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Route of Land(Path 79-Alert)

December 28, 2008

When they went back to the village, they found out that Federei and Gopler were wandering around the south gate.
“We have a severe problem. I know you have to continue your mission but only you can help us.” Gopler ran towards Syrfan and told him.
“Let’s talk inside.” Syrfan agreed with him and they went to Jagaf’s house.
“The capital now is in danger. A demon claimed to be a minion of demon lord called Balser Uran, a human who sided the demons raided the capital and now 25% of our defensive forces were destroyed. We still need to guard this village so we can only send you there to fight him. Please help us.” Federei told them.
“So, where are Shefan and the others?” Fie asked Gopler.
“They are now patrolling around Zetil village. They cannot go anywhere because of their duty too.” Gopler answered her.
“I’m sure that he wants to lure us out. If they go there he will attack us and we will be doomed.” Clair told everyone.
“Then, let’s fight him!” Tefler shouted at everyone. They were teleported to Mélé, the capital of Hafnal. It has four sectors, separated by four main roads and the castle is located at the center. Balser was attacking the south gate.
“So, you’ve finally arrived here, huh? Prepare for your demise!” Blaser charged himself with evil aura and launched evil meteor on them. They quickly charged themselves with saint aura and cast saint’s cross on him. Both spells cancelled each other and caused an explosion, rendering them blinded. Syrfan and Fie quickly charged their murazrai saint swords and launched wave slash attack on him. He turned into dusts but soon, a dark portal appeared in the sky.
“You think you’ve won? Think again.” He appeared again in the sky. They were shocked that he was still alive.
“The one you’ve killed is just a clone of me.” He taunted them. He charged himself with bolt aura and launched paralyzing strike on Syrfan. Syrfan blocked it using the wall spell. He cast flash on himself and rushed towards Syrfan. Tefler quickly charged his boomerang with flame aura and kicked it towards him. He was burned but the he quickly extinguished the flames.
“This is bad.” He retreated to the sky and sealed himself in a box shaped magical seal.
“The murinzran seal. This is our chance.” Syrfan charged himself with saint aura and cast saint murinzran on him. The magical seal was replaced by the saint element magic circles. Then, Syrfan charged himself with saint and thunder (upgraded version of bolt) aura and cast thunder murinzran strike on him. Lots of thunder struck through the magic circles and he was turned into dusts. Another dark portal appeared in the sky. Clair quickly charged her rod with saint aura and launched a laser beam through it.
“You…bastard….” His original body was destroyed.
“Now we are safe.” Tefler told everyone.
“Good job. The king wants to see you so please come with me.” Dominick Wefion, the division leader (equivalent to the prime minister in Earth) of Hafnal told them.
They will have another errand to run….


Route of Land(Path 78-The Test Part Two)

December 27, 2008

They arrived at the outside of the holy room and they were blocked by Marco Bridt, another guardian angel of the temple.
“So, the guardian below was defeated. Now, fight me before you enter here!” Marco told Syrfan. He charged his sword and prepared for an attack but suddenly a dark portal appeared and Quzant, a hollow which is another minion of demon lord assaulted him.
“Damn…” Marco fainted.
“What is this?” Tefler and Clair were shocked of the attack just now.
“It is a hollow. It has no body and it is a materialized soul.” Fie answered them.
“Take this!” Syrfan charged his sword with bolt aura and launched wave slash attack on him. He was pushed back to the door but he was unharmed. Fie quickly cast bolt astraea on him but he was still sustain zero damage. He quickly charged himself with flame aura and cast burning pyramid on them. A pyramid formed around them and burned them. Tefler and Clair quickly cast ocean rush to protect them but oddly, the water submerged them but not filling the pyramid and it was still burning.
“Cancel the spell.” Syrfan ordered them.
“What?” Tefler wondered why he gave such orders.
“This spell will suffocate us. I know how to deal with this.” Fie explained to him. They agreed and cancelled the spell. Fie quickly cast extinguish spell on the pyramid and the pyramid was shattered.
“She is very smart. I must kill her first.” He charged himself with wind aura and cast octahedral cyclone prison but Fie cancelled them using the freed spell. Cyclones formed on the ground and threw them to the ceiling.
“How he can figure this out?” Fie became anxious. Syrfan cast space on the cyclones and they were disappeared. Tefler quickly took out his boomerang, charged it with frost aura and threw it towards him. He quickly charged himself with fire aura and punched at the boomerang. The ice aura flowed through his “body” and turned into water aura.
“Bolt astraea!” Fie and Clair cast the spell on him. He was electrocuted and vanished.
“Thanks for saving me. Please proceed to the room.” Marco healed himself and rest aside.
“I’ll go inside alone.” Syrfan told the others and went to the room. Then, he was teleported to the realm of saint.
“The third holy item is yours now. Collect the fourth one before you attempt the holy trial.” The same mysterious sound appeared again. Syrfan was teleported back to the room. The bright glow was faded and a box emitting holy aura was floating at the center. Syrfan took it and keep it in the sack.
“This is the Ladrefin(god of storage)’s box. Keep it well.” The mysterious sound told him and it faded. They were teleported to the temple’s entrance. The previously shut door was opened again.
“Your job at here is done. You should go and see the king. He has something to tell you.” Jagaf told them. Suddenly, Orefel and Marco appeared in front of them.
“Our job at here is done. Good luck in your mission.” Orefel told them.
“You are not going anywhere. Our village wants to hire you two as a tourist guide for the temple. I will take care of everything. Will you consider it?” Jagaf asked them.
“Yes.” They answered him.
“Let’s go back to the village. We need to check if there is anyone of the enemies ambushed the village.” Fie told everyone. They quickly went to the village.
They will have an emergency which they cannot avoid….

Route of Land(Path 77-The Test Part One)

December 26, 2008

The next morning, Syrfan woke up and started discharging his internal aura. After he finished, suddenly an explosion occurred at the village outskirts and woke up the others.
“We must investigate this. We must wake them up.” Syrfan told them and they rushed quickly to the north gate.
“This will wake them up.” Tefler charged his boomerang with aqua aura and threw it towards the ground. It spun along the z-axis and became like a sprinkler. Shefan, Ilfey, Federei, Gopler and Narpif woke up by the water from the boomerang.
“There is an explosion at the village outskirts. I suggest that you send some knights first to check. It could be a trap.” Syrfan told them.
“I understand. The temple is located 200 meters south from this village. Please go with Jagaf.” Federei told them.
“He is waiting for you at the temple’s entrance. Please go there quickly. You must get the holy item before anyone else laid hands on it.” Gopler told them. They quickly rushed to the temple.
“Why you teleport him to the temple without informing me?” Federei scolded him.
“He requested that earlier. I had to obey no matter what.” Gopler answered her.
30 seconds later, they arrived at the temple. The temple has six floors, and it is shaped like a pagoda.
“So, you have arrived here. Some knights will guard here soon. Good luck.” Jagaf told them. They walked to the sealed door and inserted the holy crosses into the slots. The door opened and they went inside. Then, the door shut again.
“Go upstairs. We will protect you.” The same mysterious sound appeared again.
“We will complete the mission.” Syrfan answered it. They went towards the treasure room but they were blocked by Orefel Lorcé, a guardian angel guarding the ruin at the third floor.
“Prove to me that you are the chosen one.” Orefel ordered them. Syrfan handed the holy items to her.
“Now, battle with me to show your strength!” Orefel formed a barrier and trapped her and Syrfan. The others were pushed away by the barrier. Then, Orefel started her attack by charging herself with saint aura and cast saint arrow strike on him. Lots of saint arrows were launched towards him. Syrfan blocked them using his sword. Orefel quickly rushed towards him and punched Syrfan’s sword. His sword was shattered but he quickly launched the debris towards Orefel and kicked her body. She was injured and pushed back to the barrier.
“This is impossible.” Orefel charged himself with saint aura and launched several punch waves on Syrfan.
“Etarfyl(god of fists)’s punch strike? Looks like she is serious this time.” Syrfan charged his fists with oracle(upgraded version of yin yang element) and launched Yi(god of oracle)’s punch strike. Both strikes cancelled each other. Syrfan remained calm but Orefel became anxious.
“That is impossible! Aren’t that only the inhabitants of the Heaven and saint realms can use it?” Orefel took out her sword. Unlike ordinary swords, it has lots of fragments. She switched his sword from sword mode into omni mode. The fragments were separated and float in the air but the central blade was still attached to the hilt.
“The psuart sword…I must be careful.” Syrfan charged his sword with bolt aura and launched the central blade in remote control mode. Orefel launched the fragments towards him. Syrfan quickly launched the central blade to defend himself. Orefel quickly rushed towards him but she was thrown towards the blade fragments by Syrfan’s wall spell. She was injured and the barrier was shattered into pieces.
“Great. You are indeed the chosen one. Please proceed to the top.” Orefel restored her sword and healed herself. They proceed upwards.
They will face another test….

Route of Land(Path 76-Night Raid)

December 25, 2008

While Syrfan and the others were sleeping, Gopler and Federei were having chatters with Shefan and his assistant, Ilfey Crifel. The night is full with stars, with the moon was visible in the cloudy skies. Lefrad’s moon is 16 times smaller compared to Lefrad.
“So, why you fight them at the first place?” Shefan asked Gopler.
“I want to show to her that what she doing is wrong, but now she shown to me that I am wrong. I’ll fight with her from now on.” Gopler told him.
“Are you his….” Federei asked Ilfey but Gopler quickly shut his mouth.
“She just speaks nonsense. Ignore her.” Gopler told her.
“It’s OK. We are in a serious relationship now.” Shefan told them.
“The head of heritage division is coming! His aura is 10 times more concentrated than before.” Gopler warned everyone. They quickly rushed to the village’s north-east gate.
“Satanic claws!” Blokal Derrick, the head of heritage division was wreaking havoc there and killed a few royal knights guarding there.
“Stop there, traitor!” Gopler charged his sword lance with saint aura and launched a ring shaped slash wave on him.
“How dare you betray me?” Blokal took out his sword and launched a slash wave too. They both cancelled each other. Gopler rushed towards him and launched a wave slash attack on him. He was pushed back but he was slightly injured. He quickly charged himself with aqua aura and cast submerge on Gopler but was quickly cancelled by his dry spell.
“Looks like he become more powerful now.” Blokal took out his sword, charged it with bolt aura and launched several ground bolt pulses. Gopler jumped and tried to slash him but he quickly launched another bolt pulse on Gopler back. Federei quickly jumped and blocked the pulses. Shefan and Ilfey charged their rods with earth aura and cast earth press on him. A hill shaped rock appeared above him. He quickly dashed backwards and the bolt pulse attack was stopped.
“The third prince is there…I must retreat for now.” Blokal teleported himself away.
“Where are your elder brothers?” Federei asked Shefan.
“They betrayed my father and joined forces with them. I must teach them a lesson.” Shefan answered her.
“Why they want to betray the king?” Gopler asked him.
“Their reasons are quite similar to yours. They want to prove to my father that he is wrong.” Shefan answered him with a lower tone.
“Be careful. There is another enemy around here.” Federei sensed someone nearby.
“There.” Ilfey charged her rod and launched laser strike on the enemy. Then, he showed himself.
“Hey! I’m at your side!” Narpif Xolnad, the royal general of Hafnal yelled at her.
“Isn’t that you are supposed to guard the palace?” Shefan asked him.
“He sealed himself using a magical spell which can be unlocked by himself only.” Narpif answered him.
“Well, let’s have a sleep. They will not attack here until tomorrow.” Shefan told everyone and they had sleep near the north gate.
Tomorrow morning will be another fight….

Route of Land(Path 75-The Mission’s Briefing Third Message)

December 24, 2008

Arton village has eight gates, four at the sides and four at the corners. The area is divided by twelve sectors by twelve roads intersected at the center like a clock. There is no building at the center. The chief’s house is located at 3 o’clock area, between the 12 o’clock road and 1 o’clock road.
After 10 minutes, they arrived at the village’s east gate. Jagaf and the knights welcomed them.
“So, the chosen one and his friends, please come to my house. Others guard the village!” Jagaf ordered them. Syrfan and the others followed Jagaf to his house while Federei, Gopler and the knights were patrolling the village.
“My name is Syrfan Sigmeund, the royal captain of the Zyland kingdom and the chosen one for the holy weapon.” Syrfan introduced himself to Jagaf.
“Good. Now, I have something to tell you. First, the temple’s door is sealed by a door which has two cross shaped holes. You need them to unlock the door. Yet, the door will stay open so be careful if we sent you warning signal.” Jagaf told him.
“The threat is not over yet?” Tefler asked him.
“They will come back and assault us. They are the division leaders who blindly loyal to the kingdom so they will try to stop you no matter what. I know that we will be unable to defend them this time. Yet, the holy item must not fall into their hands or they will exploit its power. We’ll talk more inside.” Jagaf answered him and they arrived at his house. Suddenly Federei and Gopler rushed towards them.
“Everyone, the head of royal affairs division wants to see you.” Gopler told them.
“He offered to help us.” Federei told them. They quickly rushed to the north gate.
“Well, the chosen one is there. Show your proof.” Shefan Zekag, the head of royal affairs division and the king’s youngest prince told Syrfan.
“Here it is.” Syrfan shown the compass to him and he convinced that Syrfan is the chosen one.
“Good. From now on, our troops will patrol your village and you all can rest for now. I’m sure that you are expending your stamina and spiritual energy.” Shefan told the knights.
“My name is Syrfan Sigmeund, a royal captain from Zyland.” Syrfan introduced himself.
“Good. Now, you should continue your briefing with the village chief. I’ll guard here.” Shefan started his patrolling job. They went inside Jagaf’s house again.
“Secondly, two explorers explored the temple before and drew this map for us. Take it and use it wisely.” Jagaf handed the map to Syrfan.
“Who are the explorers?” Gopler asked Jagaf.
“They are your real parents. They gave you birth here and left you to your step parents. I’m sure that they hiding the fact from you.” Jagaf answered him with a lower tone.
“Looks like my assumption is correct. My powers are totally different with my friends.” Gopler told him.
“Third, there are demons in the temple. They cannot go inside the holy room, where the holy item is stored. But they will do anything to stop you. Be careful and good luck.” Jagaf went to his room and slept there.
“Well, we’ll sleep at the center. Good night.” Syrfan and the others went to the center and slept there using the sleep and space spells.
They will start the next mission soon, but not before the others have some battle….

Route of Land(Path 74-Long Range Battle 1)

December 23, 2008

Syrfan drew a magic circle on the ground and sat on it.
“Are you sure to do this?” Federei asked him.
“Yes. I need the coordinates to prevent civilian damage.” Syrfan answered her and started charging bolt aura around him.
“Do as he instructed.” Federei instructed the soldier. The soldier quickly gave the coordinates to Syrfan using the mind connection spell.
“Bolt strike!” Syrfan cast the spell and lots of bolt pulses were launched from the sky.
At the meantime,
“At the order of the heritage division, we demand you to give access to us or we will destroy your village!” A gunner shouted at Jagaf Efow, the chief of Arton village.
“We will not obey your orders. We accept only orders from the king himself!” Jagaf shouted at him. Then, the elite soldiers and the knights of the task force battled against each other. Suddenly, the elite soldiers were quickly defeated, one by one by the bolt pulses launched by Syrfan.
“You win this time. Next time, you will lose!” The gunner retreated.
“Looks like the chosen one has arrived.” Jagaf mumbled to himself.
“Back to Zetil village, Syrfan discharged the aura and cleared the magic circle after the elite troops were wiped out.
“This will keep them busy. Better go there and have some nice rest before we take the next holy item. They will not attack again, right?” Tefler told everyone.
“That is impossible. They will launch another assault shortly afterwards. Yet, we must go there at once to help the knights.” Syrfan told everyone. They agreed and quickly rushed towards Arton village. While they were rushing to the village,
“Why you don’t ask help from us?” Clair asked Federei.
“We don’t want to involve other countries in this problem. In fact, the external affairs division took neutral position since our task force was established.” Federei answered her.
“The opposing forces were gathering in front of us. We must launch long range attacks from here.” Fie told everyone after looking at her crystal ball.
“Then, let’s fight them!” Tefler took out his gun and cast infinite shot on the gun and sniper sight on himself. Then, he started shooting at the enemies. The soldiers were felling one by one.
“Long range attack, huh? I’ll do it too!” Clair took out his sword and charged it with acid and aqua aura. Then, she cast acid rain on the enemies.
“Looks like I’ll have to use another way. Fie, will you join me?” Syrfan took out his dual cannons and attached them on his shoulders.
“Yes.” Fie took out her dual cannons and attached them on her shoulders too.
“Let’s do it together.” Federei and Gopler took out her swords and attached to their shoulders. They charged their weapons on their shoulder with flame and earth auras. Next, they launched cluster flaming balls on the enemies. Lots of burning balls were launched and it broke into piercing fire rock bullets. The enemies were wiped out quickly.
Suddenly, a sound portal appeared in front of them.
“Federei, please report in.” Jagaf told her.
“Yes.” Federei answered her.
“The enemies were eliminated. Please come to us right now.” Jagaf gave an order.
“Hey, we have to move fast. The village chief wants to see us now.” Federei told them.
“Let’s go.” Syrfan told everyone. They quickly rushed to Arton village.
They will receive an unpleasant surprise….

Route of land(Path 73-The Second Intermission)

December 22, 2008

Zetil village has no gates, and the houses were scattered everywhere. Yet, there is a multi-purpose hall at the center. They were brought there by the knight.
“I cannot understand why he did this to you. I’ve already explained to him lots of times and he still won’t listen to me.” She mumbled to himself while healing Gopler.
“I got some rumors about the third holy item is stored in the saint temple of Arton village. Is that correct? Tefler asked her.
“Yes.” She answered.
“Oh…I forget to introduce myself. My name is Federei Asdren, the head of international affairs division of Hafnal kingdom and the leader of the “saint guard” royal task force.” Federei introduced herself.
“My name is Syrfan Sigmeund, a royal captain of Zyland kingdom.” Syrfan introduced himself.
“My name is Fie Sephin, the royal astrology advisor and fortune teller of Zyland kingdom.” Fie introduced herself too.
“My name is Tefler Zargaso, the leader of Oszer union.” Tefler introduced himself.
“My name is…” Clair wanted to introduce herself but Syrfan quickly stopped her after looking at Federei.
“Sorry, I forgot that you are…” Federei knelt down but Clair quickly held her hand and pulled her up.
“Put away the formalities for now. We are now on your command.” Clair told her.
“So, what is this task force?” Syrfan asked her.
“Our kingdom set up this royal task force to protect you from people like him.” She answered Syrfan and pointed at Gopler.
“The king set up this royal task force himself and some of the division leaders secretly create their own task forces and attempted to destroy you. They claimed that the treasure of the temple is the property of Hafnal kingdom and it should never fall to the hands of foreigners. I feel pity of them because they were tricked and threatened by them.” She added. Then, she cried.
“I know how to deal with this. I endured this before.” Syrfan told her and woke Gopler up.
“Hey, you! I will not allow…” Gopler shouted at Syrfan but he was slapped instead.
“Treasure of Hafnal? The king himself never claims this!” Syrfan shouted at him.
“You don’t know that the temple is our only source of income. Once you take the treasure, there will be no…” Gopler told Syrfan but Federei grabbed him.
“We can survive through fishing. I know I’ll be unemployed after I finished this job and you want to…but remember during the childhood times, we are considered the master fishermen?” Federei hugged him.
“The control measures to protect fishes were strictening…I doubt if we can…” Gopler cried.
“Remember the cultivation technique you studied yourself long time ago? The agriculture division took credit for you and will publicize the technique for everyone under your name next week.” Federei calmed him.
“Oh yeah? I’ll listen to you again.” He pushed her away.
“Sorry.” Gopler told everyone.
“You must go to the temple at once. I know you are exhausted after crossing the straits but…” Federei told them but Tefler interrupted her.
“The interrupting forces must have duplicated the holy items and went to the temple to take the holy item. Perhaps the villagers…” Tefler made an assumption but suddenly he stopped when a sound portal appeared.
“We are under attack! They brought the elite troops to make an assault!” A solider reported to Federei.
“I know what to do.” Syrfan drew a magic circle and started to focus his mind.
This will be Syrfan’s first long range battle…

Route of Land(Path 72-Time Attack)

December 21, 2008

At 1859, the sea level started to drop down.
“Wear the mach boots and get the spells ready. We must cross the strait in one try.” Syrfan called everyone. They wore the boots and cast dash, sprint, flash and restless spells and rushed through the seabed.
At the meantime,
“It’s time to start my operation. They must not reach the Zetil beach.” Someone was observing them from there. The person quickly rushed to the seabed too.
When they were 100 meters away from Zetil and 10 minutes before the sea rose again, they were blocked by a spearman.
“You are not welcomed at Hafnal. My name is Gopler Crafud. I’ve been monitoring you since morning and I found out that you want to cross here. Walk over my dead body if you want to go there.” Gopler shown himself up and took out his double-tip sword lance.
“This is very dangerous. Stay back, folks. This kind of weapon can blow us away like a tornado.” Syrfan warned them. Fie, Tefler and Clair walked backwards for a few steps.
“You think that this will help them?” Gopler asked Syrfan.
“I am the one who lead them. They are not involved with this. Let’s fight fair and square.” Syrfan challenged him.
“You will lose.” Gopler spun his lance and launched a wheel shaped slash wave on Syrfan. Syrfan strafed to the right to avoid it.
“He is definitely strong. Such a powerful slash waves from such a heavy weapon. He is no simple fighter.” Syrfan became cautious. He charged his sword with bolt aura and stabbed it on the ground. Bolt pulses rose from the ground and electrocuted Gopler.
“Damn…I forgot that he is not from Hafnal or Oszer…” Gopler healed himself. He charged himself with earth aura and cast sinking ground on Syrfan. He jumped and stepped on Gopler’s head. Gopler was sinked instead. Gopler quickly cancelled the spell and Syrfan jumped back to his initial position. Gopler charged himself with metal aura and launched lots of metal blades. Syrfan quickly blocked them using the wall spell.
“I have 3 minutes left. Better kill him right now.” Gopler charged the lance with metal aura and threw it towards Syrfan. Syrfan charged his feet with metal aura and kicked it. The lance were broke into two swords. Syrfan took them and reform the lance.
“You know nothing about this weapon.” Syrfan told Gopler.
“You are just an outsider!” Gopler took out his spear and rushed towards Syrfan. He quickly charged the lance with bolt aura and shot bolt pulses on Gopler. Gopler avoided the pulses and attempted to slash him but he quickly threw the lance and its pole hit Gopler. He was thrown to the beach and they quickly rushed there.
“My mission is failed. Forgive me…” Gopler was fainted. Then, suddenly a knight came towards them. She was shocked with Gopler’s condition.
“Did he fight you just now?” She asked Syrfan.
“Yes. He stopped us from crossing the seabed and forced us to fight him.” Syrfan explained to her.
“Let’s go to the Zetil village. We have important things to tell you. Take him along too.” She ordered them. They carried Gopler to the village.
They will receive another briefing…

Route of Land(Path 71-Striking Blows)

December 20, 2008

“Ophimic dragon fist!” Ilman cast the spell on his fists and punched a dragon blow on Syrfan. Syrfan charged his sword with dragon aura and launched sinedra sword strike to defend himself. Both attacks cancelled each other.
“This is unbelievable. Is he a demon?” Ilman shocked that his attack was cancelled.
“Don’t ever underestimate me!” Syrfan told Ilman. Ilman took out his sword and charged it with bolt aura. Syrfan charged his sword with earth aura. They stood in an attacking stance and stared each other.
“Bolt cage!” Ilman cast the spell on Syrfan. Syrfan was prisoned in a bolt cage. Ilman cast internal pulse strike on the cage. Lots of bolt pulses were launched towards Syrfan.
“What an inconsiderate move.” Syrfan cast transpose on himself. The bolt pulses hit Syrfan but Ilman was electrocuted. Ilman cancelled the spells and freed Syrfan. Syrfan charged his sword with earth aura and stabbed his sword to the ground. Rock pillars rose from the ground surrounding him. Ilman charged his sword with wind aura, rushed towards Syrfan and launched wave slash attack oh him. He quickly charged his fists with wind aura and punched towards Ilman. Both attacks crushed some rock pillars and cancelled each other. Syrfan quickly launched the debris towards Ilman. He was injured and pushed backwards.
“What the?” Ilman shocked with his fighting abilities.
“As I already said, don’t ever underestimate us.” Syrfan told Ilman.
“You should never underestimate me too.” Ilman charged himself with sun and moon auras.
“Damn!” Syrfan charged himself with holy and dark auras. They stood in a shooting stance. Their charged auras were concentrated at their palms.
“Sun eclipse light blast!” Ilman shot the blast.
“Yin yang light blast!” Syrfan shot the blast too. Both blasts cancelled each other. They were exhausted. Syrfan quickly charged his sword with frost aura and stabbed it to the ground. Ice shards were launched from his back and stabbed him. He was fainted and Syrfan won the battle.
“Good skill, fighter.” Syrfan healed him and told him.
“Looks like you are very skillful.” Ilman praised Syrfan and gave him three sea knight swords.
“Find a steel trident and combine them. It will form the sea general trident. It will help a lot when you are in Hafnal then.” Ilman told him. Syrfan thanked him and they left the warehouse.
“Steel tridents are no longer used now. How should we find it?” Tefler asked them while going to the central statue.
“I think that it is not the steel trident. It is the sea master trident. I feel that I will not use them at all.” Syrfan told him.
“Then, let’s go and wait at the docks!” Tefler shouted at everyone. Then, they went to dock no.10 and waited there.
They will not expect that they will face another threat…

Route of Land(Path 70-Last, But Not Least)

December 19, 2008

“The third fighter from each team, please go into the arena now.” Ilman called both teams.
“Fie, you go.” Syrfan called her.
“Gyfen, go.” Ofdig called Gyfen Erinhus, an aura master. They went into the arena.
“The third battle begins!” Ilman announced the start of the battle.
“Sylphonic cyclone!” Gyfen started her attack.
“Aura capture!” Fie cancelled the spell and the wind aura was concentrated in her sword. Gyfen quickly further charge the wind aura and made it blew Fie away.
“She can control aura with ease…I cannot use spells.” Fie thought a strategy.
“Wind blade!” Gyfen cast the spell and the sword launches several wind slash waves on her. Fie kicked them away and they went back towards Gyfen. She blocked them with Fie’s sword but it shattered.
“Dust ball!” Gyfen cast the spell. A concrete block was taken from the ground and it made a hole there. Then, it was crushed into dusts and the dusts formed a dust ball. The pressure applied to it was very high and it looked like a rock. Gyfen launched it towards Fie.
“I must not kick it or I’ll be injured.” Fie avoided it but it directed towards her again. The she rushed towards Gyfen and kicked her. She was pushed 10 centimeters. After that, Fie ran through her using dimensional change spell. The dust ball hit her and she was injured.
“She knows my tricks. I must be careful.” Gyfen took out her dual laser cannons and attached them on her shoulder. She charged them and launched them towards the barrier.
“She is dead meat.” Ofdig mumbled to himself. The barrier turned yellowish orange in color and it launched lots of lasers on her.
“This is committing suicide.” Fie cast laser barrier plus reflector on herself and the lasers were reflected. Yet, the lasers were still hitting her.
“These lasers are homing lasers. Let’s see how long you can withstand this.” Gyfen taunted her. After 30 seconds, the attack ended and Fie removed her shield.
“That is impossible!” Gyfen shocked that Fie was unharmed.
“I’ll show you how to use them.” Fie took out her dual cannons and attached them on her shoulder. She charged them with positrons and sun aura. Then, she launched dual sun blast. Gyfen charged them and launched dual laser blast to retaliate but the sun blast penetrated through and blew her away. She hit the barrier and fainted. Fie won the battle.
“Where you get that weapon?” Tefler asked Fie.
“She got it as her 21st birthday present.” Syrfan told Tefler.
“Looks like this is your team’s first loss.” Ilman told Ofdig.
“Let’s leave this place. We have more training to do. We have other matches today.” Ofdig called his teammates.
“For the one who did not fight just now, today is your lucky day. You will not be lucky next time.” Ofdig told Syrfan and gave them four pairs of mach boots. They left the arena.
“Now is 1530. We have 3 hours and 30 minutes. Let’s kill time at somewhere else.” Syrfan told everyone.
“You are not going anywhere.” Ilman told them.
“What you want this time?” Syrfan asked him.
“I challenge you in a battle. Come into the arena now.” Ilman told him.
“I accept it.” Syrfan answered him and went into the arena.
“This is bad. He defeated Ofdig using a single blow at the start of the battle.” The guard was worried about Syrfan.
The next fight will be more intense than the previous one…