Route of Land(Path 35-The Hard Fight Second Round)

While they have a nap,suddenly an explosion at the fountain woke them up.
“What the!Go to the underground store now and get your equipments ready!”Syrfan told Tefler and Clair.The trio rushed to the store and took some equipments.Next,they rushed to the fountain.
“Another assault…why Astranaf and Nicole become insane?”Syrfan wondered what happened to them who was under a demon’s control.Their eyes appeared dark purple
“I’ll find the controlling demon,you two hold them off!”Syrfan yelled at them while going to the west.
“Yin yang nova slash wave!”Astranaf and Nicole launched the attack.Tefler and Clair launched the steam nova slash wave to retaliate.
Astrnaf and Nicole cast fire igmalial as a joint spell,but quickly canceled by the hydro plate joint spell cast by Tefler and Clair.
At the meantime,Syrfan was chasing traces of dark aura and tried to found the manipulator.However,what he found was a tree.He charged his sword with holy aura and stabbed it to the ground.The tree was unharmed,and the sword was filled with dark aura instead.Then,a woman emitting extreme dark aura appeared from the tree.
“Dark vortex!”The woman cast the spell on Syrfan.A dark vortex formed from his body and damaged him,but was quickly absorbed as dark aura and discharged.
Back to the fountain,Nicole took out her magma sword and rushed towards them.Clair quickly jumped but Astranaf shot a fireball on her.Tefler quickly cast geyser on Nicole.As the result,Nicole was hit and the fireball was extinguished.Nicole fell down unconsciously and Astranaf became anxious.
Meanwhile,Syrfan charged his sword with holy,sun,and light auras and shot a charged blast on her but she was unharmed.She even charged her dark aura and launched a punch wave.Syrfan avoided the wave and charged his sword with fire aura.He stabbed the sword on the ground and the tree was burnt.The woman was brunt as well.
Back to the fountain,Astranaf charged his sword with dark aura and launched a slash wave and jumped to attack them.Clair shot some laser beams to him and Tefler charged his sword with holy aura and launched a slash wave to cancel the dark slash wave.Astranaf was hit and fell to the ground.He stood up and charged his sword with fire aura.Tefler clair quickly launched cold sea nova slash wave(a hybrid attack from water slash wave and ice slash wave)towards him.Astranaf was hit and he was fainted.They quickly rushed to the west to find Syrfan.
At the meantime,Syrfan charged his sword with magma and launched a magma laser towards the tree.The tree turned into dust and the woman’s dark aura disappeared.
“Hey,mister,where am I?”The woman asked Syrfan.
“You are now in the abandoned park of Norch.”Syrfan answered her.
“I have to go now.Thanks for saving me.”The woman thanked him and leaved there.
Tefler and Clair rushed towards Syrfan.They glad that Syrfan was safe.
“So,is there any manipulator here?”Tefler asked him.
“Yes,it is a demon tree.”He answered.
Then,Astranaf and Nicole rushed to the park too.
“What’s going on?Why the tree disappeared?”They asked Syrfan.
“You two are controlled by the demon tree.”Syrfan replied.
“Better not disturb them.”Clair whispered to Syrfan.
“Well,we have important things to do.Good bye!”The trio went back to Syrfan’s house.
They continued their nap.But they will have a visitor soon…


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