Route of Land(Path 32-The Night Outside Norch)

After two days of traveling,at night,they arrived at Norch,but the gates were locked.Syrfan went to the west gate to ask the guards.
“Why the gates were locked down?”Syrfan asked a guard.
“Well,no one is allowed to enter or leave this city at 2200-0800.If you want to have some rest,I suggest that you go to the Fliuin lake 1 kilometer north west from here.”The guard answered him.
“Thanks.”Syrfan leaved there.
“So,where are we going?Is it the lake over there?”Tefler asked him.
“Yes.Let’s have a rest there.”Syrfan answered him.They went to the lake and had a rest there.
“Hey,there is no one at here?”Clair shocked.
“This place is unpopular among the travelers.Usually they will go to Uraf to get some rest.But it is good that only the three of us are here.”Syrfan explained to her.
“If this is it,let’s get some shower!”Clair jumped into the lake and had shower there.Tefler and Syrfan went away from there and rested under a tree near there.
“Hey,are you a lone ranger?”Tefler asked Syrfan.
“Not really.I always join team missions with my friends.”Syrfan replied him.
“Yeah,I forget that.I know about your girlfriend too.She was one of our enemies in the past,but since the formation of the Oszer union,she is no longer our enemy.”Tefler added.
“You are right.Although I adviced her to not interfere the Oszer clan wars,but she insisted to assist our royal intelligence clan.”Syrfan agreed with him.
“How can you having romantic relationship with her when you are separated from her?”He asked Tefler.
“Since that I am guarding the Zyland-Oszer borders,I get the newest information from her using the sound portal spell.Sometimes I had a chat with her.That is how we retain our relationship.”Tefler answered him.
The night was so calm and the stars were everywhere.Suddenly,Clair appeared in front of them.
“Go get your shower or don’t sleep with me tonight!”Clair shouted at Tefler.He and Syrfan quickly went to the lake and had shower there.
“The stars are so beautiful…I hoped that Tefler will enjoy it with me.”Clair looked at the starry sky.10 minutes later,they went back to the tree.
“I’ll leave you two here.I’ll have my weapon maintainence at the lake.Enjoy your private time.”Syrfan told Tefler and Clair and went to the lake again.
“I wondered if we really need to help him to the end.Can’t we have our marriage earlier?”Tefler asked Clair.
“I know that he has to face the final challenge alone.But he cannot make it to there without us.In fact,you promised to me that you’ll take me to Lestreb.Don’t forget that.”Clair pointed her finger towards his neck.
“Allright.You win.Let’s get some sleep.”Tefler agreed with her and slept there.
“That dude…he always been like this…”Clair hugged him from his back and slept beside him.
At the lake,
“These weapons require hydration.Better soak them in the lake water or they will lose water aura.”Syrfan dropped them into the lake and slept there.
The next morning will be a disaster…


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