Route of Land(Path 29-Before The Ruins)

Shortly after the audiences leaved the coliseum,Syrfan,Cafip and Preline volunteered to clean the coliseum.Suddenly,a demon appeared.
“Syrfan Sigmeund,this is your last day in your life!”She shot some dark bullets on him.He blocked them using his sword.Preline quickly used her new powers.
“Burning firewood!”She cast the spell on the demon while taking out her firewood sword.
Lots of burning firewood blocks were launched towards him and she slashed the demon using her sword.The demon turned into dust.
“Why she is very resistant to fire?”Cafip shocked that she was emitting fire aura and stayed alive.
“So,how was my new power,my dear?”Preline discharged her fire aura and hugged Cafip.
“At least you will not burned by fire anymore.Better continue our work or we’ll have to stay here tonight.”Cafip answered.
One hour later,they finished the job.Syrfan went to the village’s gate and found Tefler and Clair waiting for him.
“Isn’t that you want to go to the Zuf ruins?You better have your lunch before we go there.”Tefler reminded him.Syrfan agreed and had a lunch at a restaurant nearby.At the meantime,
“So,should we help him in his mission?My father sent me to ask you this question.”Clair asked Tefler.
“That is their kingdom’s internal affair.We should not interfere.Don’t forget our wedding is two months from now.We might unable make it on time if we help him.”Tefler answered her.
“My father said that the wedding can be postponed until we finished helping him and the cabinet approved it.”Clair argued with him.
“Well,just now my lord ordered me to get several companions and you two will join me to the end.Is that OK?”Syrfan asked them.
“All right,you two win.I and her will join you.”Tefler answered him.
When they wanted to go out to the Zuf ruins,Eyfen suddenly appeared from nowhere and stopped them.
“My father told me to give these things to you.”Eyfen told them and disappeared.
They found a map,a letter and a sword.
They read the letter:
I heard from Zheng Fu that you want to explore the Zuf ruins.There is some advice for you:
1. I’ve attached a map leaved by Tefler’s father when he explored the ruins 40 years ago.Use it well.
2. There are no monsters in the ruins,but there is guardian guarding the treasure room located at the most bottom part of this ruin.Get some potions before you go.They will give you discount.
3. This sword is Tefler’s father lost possession that he leaved at here purposedly to give it to you.Use it well too.
4. There are rumors that there are some trespassers wanted by authorities explored the ruins a few days earlier.If you meet them,catch them and send them to the officials.
5. I hope that you will succeed in your mission.

Agel Jost

“Let’s go.We have little time to spare.”Syrfan called Tefler and Clair to go.
The mission continues…


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