Route Of Land(Path 20-Strikes of Attacks)

At the third arena,Tefler confronts Usron.Both of them just stand still as the statue,unaware of the opponents’ presence.
“What is he doing?Mimicking my moves?”Both of them felt suspicious of what are they doing.
“Get ready and now…start!”The referee announced the start of this battle.
“Proton pulse!”Usron started his first attack.
“Proton pulse!”Tefler attempted to stop his attack.
Both attacks moved slower as they are approaching each other.Tefler took his boomerang,charged it with electron pulse,jumped to the gap between the proton pulses,and stabbed the boomerang at there.The pulses went to the boomerang and the boomerang was surrounded with electrical pulses.Tefler took the boomerang and threw it on Usron and shot some laser beams on him.Usron jumped,took the boomerang and absorbed the electrical pulses,causing him to emit electrical aura.Tefler shocked with his ability.
“This fighter is no simple traveller.I must be careful.”Tefler decided to change his stratergy.
Usron threw Tefler’s boomerang back to him but Tefler managed to catch it.Tefler cast drown on him but it did not affect him.
“Just distilled water can’t electrocut me!”Usron taunted him.
“Then what about this!”Tefler changed the distilled water to sea water.
“Aaaaaaargh!”Usron was electrocuted badly.However,it does not affect him much as he absorbed the sea water and emitted water aura.
“What do you think,loser?”Usron taunted him again.
“What about this?”Tefler cast stone on him.He was petrified,but quickly turned into stone golem.
Tefler took out his mining axe and attacked him.Some of the attacks hit him,breaking his body to parts.
Usron recovered himself by turning himself and the broken parts into mud,combined them,and reform his golem body.
Tefler retried the attacks but this time he cast absolute zero on the mud formed when Usron were recovering,causing his body was frozen and the recovery failed.Yet,Usron’s frozen body still combined and the golem body was regained once again.
“Looks like you have mastered the bonding techniques,aren’t you?”Tefler asked him.
“As long as the atomic interactions exist,I can’t lose!”Usron shouted at him.
“Then,taste this!Internal bolt!”Tefler cast the spell.
This time,Usron was hurt badly from the electrocution,turned normal back,and fainted.Tefler won the battle.
At the fourth arena,Syrfan encountered Hestac.They have some chattering before it starts.
“It is my honour to battle you,one of the S-grade knight of Lefrad.I’m longed for this.”Hestac saluted to Syrfan.
“It is also honoured for me to meet the only S-grade gunner at Uraf.It will be a pleasure then.”Syrfan saluted to him too.
“May the fight lead to the glory!”Both fighters raised their weapons upwards.
“Get ready and now…start!”The referee announced the start of the battle.
Hestac attached his blade to his gun’s barrel,and Syrfan attached his gun on the space between the left and right blades of his sword..They launched the bullet wave hybrid attack on each other on the same time.
Both attacks cancelled each other.They smiled sharply.
“This will lead to the glory.”They started to enjoy the battle.
Syrfan launched a cannon shot on him.He retaliated by knocked the shot away from the arena.Hestac rushed and slash him,but his attack missed and he was shot instead.Hesatc knocked away the shot again.
Syrfan launched the cluster bullet wave shot to the sky.The wave split into a lot of wavelets and hit the ground.Hestac blocked the attack.Syrfan took his chance by launching another cluster bullet wave shot on him.
The wave hit him,but he stood still with his suit slightly broken.
“It’s now my turn!”Hestac ran towards Syrfan to launch the shoot slash attack,but blocked by Syrfan’s sword.
He shot some loop shots on Syrfan,but he managed to block them.Hestac distrupted his movement by launching shockwave randomly on the arena’s ground.Syrfan’s movement was still smooth,evading the shots and the shockwaves.Syrfan even absorbed the shots and shockwaves into his sword’s gun barrel and released it in one blow.Hestac blocked the blow but he was pushed away.Hestac charged his gun with electrical pulse and performed another shoot slash attack.Syrfan absorb the attack again but on the blades this time and slashed him.Hestac blocked the attack again using his gun.
“Presistance…this guy really fit into S-grade.”Both of them smiled again.
“Tornado shot!”A tornado suddenly came out from Hestac’s gun.
“Wind slasher!”Syrfan have his sword cut through the tornado and tried to broke his gun.However,Hestac moved to another place when he was near.Syrfan was pushed by the tornado but he managed to retain the skill’s effect and blocked the tornado.
After the tornado stopped,Syrfan charged his sword with steam energy and shot some compressed steam balls on the ground.Steam was released in the arena,making their vision unclear.Syrfan took the chance by launching the earth hawk attack on him.Hestac was knocked out from the arena.Syrfan won the battle.
The first four matches were ended.Now,its time for the next four matches…


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