Route of Land(Path 26-Exhaustion)

Syrfan and Astranaf were teleported to the coliseum.
“Now,let’s see if they have something to say before the battle starts.”Agel announced to the audiences.
“The S-grade knight from Dugras,are you ready to face my wrath?”Astranaf taunted Syrfan.
“What an arrogant fighter.I’ll see if you can really torturing me.”Syrfan challenged him.
“The semi-finals battle 2…start!”The referee announced the start of this battle.
Astranaf threw his fire sword to Syrfan and took out a burning sword.Syrfan avoided it and rushed to his back to slash him using his stainless steel sword but he managed to block it using his burning sword.Astranaf kicked him but he quickly blocked it using his left foot.Syrfan punched him instead and he fell to the ground.Syrfan attempted to slash him but his armor received no damage.
“This armor is made from Azeyl alloy(An alloy made from 5% diamond,15% iron,15% zinc,20% aluminium,20% nickel,20% cobalt and 5% glass fiber) and you think your stupid sword like this will defeat me?”Astranaf taunted Syrfan again.
“Then,what about this?”Syrfan took out his platinum sword and combined it as one,the Ozaryl(an alloy made from 45% platinum and 55% stainless steel) sword.He launched a blade wave towards Astranaf and this time his armor was cracked.
“So,is that the wrath that you mean?”Syrfan taunted him back.
“This is just the first layer,you fool!”Astranaf laughed and recovered his armor.
“He must have his wave barrier cast on himself sometime earlier.This is bad.”Syrfan started to became nervous.Astranaf took his fire sword and combined it with his burning sword as one,the pyro storm sword.They stared each other sharply.Astranaf shot some heat waves on him but he managed to neutralize it by charging his water aura and absorbed the heat.Astranaf shot some more waves and turned his water aura into steam aura.Syrfan charged it on his fist and punched the ground.Steam was released in the coliseum and it was absorbed by Astranaf’s sword,turning it became water plasma.He threw it towards Syrfan but he managed to absorb it as a plasmatic water aura.
“Is that really possible?”Astranaf shocked with his move.He separated his sword back to his fire sword and burning sword.Then,the two swords’ blades and their respective shafts were exchanged and they were combined into the sun burn sword.
“A-type cross combination?This is going to be exciting.”Syrfan smiled excitedly and the audiences were amazed.
Astranaf launched sun wave on the ground but quickly canceled by his vacuum spell.Syrfan separated his sword back into stainless steel sword and platinum sword.This time,the hilt and the shafts of the blades were exchanged and they were combined into the Tigaras (an alloy which is the same as Ozaryl alloy,but the platinum and stainless steel were placed into lots of layers) sword.Syrfan launched a blast wave on him but quickly blocked by the sun burn sword.
“C-type cross combination?Looks like he is really a S-grade knight.”Astranaf smiled excitedly.
Astranaf discharged the sun aura on the sword and prepared to launch a blow.The side blades were slightly shifted away from the central blade,made an opening.The sun aura was charging and filling the opening to the end of it,at the sword’s tip.Realizing the danger,Syrfan did the same,but using metal aura with iron and platinum atoms formed from the coliseum’s ground soil(using the subatomic rearrangment).
“This is not the final blow…I must not sacrifice my armor…”They did not charge the blow at full power,knowing that their armor will break if they shot the fully-charged blast
Then,Astranaf shot his sun blast and Syrfan shot his Tiagras blow at the same time.The attacks cancelled each other but the iron and platinum atoms were ionized and penetrated Astranaf’s armor.Yet,the wave barrier blocked them and the armor is recovered.Syrfan’s armor was unaffected,but his gloves were ripped badly.He managed to recover the gloves while Astranaf was recovering his armor.
Astranaf charged his sword with sun aura and launched a sum beam on Syrfan but he avoided it and rushed to the front and slahed Astranaf.He blocked it using his sword but Syrfan quickly pushed him.Astranaf retaliated by casting concrete on him.Astranaf moved to the other side and launched some fire blade waves on him.The waves were absorbed and Syrfan broke the concrete.
Both of them were exaushted.They threw away thier swords and armors aside.Astranaf took his knife,tied to a thread.Syrfan took out his pen.
“A pen?Don’t make me laugh!”Astranaf laughed at him.Syrfan held it in the sword mode and stabbed it on the ground.Laser beams rose up from his foot but blocked by the wave barrier.Astranaf threw his knife and controlled its movement using the thread.Syrfan broke the thread using the pen.Astranaf took out his stun gun(not the stun gun used in earth) and shot him.Syrfan blocked it using his pen but the pen was unuseable due to the energy flow of the shaft were stopped.He cast earth ignalial on Astranaf but he dodged it.
“If this continues,I’ll lose.”Both of them started became more exaushted and anxious.Astranaf jumped and tried to punch him but Syrfan strafed to his back and bicycle kicked him out of his conciousness.Syrfan won the battle.
They were completely recovered and teleported to the fighters’ chamber.
“The third place battle will start in 5 minutes.Please remain seated.”Agel made an announcement.
The third place battle will start after this…


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