referee announced the start of this battle.
Kai Han started his attack by launching causing earthquake in the arena.Lyank retalited by jumping and attempting to attack using his lance from above.But Lyank was flew instead to the ground.
“This is not simply an earthquake,but a wave that act on all directions too.”Kai Han told Lyank.
“Then,what’s your comments about this one?”Lyank taunts Kai Han and stabbed his lance to the ground.A lot of rock pillars rose from the ground,but not from Kai Han’s feet.
“Crush!”The rock pillars turned into sand and buried Kai Han,forming a huge pillar.
Kai Han tried to cast earthquake again,but it failed to break the pillar.
Lyank finished Kai Han by charge a punch to the pillar,causing the pillar shattered and Kai Han pushed out from the arena.Lyank won the battle.
The last four first round matches will start soon…


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