Route of Land(Path 18-Taking A Break)

“The second round will start 1 hour from now.The defeated ones,please wait until the end because you still get something and you can learn from the next battles;the winning ones,please take a break and rest or having lunch or get your equipments repaired or recustomized.”Agel made an announcement to the fighters.
At the fighters’ chamber,
“Chaos blade…we will meet again.”Deoka cried and mumbled to himself while rebuilding his chaos blade using subatomic rearrangement(another scientific side of Lefrad,although it mixed with magic).
“Don’t worry.Your blade will come back in 30 minutes.”Eyfen wiped his tears while assisting him to reform the sword.
At the meantime,
“Your fight…how is it?”Tefler asked Clair.
“What are you doing at here then?Don’t you watch the battles?”Clair asked him back.
“I’m was training on my own.”Tefler answered her coldly.
“Is that a proper way to answer your girlfriend?”Clair scolded Tefler.
“Only if it is you.”Tefler answered while hugged her.
“Don’t lose your stamina,serious guy!”Clair advised him.
Syrfan came towards them.
“Good battle,couple!”He said this while hoping that Fie can come along.
“Don’t you made some final preparations?”Tefler asked Syrfan.
“I have some fine tuning,shaft checking,armor repairs and strategy analyzing.You two must be careful when in your future fights.”Syrfan answered.
“Well,I’ll get some isotonic drinks(what the?).Food will only disrupt my spiritual energy and stamina.”Syrfan leaved the couple alone.
Suddenly he is blocked by Wang Kai Han.
“So,you are doing well now,huh?”
“What is the Lord’s new orders?”Syrafn knew his purpose.
“He mentioned about the Zuf ruins.This is optional,but the treasure hidden in the ruin may help you in your quest.You should go there if you want to get some hints.”Kai Han answered.
“Tell the Lord that I’ll go there.”Syrfan called him to send this message to Lord Wirt.
“Yes.”Kai Han Leaves.
Meanwhile,the fighters’ chamber was full with noises.
First,Cafip and Wendy were bickering to each other.
“Why you defeat me that quickly?Are you trying to insult me?”Wendy scolded Cafip.
“It is better than let you win and get killed by fire attacks in the next round!”Cafip shouted at Wendy.
“At least,you really care about me.I hoped for a win against you but…looks like I’m just a supporter after all.”Wendy laid on Cafip’s body and cried.
“Don’t worry,I’ll take you with me someday.”Cafip calmed her.
Second,Kahn and Rosé was discussing about something.
“Well,I heard of some of my citizens get caught smuggling in your town,right?”Kahn asked Rosé.
“Yes,and I have them sentenced to jail for 5 years,added with fine of 6,000,000 Gleds.”Rosé replied.
“About our past,I think it is better to…”Rosé whispered to Kahn.
“Tell the people?Before either or both of us resign,this is not allowed.”Kahn replied with a coarse voice.
“But how about our…”Rosé starts to become anxious.
“I can only say,it requires sacrifice of power.Otherwise,we will lose everything.”Kahn explained to her.
“I understand.I know what should I do.”Rosé replied to him.
They wandered around the fighters’ chamber together,waiting for the second round to begin.
Third,Resen and Orin shocked that they met in this competition.
“What are you doing at here?I thought that you won’t join this competition.”Resen asked Orin.
“I should ask you this.”Orin asked him back.
“Well,I’m relucted to join at first,but thinking of the experience I might get,I decided to join at last.”Resen replied.
“Me too.”Orin answered and both were laughing.
“Well,the fighters who won their first match,please teleport to the first arena now.”Agel made an announcement.
The second round will begin…


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