Route of Land(Path 22-Unworthy Winning)

At the third arena,Belfon fought Cafip.They had some talk before the fight started.
“So,why you defeat your girlfriend like that?”Belfon wondered why he defeated his opponent like that in the first round.
“She cannot exposed to heat.Even sunlight will burn him.I don’t understand how she withstand the heat on his journey to here.I’ll escort her to Blazet after I’m done at here.Let’s fight!”Cafip replied him.
Wendy,who was watching the battle from the fighters’ chamber,laughed after listening to his words.
“What a pitiful guy.I gained something new that he will shocked if he know this.”
“Get ready and now…fight!”The referee announced the start of this battle.
Cafip launched his first attack by throwing metal blades,like the one he did in the first round.Belfon cut them using diamond spikes and defended himself.Cafip took out his sword.
“Kyfadra!”Two side blades split from his sword,they were charged with dragon aura and attacked him straight.
Belfon launched an air wave,deleted the aura and the blades were returned to Cafip’s sword.
“Then,what about this?Sinedra!”The side blades were attacking Belfon again using dragon aura,but the “dragons” were moving in a sinusodial way.
Belfon charged his spear with wind aura and launched a tornado on the “dragons”.The dragon aura was deleted again and the blades were returned again to Cafip’s sword.Cafip rushed to the front and tried to slash him,but blocked by Belfon’s lance.Belfon countered it by thrusting his sword,armor and body through his lance’s property of able to extend.
“That jerk…I can’t lose here or I’ll be sorry to Wendy…”Cafip launched an electric pulse on Belfon’s lance,forcing him to teleport back his lance away.Cafip retreated and healed his wounds.
“I can’t believe that he can survive that blast…what is his body made of?”Belfon shocked while discharging his lance’s electrical pulse.
Cafip was charging his sword with positrons and Belfon charged his lance with photons.They knew this attack is all or nothing.They launched the blast attacks together but both attacks cancelled each other.
“What?Cancelled?”Both of them frightened of what happened just now and exausted.
Cafip took his chance by launching metal blades again on him and knocked him down.Cafip won the battle.
“Wendy…I completed…my promise…”Cafip fainted and teleported back to the fighters chamber.
At there,
“Heal!”Wendy cast the spell on him and lied beside him.”Don’t overdo it,my dear…”
At the fourth arena,Eyfen fought Zheng Fu.
“Deoka has lost…I must carry on…”Eyfen’s eyes became exceptionally sharp.
“For the glory of the yin yang arts…I must win…”Zheng Fu was charging his yin yang aura.
“Get ready and now…fight!”The referee announced the start of final battle in the second round.
Eyfen cast cyclone spell on the field,causing a cyclone formed on the arena,threw away Zheng Fu to the air,but Zheng Fu cast gravity on the field quickly,cancelling the cyclone spell.
Eyfen cast needle rain,but quickly neutralized by Zheng Fu’s liquify spell.
Eyfen rushed to the front and tried to knock him down using her club,but quickly blocked by his bronze sword.
“What the!I thought a taoist have only a wooden sword…”Eyfen shocked with his sowrd.
“I had this with me for critical fights…I’ve used this to exterminate powerful demons.At least this is finally get into use…”Zheng Fu relieved that he brought his bronze sword to this competition.
Zheng Fu swung his sword and blew her away.Eyfen charged his club with elecrical charge and slammed it on the ground.A thunder struck him but Zheng Fu was unharmed.He even absorb it and turned it became proton blast and launched it towards Eyfen.Eyfen absorb it and launched the same attack again.But this time,Zheng Fu jumped past him from above and the thunder struck her.Eyfen raised his club to absorb the attack but her club was broken.She threw away her club out from the arena and took out her sword.
Zheng Fu rushed to the front and launched a yin yang wave on her.She managed to block it using her sword.”
“What?This is bad…I must do something…”Zheng Fu start to worry about his situation.
“This sword cannot last longer…I must finish him with one blast.”Eyfen felt the same.
Eyfen charged her sword with photon and rushed to slash him,but Zheng Fu avoided that attack and countered it using his sword.Eyfen caught his sword and threw him away.Eyfen put the sword back to its sheath and put it in her clothes.
“That weapon…I must use it…although it is too weak…”Eyfen took out her pen.
Zheng Fu rushed to knock him down,but Eyfen was able to stop him using the charged laser shots from her pen.Eyfen attempted to slash him using the laser sword formed from her pen but was avoided by him.Yet,Zheng Fu slashed her using his sword and knocked her down.Unfortunately,his sword was broken by Eyfen’s laser sword when she was trying to block his attack.Zheng Fu won the battle.He took his sword and they were teleported back to the fighters’ chamber.
At there,
“This is the first time my bronze sword broken into two…She has a lot of potential.”He thought of something while Eyfen was looking at him fixing his sword.After the sword is completely repaired,he said to Eyfen:”You have a lot more to learn,young one!I’m impressed with your fighting will and skills.Hopefully we’ll fight again.”
“You are very powerful…may I become your student?”Eyfen asked him.
“No without Deoka’s consent.”Zheng Fu answered.
“I’m sure she can learn a lot from you.”Deoka suddenly appeared from nowhere and persuaded her to learn from him.
“Be prepared because I’ll have tough training for you!”Zheng Fu laughed.
“The quarter finals will start in 30 minutes.Please remain seated as we will bring more intense battles for you.”Agel made an announcement.
The quarter finals will begin afterwards…


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