Route of Land(Path 21-Expected)

Lyank and Deoka,who was having his chaos blade back,were now in the first arena,prepared for the battle.
“I can’t wait for this…I must win.”Lyank thought something.
“I know I’ll lose to him,but I must fight to the end.”Deoka felt not easy of this battle.
“Get ready and now…fight!”The referee announced the start of this battle.
Deoka launched a dark wave towards Lyank,but Lyank jumped and cast lance rain on the arena.A lot of lances dropped on the arena but Deoka avoided all of them.Lyank exploded all the lance in the arena but Deoka jumped towards him and try to slash him,but was blocked by his lance.The silver layer of Lyank’s lance was broken.
“You are the first one to break my first layer of my lance.”Lyank told Deoka.
“You are the one who can block my sword’s slash ushing only weapon.”Deoka replied.
Lyank charged his lance with earth element and the lance was recovered.
Deoka discharged his chaos blade’s dark elemental and replaced it with electric element after he saw Lyank’s move.
“Lance missile!”Deoka thrown his lance and used this skill.
Deoka ran under the lance and launched an electric pulse attack on him.
Lyank avoided that and have his lance directed towards Deoka.Deoka thrusted through Lyank’s body using dimensional change skill,causing his lance hit him.Lyank teleported his lance back to his hand and healed his wounds.
“That is not good.”Deoka’s worries increased.
“That fighter…he must had his training in hell.”Lyank became nervous.
Deoka charged his chaos blade with electric element again and shot an electrical storm on him.Lyank avoided the attack and kicked him out from the arena.Lyank won the battle.
“You are really great.I hope I’ll fight with you again.”Deoka shaked his hand with him.
“Yeah.Me too.”Lyank agreed with him.
Meanwhile,at the second arena,Quaf encountered Preline.
“She is an aeronaut?This is bad…”Quaf became anxious.
“That kind of fighter is just a piece of junk.”Preline smiled and felt confident.
“Get ready and now…fight!”The battle began.
Preline cast cyclone on the arena.Quaf was thrown upwards but he managed to stand still in the cyclone.
“Knife wall!”Quaf used his skill.Knives rose up from the cyclone and ripped her skirt.
“At least he didn’t rip my shorts.”Preline relieved that her panties does not exposed.
“Rock fall!Rock blast!”Quaf cast the spells and the rocks were falling and rising from nowhere.
Preline blowed away the rocks easily.The cyclone was stopped and disappeared,but Quaf was not in her sights.
“Air pressure!”Quaf cast the spell on the arena and he was found at above her.
Preline was unable to fly and landed on the arena.Quaf also did the same.
“He was so considerate…”Preline start to lose her focus.
Quaf took the chance by launching the rock stalagmite attack on the arena.
Preline managed to jump and crushed the rock stalagmites.She even cast the sand tsunami spell on the arena and buried him.Preline landed on the arena but suddenly Quaf rose to the ground and kicked her.But she was able to hold his feet,swung him,and cast tornado on him.He was pushed backwards,but he managed to stand still in the arena.
“That girl,she is so lovely…I have to beat her the softer way.”Quaf thought of something.
“I cannot cast my spells as long as I want…is that…love?”Preline became anxious.
Quaf cast earthquake on the ground,causing Preline’s movements were unstable.He tried to shot an compressed air ball towards her but she managed to kick it and hit the ground.Dusts emerged in front of him,making him blinded and the earthquake spell stopped.
“Sorry,my dear.I have to defeat you.”Preline charged his fist with air and punched a tornado towards him.Yet,Quaf managed to block the tornado.Preline was shocked with his presistance.
“I must show to the one who I love that I’m fighting at full will!”Quaf stomped the ground and thus an earth wave was launched.Preline did the same and the waves cancelled each other.
Preline and Quaf became exausted.Quaf jumped and launched an air boomerang on her,but she kicked the boomerang and the boomerang knocked him out from the arena.Preline won the battle.
Shortly afterwards,when they were teleported to the fighters’ chamber,
“Want have some potion?You looked so tired.”Quaf handed over his spirtiual potion to her.
“No,I have some.You need it more than me.”Preline answered him.
“Would you like to walk around this town after this?I can show you the wonderful places.”Quaf asked her again.
“Well,yes,only if you consider this a date between you and me.”Preline replied and blushed.Quaf’s face became deep red and fainted.
“So,you really have interest on me?What a cute fighter.”Preline cast cool(a spell that relieves fever)on him and slept beside him.
The next two battles will be starting soon…


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