Route of Land(Path 30-Chase)

Two days later,they arrived at the Zuf ruins.They met Hercan and Iost.
“Hey,you three!What brings you here?”Hercan asked them.
“We are exploring this ruin.I heard that there are trespassers in the ruin too.”Syrfan answered him.
“You are right.Until now,we are unable to track them down them.They might already reached the treasure room.You must stop them or the chosen one will lose his possession.”Iost asked them for help.
“We’ll help you.They must be stopped.”Tefler agreed to help.
“Please wear these passes or the officals will think that you are the trespassers.Take these torch lights too.The ruin is very dark at even at noon.”Hercan gave them the explorer’s passes and torch lights.
They wore the pass on their chest,took the torch light and went went into the ruin.
“Hey,can you tell me what is this ruin at the past?”Clair asked Syrfan while they were exploring the ruins.
“This place is fort Zuf during the Oszer-Zyland war 120 years ago before it was abandoned after the war ended.Several criminal groups used it as its fortress or outpost but were quickly eliminated.But recently,the archeologists found new underground floors.It is odd because the fort is built 160 years ago but their research show that the underground floors were built 5000 years ago.The only explaination is the fort was built to the underground base and when they wanted to build deeper floors,they thought that there was a huge rock preventing the construction of the fort and they leaved it as it is,as written in the war log of Oszer-Zyland war.”Syrfan answered her.
“This ruin is a very popular excavation site due to a rumor of hidden treasure at the underground base.My father explored the ruin as a challenge set by my father-in-law and finally he discovered a huge pile of gold.The gold was returned to the Zyland government and my father married my mother after he went back to Dlig with victory.But the rumor didn’t disappear.Some claimed that there is another treasure at the bottom of the ruin.Accoring to the map,he mentioned about a sealed door on the ground at the bottom level.The new discovered floors maybe can accessed from there.”Tefler added.
Suddenly they heard some suspicious sound.
“We must take the light sphere before the chosen one take it or the demon lord will be destroyed.”A demon spoke to his partner.
“Hey,someone’s there!”Another demon shouted to him.
The trio spotted the demons and they were escaping.
“Don’t let them go away!”Tefler rushed towards them while shouting at Syrfan and Clair.
“Wall!”Clair cast the spell in front of them and they were crushed by the wall.
At the meantime,in front of the sealed door,
“This will keep them busy.”A gargoyle mumbled to himself.
He destroyed the sealed door and went deeper.
Back to the trio,
“Better go directly to the treasure room.Maybe there is someone who is behind this.”
They went directly to the sealed door and found that it was broken.
“Damn!That person must have extremely powerful fighting skill.”Tefler shocked when he saw the passage.
“I sense some scattered dark aura on the surface.That must be the work of demons.Wait…there is a strong dark aura approaching.Be careful,guys.”Clair told them to be careful.
A cerebeus approached towards them.It was killed quickly using the holy trinity spell cast together.They quickly rushed down the passage and followed the trails of scattering dark aura left by the gargoyle.
After one hour,they arrived at the hidden treasure room’s door.
“The dark aura is concentrated inside.That demon must be in there.”Syrfan felt the demon is in the treasure room.
They opened the door and found several gargoyles were attacking an angel and a person in dark cape.The trio rushed to help them.They cast holy trinity again but they were just hurt a little.Suddenly,the sword given by Agel to Tefler was glowing.
“What the…father…is that you?”Tefler was mindless for a while.
“This is the lost royal sword of Oszer which I borrowed from the Oszer and forgot to return it to the king.Use it well and return it when the time comes.Goodbye,my good son…”Tefler’s father’s voice appeared in his head.The sword’s glow faded and he took the sword.
“Come on,demons!your enemy is me!”Tefler challenged the demons and launched a slash wave.Their wings were broken but were quickly regenerated.
The battle will continue afterwards…


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