Route Of Land(Path 23-Fights of Same Strength)

30 minutes later,
“The quarter finalists,please be at the first arena now!”Agel made an announcement.
The fighters were teleported to the first arena.
“Now,please take your numbers.No.1 and no.2,please stay here.No.3 and no.4,please go to the second arena.No.5 and no.6,please go to the third arena.No.7 and No.8,Please go to the fourth arena.”Agel instructed them.The fighters took their numbers and teleported to their respective arenas.
At the first arena,Astranaf battled with Zheng Fu.
“If he can beat an wizard,he must be very strong…”Zheng Fu started to become anxious.
“A yin yang magician is as dangerous as a taoist…”Astranaf became anxious.
“May the battle begins!”The referee announced the start of the battle.
Zheng Fu launched an air wave on Astranaf but he absorbed it using his fist,charged it and punched it back to him.Zheng Fu jumped and shot some compressed air balls on the ground.
“That trick won’t work on me!”Astranaf rushed and kicked the air balls back to him.Zheng Fu absorbed the air balls,combined into one and rushed towards him to give this blow.Astranaf was hit but he was able to charge his feet with electric pulse and kicked him.They fell together and slammed the ground.They woke up and stared to each other.They strafed away and shot a fire balls to each other.An explosion occurred and they rushed in front to attack at near range,but their punches blocked each other.
“Why he was mimicking my moves?”Both of them wondered what happened.
Astranaf kicked his sword and punched a shockwave on him.Zheng Fu kicked the sword upwards and it blocked the shockwave.Zheng Fu punched his sword back to Astranaf.Suddenly Astranaf came out from nowhere and knocked the sword downwards.As the result,his sword’s hilt hit him,damaging his right shoulder.Zheng Fu bicycle kicked him and hit his neck.Astranaf was able to retrieve his sword but he was unable to attack as he was moving backwards.
“What was that?When will this come to an end?”Both of them were worried of their conditions.
Zheng Fu took out his sword and launched an earth wave on him.Astranaf jumped and launched an hydro blade wave to the ground.Zheng Fu kicked the wave but the wave reflected and hit him.Zheng Fu fell unconscious.Astranaf won the battle.Zheng Fu shook his hands with him before they were teleported to the fighters’ chamber.
At the second arena,Tefler fought Lyank.
“The leader of the Oszer Union,it is an honor to fight you.”Lyank saluted him.
“It is also my honor to fight the master lancer in Zyland.”Tefler saluted him too.
“May the battle begins!”The referee announced the start of this battle.
Tefler threw his boomerang but Lyank avoided it.Tefler felt suspicious of his move.He took out his gun and shot a few bullets on Lyank,but he still only avoided the attacks.Lyank then swung his lance above him,generating an air vortex.As the result,Tefler was sucked towards the vortex.Yet,he managed to launch an earth wave and made him fell and his lance cracked his armor.
“He knew my tactics…I must fight him the active way…”Lyank thought a strategy.He threw his lance to Tefler,punched some blast waves and cast concrete on him.Tefler was trapped in the concrete formed on his body buthe managed to brake free when he cast blast wave.It deflected the blast waves and send his lance back to him.Lyank then shot a lance wave towards him.Tefler launched an air wave towards the ground,but he quickly jumped to prevent getting blinded by the dusts.Tefler jumped too and threw his boomerang and hit him.Lyank fell and smashed the ground.Tefler tried to finish him but Lyank jumped and kick his body.
“This is my chance!”Lyank tried to finish him off by throwing his lance and kicked several blast waves to him,but Tefler took the lance and reflected the blast waves back to him.Lyank teleported his lance back to him,absorbed the waves,charged them,and shot it back in one blast.Tefler cast reflect on the wave and the wave was directed back to him.Lyank blocked it using his lance but the wave was too strong that his lance and armor were broken and he was hit by the wave.He fell unconscious to the ground.Tefler won the battle.
The another two quarter final battles will become more intense…


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