Route of Land(Path 34-Repairs)

The town is very odd.Every building is separated and it looks like a paddy field except for the fountain located at the center of the city.
After they arrived at a weapon shop,they went inside.
“This is it,our first stop.Kubrick armory.”Syrfan told Tefler and Clair.
“Hey,long time no see!What brings you here?”A shopkeeper greeted him.
“Remove your armor please.”Syrfan made a request to them while removing his armor.They removed their armor and Syrfan handed it to the shopkeeper.
“Standard fix or what?”The shopkeeper asked him.
“Military fix,please.”Syrfan answered.
“OK.Take them by tomorrow morning.”The shopkeeper told him.They left the shop and went north.
“Is that mean we have to stay here tonight?”Tefler asked Syrfan.
“Yes,I have a house at here.”He answered.
A few minutes later,they arrived at another shop.
“This is the next one.Fowan’s weapon shop.”Syrfan told them and they went into the shop.
“So,is there any weapons for me to fix?”Another shopkeeper asked him.
“Take out your weapons please.”Syrfan requested them again.The weapons were took out and handed to the shopkeeper.
“Is there any special requests?”He added.
“Fix everything including the shafts.”Syrfan answered him.
“Yes.We’ll have them fixed by tomorrow.”The shopkeeper added again.They leaved the shop and went west.
“Hey,how suppose we defend ourselves then?”Clair asked Syrfan.
“I have some good equipments stored in my house.We can use them afterwards.”Syrfan answered her.
7 minutes later,they arrived at an old warehouse.
“This is the last one.Cefine’s fighting center.”Syrfan told them.
They went inside and have their bodies checked.Tefler and Clair was shocked by the result of the check.
“What?I have excess aura traces?”Tefler asked Syrfan.
“Don’t tell me you don’t discharge your internal aura regularly.”Syrfan teased him.
“Teach me how to do this afterwards.”Tefler told him.
“Well,I’m worse than you.I have energy flow imbalance within my body.”Clair grumbled on Tefler.
“This condition usually happens on the fighters who used up physical strength or magic too much.It can’t be helped.”Syrfan told Clair.
They went to Syrfan’s home and have some rest there.Tefler had his internal aura discharged.Then,they had lunch and had a nap.
They won’t be able to rest long anyway…


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