Route of Land(Path 36-The Hard Fight Third Round)

Two hours later,when they were awake,Xigas came to them.
“Hey,did you destroyed the tree at the abandoned park just now?”He asked Syrfan.
“Yes,why?”Syrfan wondered what is it.
“You are in big trouble.The residents accused you for destroying the love tree.But the mayor,Jifgar Daswin relieved that the evil’s control is over.”Xigas told him.
“I think I’ll go there and explain the situation.”He told Xigas.
“You two should come along too.”He spoke to Tefler and Clair.
“That’s good.Let’s go.”They went to the abandoned park and found out that there is a lot of people waiting for them.
“Explain to us!”A mad man rushed to the front and pointed his sword on his neck.
“The tree itself is a demon called the evil root.It has strong dark aura that corrupts human’s heart and mind.The situation became worse when a woman with dark aura was absorbed into the tree.”Syrfan explained to him.
“No wonder that the criminals here are all having purple eyes.They were controlled by the tree.”The mad man put his sword back to its sheath.
“I suggest that we plant a new tree there.”Tefler came up with a suggestion.
“No.The soil itself has dark aura flowing in it.”Syrfan rejected his idea.
“Then,let’s purify the soil!”Tefler and some other fighters charged their weapons with holy aura and stabbed it to the ground.The dark aura does not disappear.
“There must be something buried at here.I remebered that this tree has grown two days after the previous one was cut down two months ago.”Jifgar told everyone.Syrfan quickly charged his lance with holy aura and stabbed the ground at the place where the aura intensity was the highest.The attack hit a evil seed.Suddenly,a dark beam was emitted from the lance.
“How dare you disturb my job here?”A flying demon appeared in the sky.
“So,my assumption was true then.You evil bastard,feel my wrath!”Jifgar threw a silver cross on him but it missed.The citizens and fighters ran away.Xigas,Syrfan,Tefler and Clair were prepared for the next fight.
“Cross Magnarid!”Clair cast the spell on him.A cross raised from a magic circle formed on the demon’s feet.It hit the demon but the injury was quickly healed.The demon quickly charged towards them but suddenly Astranaf and Nicole blocked the attack using holy wall spell cast by both of them.
“By the name of love,we’ll not allow you causing trouble again!”Astranaf and Nicole shouted at the demon.
“Then,taste this!”The demon cast dark rain on them.Clair and Nicole cast holy barrier to protect themselves.Syrfan and Xigas charged their swords using holy and electric auras and launched thunder god strike hybrid attack.The attack hit him and he was hurt badly.His wings were turned into dusts and he fell down to the ground.Yet,he charged himself with dark aura and shot a dark blast wave on them.Tefler quickly charged his boomerang with holy aura and kicked it towards the demon.Both attacks canceled each other and the demon was disappeared.He left a note:”I’ll come back to finish you!”The fight wasn’t over yet.
Suddenly,a gargoyle came towards them to revenge the death of his friends at the Zuf ruins.He cast dark bind on them.They were bound in the darkness.
“Pholancryn blow!”Syrfan charged his sword with sun,star,holy and light auras added with positrons and photons.Then,he launched the attack on the gargoyle.The attack hit him and he was turned into dust.They recovered from the dark bind.
“How can you do that?”Nicole shocked that Syrfan can attack him at such a condition.
“I trained myself to fight in such conditions.”He answered.
“So,can we pay you a visit?I’ll tell you about our story after the competition.”Astranaf asked Syrfan.
“OK then.We have nothing to do now.”He agreed with Astranaf.
“Tell me the love story between you and that girl and how he can gain holy powers.”Syrfan whispered to Astranaf.Syrfan was punched at his face instead.
“This is what you get when you try to get those “unrelated info”about your mission.”Tefler and Clair teased him.They went to Syrfan’s house.
Their evening will full with noises…


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