Route of Land(Path 31-Unexpected People)

The gargoyles launch sonic waves but quickly blocked by Tefler’s sword.
“The Oszer royal sword…I must help him.”Clair thought something.Then,she cast silver cross on them.The silver crosses hit them and paralyzed them.
“Yin yang nova slash wave!”The angel charged her sword with holy aura and the man in dark cape charged his sword with dark aura.They launched their slash waves together and they combined into one.The gargoyles were hurt badly but they healed themselves.
“This is not good.We can not let them destroy the light sphere.”Syrfan started became anxious.He took out his compass and it suddenly move towards the light sphere.
“So,he is the chosen one…”The gargoyles knew about Syrfan’s identity.They cast darkness chaos on him but he avoided the spell.He charged his sword with electric aura and shot some electric pulses on them.The gargoyles flew towards the light sphere and attempted to destroy the compass but Clair quickly cast mirror warp in front of them and they were warped to the door,still inside the treasure room.
He charged his sword using metal and electric aura and preparing for a charge blast.The side blades were slightly shifted away from the central blade,created an opening.The positrons,photons,protons,electrons,neutrons and neutrinos were filling the opening.When they reached the tip,he shot the charged blast towards them.
The charged blast hit them and they were turned into dusts.
“The chosen one…please go to the altar.”The angel told Syrfan.He went to the altar and he was teleported nowhere.When he realized that,he found out that he is in an alternate dimension.
“The chosen one…the destiny is yours…”A sound appeared from nowhere.
“You have collected the destiny and fate’s compass and light sphere.There are two more items for you to collect before you were allowed to attempt the holy trial.”
“What are they?What is the holy trial?”Syrfan wondered what was the person talking about.
“I cannot tell you.You must find them on your own.That is the thing that makes you the chosen one.Good luck.”The sound faded and he was teleported back to the altar.He took the compass and the light sphere.
“So,what is your plan?You won’t need to guard this place anymore.”Tefler asked the angel and the man in dark cape.
“I will stay with him.Well,I forget to introduce myself.My name is Tylane Emigur,the guardian angel of this ruin.He is..”Tylane answered him but suddenly he removed his cape.
“My name is Estau Garcias.Pleased to meet you.”Estau introduced himself.
“Estau Garcias,the exiled king of Lestreb…am I correct?”Syrfan asked him.
“Yes,currently the new king wants to take the four holy items to get the holy weapon.He sent an explorer team to here three months ago.Oddly,they haven’t arrived at here yet.”He replied.
“They must be at here somewhere.I can feel their presence.”Clair sensed the team Estau mentioned.
Suddenly,a gunner,a knight and a mage went into the treasure room.
“What?Your highness,are you safe?”They ran towards him and asked for his condition.The trio shocked when they did not harm them.
“They were secret rebels in Lestreb who were loyal to me.”Estau explained to them.
“So,the Estau rebel pact does exist?I heard some rumors that Oszer and Zyland government secretly fund them.”Clair asked a gunner.
“Yes,your father is one of our commanders.Lord Wirt is involved in this pact too.Well,my name is Harry Jones,the knight is called Brytef Dopir,and the mage is Skatlm Gharit.”Harry introduced himself and his teammates.
“Well,well,where is the light sphere?”Several thieves suddenly appeared before them.
Brytef launched a slash wave towards them and they were hit and hurt badly.They were tied together and put in a prison cast by Skatlm.
“I think better we go out from here.”Syrfan called them to go outside.After thew went back outside,they were welcomed by the officials.
“Good job.The treasure finally is in the rightful hands.Thank you very much.”Hercan thanked them for the help.
“We’ll meet again.”Estau and his companions left the ruin.The trio left the ruins shortly afterwards.
“So,where are we going?”Clair asked Syrfan.
“We are going to Norch.We need to repair our equipments there.At least the weaponsmiths there were honest.”Syrfan answered her.
They will have a break afterwards…


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