Route of Land(Path 38-The Hard Fight Fourth Round First Half)

While they were walking at the city,an explosion occured at the abandoned park.This time,it created a deep hole.
“This is good.I can take the secret item inside the deep sewers…”Jifgar was under a phantom’s control.
Syrfan,Tefler and Clair rushed to the fountain and shocked with his condition.Jifgar put up a barrier on himself and went into the sewers.
“Please stop him.If the holy relic fall into the hands of demon,we are doomed.”Ilgas Ronac,the vice-mayor of Norch requested for their help.They quickly jumped into the sewers and chased Jifgar.
“Man,he is so fast!This will slow him down.”Tefler charged his boomerang with holy aura and threw it towards Jifgar.It pierced through the barrier and hit him.Yet,he did not slow down.
“Stop,demon!”Clair charged her cowboy’s rope with holy aura and threw it towards him again.This time,Clair managed to caught him.Syrfan charged his sword with holy and light auras and cross-slashed him.His dark aura was disappeared.He was fainted and teleported back to his house.They quickly went straight to an odd room.They saw a glowing cross protected in a holy barrier.
“The chosen one…come here.”The same mysterious voice from the Zuf ruins appeared from nowhere again.They moved closer to the cross and the barrier disappeared.Syrfan took it and kept it in his pocket.Suddenly,he was teleported to the same alternate dimension again.
“This is a key to access the third holy item.Get another one.”The mysterious voice spoke to Syrfan.
“So,there is another cross?”He asked the mysterious voice.
“Yes.You have to find it yourselves.”The mysterious voice answered and faded.He was teleported back to the room.
“Let’s go before the demons find us.”Syrfan told everyone to leave.When they returned to the abandoned park,the fountain was attacked again.
“How much times we have to fight?”Tefler became frustrated.They rushed to the fountain and met a phantom.
“Scythe strike!”He threw sweveral scythes and launched several slash waves.They avoided the attacks and countered them by stealing the scythes,charged them with light aura and launched the slash waves back to him.He quickly avoided the attack and shot some dark balls on them.They avoided it again.
“Fire magnarid!”Clair cast the spell on him and he was burnt.He quickly removed his cape,but his body was so dark that they were only looking at his silouette.
“Ice astraea!”He quickly cast the spell and ice shards pierced through their bodies from the ground and the air slightly above them.They were hurt badly but they quickly healed their wounds.
“Phantom stop slash!”He cast the spell on them.They were stopped and large scythes slashed them.They were injured but they still quickly healed themselves.Syrfan charged his sword with fire aura and launched several ruby laser beams.The phantom’s left hand was hit and burned.He quickly cleared the fire.
“Fire covalanax!”Clair charged himself with fire aura and cast the spell.The magic circles surrounded him in a form of sphere and they launched dozens of fire beams on him.He fainted and teleported nowhere.Clair fainted too.Tefler quickly took her to Syrfan’s house and tried to recover her senses.
Syrfan sensed another enemy and rushed to the abandoned park.His senses worked fine when he found one of the demon lord’s minions,Tozac,a minotaur.
“Well,the chosen one is here.If you want to live,hand me the holy items.”Tozac threatened him.
“NO!”Syrfan charged his sword with thunder aura and rushed towards him to launch a shoot slash attack.
This fight will be very long…


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