Route of Land(Path 33-The Hard Fight)

0830 next morning,they were awakened.Syrfan took the weapons from the lake and went towards Clair and Syrfan.
“Hey,you two!We have work to to,so wake up now!”Syrfan woke them up.
“All right,let’s go!”Tefler and Clair woke up.
They walked to the west gate of Norch and suddenly a guard ran towards them.He seemed begging for their help.
“Please help us.The city is under attack by a witch!Even the fighters from the Syn village fighting competition were unable to defend themselves.”The guard asked for their help.
“We’ll take care of that monster!”Syrfan agreed to help.The trio rushed straight to a fountain and found out that Astranaf and Xigas were battling a witch.
“Fire ignalial!”Astranaf cast the spell on the witch.
“Hydro plate!”The witch cast the spell on her foot and cancelled his spell.She quickly cast ice plate on their foot but quickly cancelled by Xigas’ vapor spell.Then,she cast meteor on them but Tefler quickly cast targeting confusion on the meteors and they were directed towards the sky instead.
“Phantom slash!”Clair cast the spell on the witch.A scythe rose from the ground and slashed her.But she was unharmed at all.Syrfan charged his sword using holy aura and threw it towards her.She stopped the attack using the stop spell but it was cancelled when Xigas kicked the sword and it pierced through his body.
“Burning wound!”Astranaf cast the spell and her wound was on fire.Yet,she healed herself.She even cast trinity strike ray on them.Syrfan blocked them using his wave shield spell.Then,Clair shot some positron beams using her wand.The witch avoided the shot and rushed to the front to slash Syrfan using her ruby laser saber.Tefler charged his fists with laser and punched through the saber.It broke and the witch jumped away from them.Tefler rushed towards her but he was unable to move closer.He punched a laser wave on her but still did her no harm.Tefler was kicked back instead.
“Yin yang nova slash wave!”Astranaf and Xigas launched the attack on her.Tefler and Clair launched a similar attack,steam nova slash wave.Syrfan charged his sword and launched the earth hawk attack.The attacks hit her and she was hurt badly.She teleported herself away.
Yet,the threat was not over yet.A magician appeared in front of them and cast darkness storm on them.Xigas cancelled the spell using holy storm.Astranaf charged his sword with sun aura and stabbed it on the ground.The magician was burned by the sun glow but he was unharmed.He cast star ignalial on Clair but she jumped directly above him and he was hit instead.The star,however pierced through his body and went towards her.Tefler reacted quickly and kicked it away.
The magician quickly cast ocean rush but it was cancelled by the dry spell cast by Syrfan.Then,he cast electrical disrupt on them.The spell works by making the nervous system in the target’s body malfunction.Clair quickly cast normalize on them to cancel the spell.
“Those people…they are so persistent…”The magician started became exahausted.He rushed forward,took out his halberd and slashed them.They were hurt badly.The magician charged his dark aura and a huge dark ball formed above him.
“Magma ignalial!”Suddenly Nicole cast the spell on him from a hidden spot.Magma rose from his feet and his spell was cancelled.
“Nicole,is that you?”Astranaf asked her.But,she ignored him and cast fire tower on the magician.He quickly cancelled it using hydro plate.Syrfan and Tefler quickly charged their swords using electrical aura and shot electrical pulses on him.He was electrocuted and fainted.He was teleported away from there.
Nicole shown herself up and went towards Astranaf.
“Well,I have something to ask you.”Nicole told him.
“So,what is it?”He answered Nicole coldly.
“What do you meant by this,you scum?”Nicole shown him a letter written using magic.The content was like this:
Dear Nicole,
Sicnce the last time I fought you,I felt that you are lovely,cute,and mature.I felt like in the heaven when I’m with you.If you wished to see me again,go to Norch.I’ll wait for you at the central fountain.
Astranaf Legrab.
“Yeah,I almost forgot.Come with me.”Astranaf held her hand and dragged her to the east.Xigas followed him.
“I think it is better we continue with our works here.I know some weaponsmith shops which I usually visit.We’ll go there and have our equipments fixed.”Syrfan told Tefler and Clair.They went to the west to find the shops.
They will have to stay there for quite a long time…


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