Route of Land(Path 27-Crushing Attacks)

At the fighter’s chamber,Tefler and Clair woke up after the second semi-finals battle.Astranaf and Syrfan came towards them.
“Well,well.Looks like I’ll fight the princess of Oszer.Be careful because I won’t use the same equipments used to lose the semi-finals battle.”Astranaf warned Clair.
Syrfan remained silent and walked away from them.He started to practice his skills,never seen anywhere before.
“Looks like I’m his enemy now.”Tefler sighed.Clair gave him a Kevlar suit but he refused.
“Syrfan knows everything.I must create something on my own.”Tefler explained to her.
Shortly afterwards,Astranaf and Clair were teleported to the coliseum.
“Now,the fighters are here to take the third place of this competition.Who will get it?Is it the knight from Norch with extreme fire manipulation,Astranaf Legrab?Or the princess of Oszer who mastered extreme magic,Clair Tyranof?The third place battle starts now!”Agel himself announced the start of the third place battle.
Astranaf was wearing Teoartha(a special material that nullify all elements and very resistant to physical attacks which is 150 time stronger than Kevlar)suit and gloves while holding his zinichroal(an alloy made of 25% nickel and 25% zinc,25% chromium and 25% aluminum)spear,opposed to his usual wearing of alloy armors and gloves with fire elemental sword.Clair changed her gear too.She worn Forata(a metal made from magic)armor and plate glove with platinum sword with platinum ion layer,opposed to her usual wearing of the Oszer royal robe and silver glove with Oszer royal rod.
“This new strategy…will this works?”They doubt the possibility of winning this match.
Clair started her first attack by shooting platinum ion laser on him but quickly reflected by his spear back to her.She avoided the counterattack and rushed to the front knocking him using her sword’s hilt but blocked by his lance.Astranaf threw her away and shot a lance wave towards her.She absorbed the lance wave as a blast charge and shot it back to him.Astranaf absorbed it as metal aura on his lance by made an opening on the lance’s tip.
Astranaf charged it on his fist and punched it to the ground.Lots of metal blades rose up from her feet.Although she was able to dodge it,but the weight of her gears drained her stamina quickly than usual.
Clair charged his sword and stabbed it to the ground then it was buried by the soil of the coliseum.Suddenly,a pair of that sword rose from the ground and she took them using both hands,one on each sword.
“Are you try to further increase your burden?You are such a fool.”Astranaf taunted her.
“I haven’t finished yet!”Clair removed her armor and turned it into Forata robe and replenished her stamina.Astranaf charged his lance and charged towards her.Clair strafed to the right and slashed him.He was pushed back,but the suit absorbed the damage and got some cuts.
Clair cast concrete on herself and she was covered by a layer of concrete.Astranaf knew her tricks and threw his lance towards her.Clair broke the concrete layer and kicked it back to him.Astranaf took the lance but it was too fast and he was unable to get the grip of the lance and pushed to the wall.The wall was cracked.
Astranaf woke up and healed his wounds.He charged his lance with electrons and launched a shockwave on the ground.Clair blocked it using her sword,thus lose the platinum ion layer on her sword as all ions were reacted with the electrons from the shockwaves.Clair charged it with fire aura and the aura disappeared as the heat was absorbed by the platinum atoms on the sword’s surface to become ions.Astranaf cast acid mist on Clair and her robe turned into crystal armor(of the same magical metal,of course).
“Looks like the corrosive property of the acid is useless here.I must crush her armor and make her surrender.”Astranaf thought a very dirty trick.He charged his lance and rushed towards Clair and performed the wave slash(an attack that launches wave and slash the enemy at the same time).She managed to block the attack using her sword,but the wave penetrated the sword and shattered her crystal armor and pushed her back to the wall.Yet,Astranaf was shocked that she was wearing another greyish green armor.
“You pervert!”Clair charged her foot with proton,rushed towards Astranaf and bicycle kicked him.Her left foot was blocked by the lance and the protons was unable to flow but her right foot hit his body,causing Astranaf to be thrown to the air and smashed the ground.Clair jumped and tried to stab him directly from above,but he manage to raise his feet before her attack hit him.Then,he spun himself and knocked her using his head and stood still on the ground.She was hurt badly and some of the green crystals had collasped from her armor.
Clair stood up and healed her injury.She charged her sword and threw it to the center of the coliseum.She jumped and stood at the hilt of it and cast crystal stalagmite on the coliseum.The green crystals rose from the ground but he stood still and the crystal stalagmite did not rose at the position he was standing.Astranaf absorbed the green crystal as a layer on his lance.
He charged his lance,charged towards her and slashed her.Clair quickly chraged her fists with metal aura and punched through the lance.The lance was broken and its tip spun around his body and cut his back.Astranaf fell down unconsciously.Clair won the battle.
They were completely recovered and teleported to the fighter’s chamber.Then,Syrfan and Tefler were teleported to the coliseum.This means that the finals are around the corner…


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