Route of Land(Path 25-Lovers’ fight)

The losers of the quarter final battles were teleported to the fighters’ chamber.The semi-finalists were completely recovered and stayed at the arenas.
“Now,I’ll throw a dice which have written the first battle of the semifinal.Let’s see who will fight first.”Agel was speaking to the audiences while throwing a dice.
“Tefler Zargaso VS Clair Tyranof!”The writing on the dice was shown to the audience.Tefler and Clair were teleported to the coliseum.
“Let’s see if they have something to talk before we begin our battle.”The dialouge between fighters in the last four matches arre displayed to the audience,which is a tradition of this competition.
“I don’t want to fight you.My heart hurts when you are injured.”Tefler cried.
“Me too,my dear.But it is not the time for that.We must face it.”Clair cried too.
“Then,by the name of Oszer Union,get ready!”Tefler wiped his tears and took out his boomerang.
“That’s what I want.As a princess,I won’t lose to a commoner like you!”Clair wiped her tears too and took out her rod.
“Princess of Oszer entered this competition!”An audience shouted.
The audiences were excited to a new level,never achieved in previous competitions.
“The semi-finals battle 1…start!”The referee announced the start of this battle.
Tefler started his first attack by charging his boomerang with water aura and threw it towards the ground.Clair kicked it and the boomerang hit the wall edge near the entrance.Tefler took the boomerang and wondered why the ground did not turned into mud.Then,he thought a new strategy.
He charged his boomerang with air,wind,and sky(explained in foot note) auras and threw it to the center.A tornado rose up from the boomerang.Clair were sucked into the tornado but Tefler were able to stand still.Yet,she cancelled the attack by breaking his boomerang using her rod.Clair cast drown on him but he seemed to be able to breathe.
“This oxigenerator and rebreather was just fit for this trick.Better get rid of it see if she attempt to electrocut me.”Tefler cast burn on himself and cancelled the drown spell.
“That reminds me about those trainings that I had done with him.”Clair smiled.
Clair cast ice needle rain on the coliseum but quickly cancelled by Tefler burning drops spell.Then,Tefler took out his sword and shot a ground wave on him.Clair absorbed his wave using her rod’s tip and shot a compressed air ball on him.Tefler kicked the ball and it hit the broken boomerang.The boomerang recovered itself suddenly and returned to tefler.He charged his boomerang using metal aura and threw it towards her.Clair avoided it but it ripped her shirt a bit near her right shoulder.
“This guy…I have no regrets to love him…”Clair was happy with his fighting spirit.She cast meteor on the coliseum but Tefler quickly blew them into pieces using his boomerang.
“So,is there anything left before you lose?”Tefler taunted her.
“Here it is!”Clair rushed to the front and stabbed him using his rod but he punched the rod and it broke.Clair cast repair on the rod and it was recovered,but the crystal emmbeded in the rod was “shattered” when Tefler shot the rod using air needles.Clair threw her rod and took out her sword.Tefler took the rod and replaced its central blade with it.Oddly,the shattered crystal was reformed.
“You think I’m cruel enough to destroy your most liked belongings?I just made it invisible.”Tefler told her.
“So,you know these cheap tricks?Is this a proper way of the leader of the Oszer Union?”Clair asked him.
“Yes,only if the opponent is you!”Tefler retreated,charged it using thunder aura from the rod and launched a shoot slash attack.But Clair managed to block it using her sword.Clair even launched an electrical pulse on him.He was electrocuted but he healed himself.They were both exausted.
“If it was others,I’ll replace the jewel with mine.”Tefler felt that she did not understang his words.
“Why he always answers my questions like this?”Clair wondered about the reply.
Clair jumped,charged her sword with gravity aura and stomped Tefler.Tefler was able to charge his sword with space aura and blocked her attack using his sword’s tip just in time.Tefler launched a slash wave on her.It hit Clair and she fell to the ground,unconsicous.Tefler won the battle.They were teleported to the fighters’ chamber.
Tefler healed her.Shortly afterwards,she woke up.
“How dare you do this on my rod?”Clair pulled his suit angrily.
“I’ll return it to you.”Tefler replaced the central blade and returned the rod to her.
“Well,my rod became more powerful now.Thanks to your move,this rod’s ability limit was raised.I can further increase its powers.”Clair teased Tefler.
“You cheap little witch!”Tefler suddenly became angry and shouted at her:”Do you know that my sword is now full with rust and cannot be used anymore because of your rod?Repair my sword now!”
“Don’t angry,my darling.I’ll fix this.”Clair repaired the sword and sharpened its tip.
“Well,how was my performance?Am I overdid it?”Tefler knelt in front of her.
“You should behaving worse than that if the opponent is others.But to me,you were so nice to me.”Clair hugged her and they were laid on the ground.
“Well,I’m very happy to fight you.It is just like a date.”Clair smiled.
“Me too.”They kissed and slept there.
The next battle will start another shortwhile…

Footnote: Air,wind and sky elements are basically the same but with different definitions.Air is static or moving gas with speed 1 meter per second(Lefrad use the same measurement with Earth.) at height less than 10 kilometers from the sea level.Wind is the same as air but with speed 1 meter per second or faster.Sky is static or moving gas at height 10 kilometers or above.


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