Route of Land(Path 28-Counterattack)

“Now,it’s time for the finals!Are you ready for the last battle?”Agel shouted at the audience.
“I’m ready!”The audience replied.
“At my left side,a S-grade knight who mastered everything in this world,Syrfan Sigmeund!At my right side,the leader of Oszer union and known as the boomerang master,Tefler Zargaso!Are both of you ready?”Agel asked them.
They raised their arms to show that they were ready for the battle.
“3,2,1,fight!”Agel announced the start of the final battle of this competition.”
Syrfan started his first attack by charging his stainless steel sword with water,sky and electric auras and stabbed it to the ground.Tefler thought that he will launch a geyser and jumped but he was hit by thunderstorm instead.However,he absorbed it as his boomerang’s electrical aura and threw it to Syrfan.He jumped and slashed him but he blocked it using his shield attached on his right arm.He was hit by the boomerang’s electrical shots.
Syrfan fell onto the ground but stood still and swung his sword repeatedly.A tornado formed and sucked Tefler in it.Syrfan jumped and stabbed him but he was hit by Tefler’s shield as well.They fell to the ground as the cyclone disappeared.Then,they jumped away from each other.
“His attack…is he trying to figure out my overall strategy?”Tefler wondered why he let himself hit by his shield.
“That shield…I know what to do now.”Syrfan thought a stratergy.
Tefler attached his Agau(an alloy made from 50% gold and 50% silver)sword on his shield and rushed to the front to stab Syrfan.He strafed to the left and slashed through Tefler’s shield and broke it.He even swung his sword and Tefler’s right arm was cut,his shield was completely shattered and he was pushed to the left.
Syrfan took Tefler’s sword and combined it into Coravan(an alloy made form 25% gold,25% silver,45% iron and 5% nickel)sword.Tefler took out his boomerang and combined it with his platinum lance into platinum scythe.Tefler charged it and launched a slash wave towards Syrfan.He blocked it using his sword.Then,he charged it with earth aura and made an arc shaped mark the ground.Earth waves spread from the mark towards him.Tefler quickly jumped and removed the mark.
Syrfan separated the sword and attached them on his shoulder.He shot lots of laser beams on Tefler but he quickly dodged them.Tefler cast mirror on himself and rushed to the front.Syrfan kept shooting the laser beams and prepared to launch the center blade.He launched it when Tefler is close to him and jumped.The center blades barely cut through his body and hit the ground.The blades spun and two sand blades rose from the ground.Tefler blocked them using his scythe.
Syrfan took the center blades and attached them back.He removed them and returned the Agau sword to Tefler.Tefler separated his scythe and put his boomerang into his pocket.He combined the lance with his sword become Foruen(an alloy made of 50% platinum,25% gold and 25% silver)sword lance(a lance with sword as its tip).He charged it and launched another slash wave.Syrfan blocked it using his sword.Tefler rushed towards Syrfan and tried to slash Syrfan but he shot a blade wave and it broke.Its tip spun and hit Tefler’s chin.He was thrown backwards.Syrfan took this chance and finished him by launching several slash waves on him.Syrfan won the the battle.
“Are you all right?”Syrfan healed his injury.
“I’m OK.It’s just that I’m wondered why you so serious in this match.”Tefler asked him.
“All the opponents in the battlefield are my enemy.That’s it.”He answered it.
All the contestants were teleported to the coliseum and the prizes were given to them.
“This competition is finally over.Give them a final applause!”Agel announced the end of this competition.
But,Syrfan,Tefler,and Clair will stay at Syn village a little bit longer…


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