Route Of Land(Path 19-The Tough Fights)

The first arena was now filled with the fighters who qualified to the second round.
“Now we will start our shuffling.Please take your number here.”Agel explained to the fighters while holding a box with papers inside.The fighters were taking their numbers.
“Who is no.1 and no.2?”Agel asked them after the box was empty.
“Me!”Resen and Clair raised their hands.
“You’ll fight here.The winner advances to the quarter finals.”Agel told them.
“No.3 and no.4 please teleport to the second arena.No.5 and no.6 please teleport to third arena.No.7 and no.8 please teleport to the fourth arena.Others please teleport back to the fighters’ chamber.”Agel instructs other fighters.
The fighters teleported to the places accordingly.
At the first arena,Clair and Resen were discharging their auras,leaving them non-elemental.
“Why you do this?Isn’t that you are the only S-grade magician in Oszer(he is wrong,actually)?”Resen wondered why Clair discharge her aura.
“I should ask the same to you,one of the rare S-grade geomancer in Lefrad,shouldn’t I?”Clair asked him back.
“Don’t waste our words,just fight!”Resen wanted to start the battle now.
“Get ready and now…fight!”The referee started the first match of the second round.
Clair started her attack by casting elemental spectrum on him.Resen avoided the spell and thrown his earth sword on the ground.The sword rolled around the arena as if Clair is at the center.Unaware of her next threat,she cast earth ignalial on him.He still stood still on the rock pillar raised from the ground.
“Why…this is impossible…”Clair shocked of the failure of her spell.
“Your spell is exactly the same with my rock pillar up strike.That’s mean that I can convert yours to mine and nullify your spell effect of thrown away.”Resen unsurprised with her question.
“You coward!”Clair ran towards him,jumped and tried to knock him using her club,but before she hit him,a tornado suddenly rose from the ground and thrown her upwards.She managed to stand still in the tornado,but Resen seems to be missing.Suddenly some air lances hit her from nowhere.
“It must be him,but where?”Clair wondered from where he launched these attacks.
“Here!”Clair was hit by her club,smashed to the ground,and the tornado disappeared.
Clair shocked that he stood still on the air.”Isn’t that geomancer can’t control air?”
“That is landmaster.Geomancer controls all the environment even if it is vacuum!”Resen shouted at her.
“You coward!Attack me front on front!”Clair taunts him while jumping to knock him using her fists,but her arms was injured when Resen attacked her using his sword.She took out her royal rod to retaliate and they fought for five minutes.Realizing her injured arms was too weak to fight,she flew back to the ground and shot some sand blocks on him,but Resen managed to crush them using compressed air balls.
“I can’t withstand this anymore…if this continues….I’ll be sorry to Tefler…”Clair was exhausted.
Resen attempted to knock her out using his sword,but Clair avoided and bicycle kicked him out from the arena.Clair won the battle and she was teleported to the fighters’ chamber to get some treatments.
At the second arena,Astranaf fought Muzert.They have some talk before the battle begins.
“Astranaf…I thought I won’t see you again…my good student.”Muzert cried.
“My master…I feel the same too.”Astranaf cried too.
“Get ready and now…fight!”The referee announced the start of this battle.
“Cross fire!”Astranaf cast the spell on Muzert.
“Fire storm!”Muzert avoided his spell and cast the spell on him.
Astranaf avoided the spell,charged his sword and launched a blade wave on him.
“You’ve lot to learn,dude!”Muzert cast targeting confusion on the wave.
“What?”Muzert shocked that it didn’t work.
“Because it is directed on the ground!”The wave hit the ground in front of him.As the result,dusts are filling the arena,causing both of them lose sight.Astranaf took this chance by kicking him,but his feet was caught by Muzert and his body was spun by him.Astranaf smashed to the ground and his armor was cracked.
“So,you are forcing me to use powers you did not taught me?”Astranaf’s emotion started to boil.
“Flame ground!”Astranaf cast the spell on the ground.The arena was burning.Muzert flew upwards to avoid the spell’s effect.
“Water mayhem!(a spell which is a combination of rain,ocean rush and drown.)”Muzert cancelled the spell.
“So,you have gained new powers too.”Astranaf was amazed by his spell.
“Now try this!Electrical steam shot!(an attack of fire,water,and electric)”Astranaf shot the bullet from his sword.
“Yin yang block!(an attack of holy,dark,and nature combination)”Muzert retaliated his attack.
The shot hit the block,creating huge explosion.Astranaf took another chance by charge towards him.Muzert.But it still missed.
“Even that I’m old that does not mean my sense are distingerating.”Muzert told Astranaf.
“Then,taste this!Photon blast!”Astranaf shot a laser beam from his sword.
Muzert cast wall in front of him and the beam was reflected off the arena.
“Take that!”Astranaf tried to kick Muzert through the wall but he failed to break the wall.
“That wall is made from concrete mixed with melted alloy.Diamond sword can’t even leave a scratch on it.”Muzert pushed the wall while informing him.Astranaf jumped and thrown his sword on Muzert.He caught the sword but Astranaf kicked the sword immidiately.As the result,the sword pierced his body and he is defeated.Astranaf teleported his sword back to him and healed his wound.
“Good job.I don’t expect you do this on me.”Muzert praised him for his wits.
The next two fights will be as intense as this…


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