Route of Land(Path 24-Tricks)

At the third arena,Syrfan encountered Cafip.
“I will need something “umph” to defeat him.”Syrfan thought some stratergy.
“The S-grade knight…I must defeat him.”Cafip was emitting intense metal aura and staring at him sharply.
“Let the fight begins!”The referee announced the start of this battle.
Cafip cast metal blade on him,but he retaliated using diamond crush spell.The diamonds destroyed the metal blades and hit Cafip,but his armor was totally unaffected.Syrfan wondered what happened.Cafip threw his right side blade and launched it like a homing missile towards him.Syrfan did the same and both blades clashed each other and fell onto the ground.
They put their sword on ground.Their central blade were raised and shot some photon blasts on each other.Their attacks cancelled each other.They took back their swords and restored their original configuration.
“I can’t believe this…what if I do this?”Syrfan and Cafip wondered how to win the battle.
Cafip charged his sword using astro element and shot a vacuum blast on Syrfan.Syrfan jumped to the center of the arena,charged his sword with steam and air elements and stomped to the ground.Then,winds of steam blowed in the arena,causing Cafip’s armor covered with rust and both fighter’s blinded.Syrfan took the chance and knocked him using his sword.But,Cafip countered by kicking his arms.Syrfan dropped his sword and was picked by Cafip.Syrfan cast internal bolt on his sword but it gave no effect.
“What the…!”Syrfan shocked that it didn’t work.
“I’m separated from my equipment using vacuum barrier as the outer layer and oxygen barrier as the inner layer.Electrical attacks won’t work on me anymore.”Cafip taunted him.
“What if I do this?”Syrfan took out a needle gun and shot a needle,made a hole on the barrier(near Cafip’s shoulder),causing oxygen to flow into the space between the vacuum barrier and oxygen barrier(thus cancelled the vacuum barrier),and Cafip fainted due to electrocution.Syrfan won the battle.
“You are really suit for the title.”Cafip praised his fighting skill.
“Thanks.You was quite skillful too.”Syrfan did the same.
At the fourth arena,Clair fought Preline.
“If we do not fight each other,I’m sure that there will be at least a female finalist.”Clair told Preline.
“Well,I do thought of such possibility.But with their abilities,that might not happen.Anyway,I am honored to fight you,S-grade magician.”Preline replied and saluted Clair.
“I’m honored to fight you too,miss aeronaut.”Clair saluted at her.
“Let the fight begin!”The referee announced the start of last battle of the quarter finals.
Preline started her attack by cast cyclone on the arena.A cyclone appeared on the arena and threw Preline upwards.But Clair managed to cancel the spell by stabbing her rod on the center of the cyclone.Then,she cast frost needle rain on the arena.Lots of needle fall from above and hit her but Clair seemed unharmed.Preline fell to the ground and this chance was exploited by Clair when she cast rock stalagmite on her.Preline was hurt badly but she suddenly healed when she cast damage transfer on the arena.
“Looks like you used up your trump card,Preline.”Clair teased her.
“Not yet,you fool!”Preline cast astral strike on the ground.A lot of stars dropped to the ground in a single blow and Clair was injured.Preline injured her further by throwing air lances on her.
Clair healed herself and took out her rapier.Preline took out her pen and hold it in sword mode(The mode that defeated Zheng Fu in the second round).They attacked each other but their attacks were blocked every time.
Preline strafed away from Clair,charged her laser sword and shot it towards Clair but she attached it to her rapier and stabbed it on the ground.A laser beam emerged from Preline’s feet but she managed to dodge it.Preline took out her club and rushed to knock her down but she dodge it,charged her fist with metal aura and punched Preline.She fell onto the ground but still able to stand up.
Next,Preline jumped to the center of the arena and shot a spinning air lance on the ground.Clair was blinded by the dusts flew by the air lance and Preline took the chance by shooting another one towards her but she caught it,jumped and stabbed her using that lance.Preline was pushed out from the arena.Clair won the battle.
“Good job,aeronaut.”Clair shook her hands with Preline.
“You too,winner.”Preline did the same to her.Both smiled cheerfully.
The semi-finals will start shortly afterwards…


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