Route of Land(Path 37-Long Talk)

After they arrived at Syrfan’s house,they have their chatters.
“I never know you have a house at here.Isn’t that you live at Dugras?”Xigas asked Syrfan.
“Well,this isn’t really mine.It belongs to my father and he gave it to me as a birthday present.”Syrfan answered him.
“What?Even my father won’t give me such a thing to me.”Clair shocked with the statement.
“You are a princess so you must live in your private room in the castle.Don’t you understand such a basic thing?”Tefler teased her.
“All right.But why our equipment taken from the store were working perfectly?”Clair asked Syrfan.
“I cast some spells to protect them.”He answered.
“What?A princess?”Nicole shocked with his statement.
“Yes,I’m princess of Oszer.”Clair told her.
“Yeah,but always wearing T-shirts and trousers.”Xigas bad mouthed her.
“Hey,that is the symbol of closeness to the people!”Tefler shouted at him.
Tefler’s and Xigas’ anger raised to the max.Clair went to the kitchen and made some tea for them.
“That’s enough.Even princess Neliene of Zyland praised my attire as the symbol of Oszer.”She scolded them and gave them some tea.
“How do you two know each other?”Astranaf asked Tefler and Clair.
“I’ll tell you only after you tell us about what happened with you and your girlfriend after the competition in Syn.”Tefler told him.Astranaf was speechless.
“He wrote a letter using magic and sent it to me after I left to Dlig.”Nicole spoke to tefler.
“Next,after I failed to complete my job at Dlig,I…”Nicole added but suddenly Tefler interrupted her.
“You attacked our outpost,is that correct?”Tefler asked her with a very intense tone.
“Yes,we obtained some information that your outpost have demons.In fact I’m the leader of Phantom clan.”Nicole answered him.
“Yeah,your team only focused on a man waring a dark cape.He is indeed a demon disguised as a human.But we managed to destroy him”Tefler added.
“Phantom clan is one of the legendary 7 stars clan who refused to join the Oszer union.I wondered why only your clan refused to form alliance with Oszer union while others ready to co-operate.”Syrfan asked Nicole.
“We are not co-operating with scums from kingdoms.”Nicole answered him.
“The liberation force from the neighboring continent…so the rumors are true…the neighboring countries tried to eliminate king ruling at this continent.” Xigas told everyone.
“The Yedrei continent is corrupt.The Phlaq continent has better ruling system.”Nicole “gave a lecture”to everyone.
“Please respect our system.We are humble enough to allow commercial trades and diplomacies between our continent and yours.”Syrfan and Tefler warned Nicole.
“All right.I’ll quit.”Nicole apologized to them.They drank the tea and rested for a while.5 minutes later,they started to talk again.This time,the relationship secrets were revealed.
“Since you two won’t tell,I’ll tell first.I’m bet you know about the royal astrology adviser and fortune teller,Fie Sephin right?She is my girlfriend.”Syrfan started his “speech”.
“Don’t make me laugh.Fortune tellers are anti social and you can ‘grab’ her heart?”Xigas laughed.
“Before I’m embarked in this mission,we are the royal guards of princess Neliene.In fact,we are studying in the royal academy of Zyland and we were classmates for 15 years.”Syrfan told everyone.
“Long term relationships,eh?Looks like mine was just started a few hours ago.”Nicole told Syrfan.
“Cut the crap and continue your part.”Tefler told Nicole.Astranaf was blushing and whispered something at her:”Don’t embarrass me.”
“After I finished my job,I quickly went to Norch and found out that he was fighting some weird magic users.I assisted him secretly and after he was defeated,he brought me to some shops to fix my weapons.Next,he brought to his master to learn some new stuff.The master even discharged my internal fire aura.I felt great because I can learn new powers.”Nicole told everyone.
“No wonder the holy wall is so effective.Your fire manipulation ability disappeared.”Tefler praised her new powers.
“Then,he brought me to the demon tree.Then,we unaware of our actions and blown the fountain.It seemed that we are controlled by a demon.”Nicole continued.
“After we recovered from the demon’s control,we further inside to the abandoned park and found a similar tree.”Astranaf added.
“Then,Astranaf declared his love to Nicole in front of the tree and found out the lost letters of his parents.They read the letters and kissed each other.How romantic.”Xigas told the final part.
“How dare you peeping on us?”Astranaf scolded him.
“It’s OK.Don’t be angry,my dear.”Nicole calmed Astranaf.
“Well,we have to go.Goodbye.”Xigas,Astranaf and Nicole leaved Syrfan’s house.They had dinner,shower and walked around the city at night.But,there will be another fight…


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