Route of Land(Path 40-The Hard Fight Fifth Round Part One)

While Xigas,Syrfan,Tefler,and Clair were resting at Syrfan’s house,Astranaf and Nicole were guarding the fouintain.There were no demons attacking the fountain.But it was too quiet there were only two of them at there.Perhaps the attacks made the prople stayed in their houses.

“Well,will you fight along with me forever?”Astranaf asked Nicole.

“I…I…”Nicole was speechless and blushing.

“I know it is hard for you to give up your struggle at here,but why don’t we keep our system intact?The peace will reamin intact.”Astranaf calmed her.

“I know what you mean.Maybe I’ll tell the ones at my country about that.”Nicole told him.

“So,will they help us if a demon suddenly attack here?”Nicole added.

“I’m sure of it.They are fighters of justice.It’s just that if they were able to help us when they are now exhausted.”Astranaf answered her.

“Hey,what should we do.If they splash us using the fountain’s water,we are doomed.”Suddenly,a reaper and a skeleton knight appeared near the north gate on 0015.The reaper was talking to the skeleton knight.

“Cast this spell.Holy powers cannot penetrate it.”The skeleton knight cast hell guard on themselves.Then,they broke through and rushed to the fouintain.

“Fool.”Astranaf took out his sword,charged it with fire and electric auras and launched an unkown attack.The flames were launched like water flowing out from a pipe and an electrical pulse was located at the center.They were defeated quickly and they were teleported to the outskirts of Norch.

“We must combine our forces.Let’s do this.”The skeleton knight merged himself with the reaper became the skeleton killer(a skeleton wearing dark cape like a reaper).It quickly teleported back to the fountain and launched several slash waves from its tzignal sword.It is a long sword without side blades and cental blade structure with two sickle blades attached at the center of the edge.Nicole blocked them using the wave barrier spell.The noise from the battle woke up Syrfan and he quickly rushed to the fountain and saw the fight.

“Isn’t that you want to kill “the chosen one”?I’m here!”Syrfan shouted at it.

“I’ll kill you after I blow the fountain!”The skeleton killer launched lots of sickles and slash waves on the fountain.Syrfan quickly charged his sword on his left hand with fire aura and his sword on right hand with water aura.Then,he launched the slash waves together.The slash waves combined into steam cova slash wave(nova slash waves require slash waves from different people).It cancelled the slash waves and blew the sickles away.

“Internal bolt!”Nicole cast the spell and the skeleton killer was electrocuted and turned into dusts.

“Phew!Now we can rest.”Astranaf was sleepy and lied on the fountain and slept there.

“Hey,we haven’t finished yet!”Nicole woke him up using the mint(a spell that removes tiredness and sleepiness which lasts for 90 minutes)spell.

“Thanks.Otherwise I can’t hold on.”Astranaf thanked her.

“The attacks were failed.What should I do?”Another minion of the demon lord,Gyraq,a demon hawk appeared at the south gate on 0030.

“I’ll destroy it myself.”Gyraq flew to the fouintain.Syrfan sensed the extreme sky aura and cast magnetic field distortion on him.He was drifted away and crashed the western wall and hurt badly but he quickly healed himself and went to the fountain.

“The chosen one…he must be somewhere nearby.”The hawk flew high in the sky(but not reaching the realm of sky yet) and rushed to the fountain.He quickly dive towards the fountain directly from above but quickly blocked by Astranaf and Nicole’s wall spell.Yet,they were hurt badly from the blast and knocked away,unconsciously.The noise from the blast woke up Tefler and he quickly rushed there.Syrfan cast stop on him and he was stopped.But he recovered from his status ailments quickly.

“I wondered what will happen if this fountain is destroyed.”Gyraq taunted Syrfan and Tefler.They will continue the hard fight…


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