Route of Land(Path 39-The Hard Fight Fourth Round Second Half)

The attack missed and Syrfan was kicked.He was thrown away and hit several trees.

“If I haven’t equipped with crash barrier I’m dead meat.”Syrfan was grateful that he survived the attack.Tozac quickly punched him but he jumped to a tree’s branch.Syrfan charged his sword with ice aura and shot ice needles on Tozac.He avoided them and jumped to Syrfan’s back but his weight caused the branch broke.Syrfan jumped to another one while Tozac fell onto the ground and hurt himself.

“Internal bolt!”Syrfan shot an electric beam on him and he was further injured.Yet,he healed his injuries.He charged his dark aura and created a dark vortex surrounding him.

“The dark aura bomb…I won’t let him succeed.”Syrfan charged his holy aura and his sword with holy aura and stabbed the dark vortex directly from above.The sword pierced through his head and the dark vortex exploded.The center of the abandoned park was turned into another large hole.Syrfan was unharmed but his holy aura was cancelled.Tozac was hurt by the explosion and he fainted.Syrfan finished him off by charging his sword using holy aura and cross slashed him.Tozac turned into dust.He became exhausted and had a rest rear a tree. 

At the meantime,in Syrfan’s house,Tefler healed Clair and she woke up.

“Where is Syrfan?We have to help him.”Clair told Tefler.Her voice was very weak.

“You must rest.I’ll find him.”Tefler told her and leaved the house.He rushed to the abandoned tree and found out that Syrfan was resting at a tree.

“Hey,you should not rest at here.I’ll carry you to your house.”Tefler carried him to his house and have him rest at the living room.Suddenly,a mage emitting dark aura attacked the fouintain.Tefler quickly rushed there and saw Xigas was fighting against him.

“Take this!”Xigas was shooting bullets filled with positrons using his positron guns to the mage.She blocked the attack using the wall spell.Tefler quickly charged his boomerang with holy aura and threw it towards her while she was blocking the shots.It hit her and she lost her concentration.The positron bullets hurt him badly.She fell inside the fouintain and her dark aura was deleted by the fountain’s water.

“90 more minutes before this attack end…please protect the fountain until 0100…”She spoke to Xigas before she was fainted and sent back to a hospital nearby.

“We’ll protect here.You two should get some rest.”Astranaf and Nicole rushed to the fountain and offered to guard the fountain.Tefler and Xigas went back to Syrfan’s house and had rest there.

The last attack to the fountain will start soon… 


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