Route of Land(Path 41-The Hard Fight Fifth Round Part Two)

“I’ll see if you are fast enough to defend this!”Gyrak launched the dive again.
Tefler charged his boomerang with air,wind and sky auras and threw it to the center of the fountain.Cyclone emerged from the boomerang and stopped his attack.Syrfan quickly charged his sword with gravity aura and launched a slash wave towards him.It hit him and he was thrown away to the north side.
“Damn…I can’t believe this…”Gyrak was injured but he quickly healed himself.He launched lots of feather darts on the fountain but were quickly burnt into dusts by Tefler’s fire spell.
“Tornado blast!”gyrak flapped his wings and tried to blew away the fountain but quickly blocked by Syrfan’s wind barrier spell.Gyrak then charged towards the fountain but suddenly a woman appeared on the fountain.She was wearing glittering blue robe,gloves and shoes.Syrfan and Tefler rushed there but they were too slow to block the attack.
At the meantime,
“Where am I?Why I’m here?”Xigas was dreaming.
“Who is this woman?She is so pretty…why my heart keeps bumping?”Xigas saw the woman appeared on the fountain.
“Save me,my warrior…”She begged him to help,but he cannot move.She was disappeared.
“No…”Xigas woke up and rushed quickly to the fountain and blocked Gyrak’s charge attack using his sword.The woman was shocked of his appearance.
“Stay there,my sweetheart.I’ll save you.”Xigas told her and launched a push wave from his sword.She blushed and cast guard spell on him.Gyrak was pushed away from the fountain.
“Looks like we have to help the ‘new couple’.”Tefler and Syrfan charged their sword and shot some laser beams towards Gyrak but were blocked.She healed Astranaf and Nicole and they woke up.
“Let’s fight!”Astranaf and Nicole charged their lances with metal aura and rushed towards him and slashed him.But they were countered by his bicycle kick using his claws.Xigas quickly launched a slash wave on him and he was hit but he was unharmed.
“This demon is so persistent…”Syrfan rushed to the front and launched the Pholancryn blow on him at closer range.He Blocked the blow but his wings were turned into dusts.He regenerated the wings,charged his wings with water aura and shot the feather darts again.
“Magma wall!”Xigas cast the spell in front of the fountain and pushed it towards him.The feathers were burnt and the wall thrust through his body.He absorbed its power and quickly discharge it.Tefler took the boomerang left at the fountain,charged it with acid aura and kicked it towards Gyrak.He quickly blew it away using his wings.
“Sea magma astraea!”The woman cast the spell on him.Magma rose from his claws and seawater was poured from above his head.Gyrak quickly teleported away from there.
“Where is that demon?”Xigas wondered what happened.
“He must be somewhere up there.”Syrfan pointed his finger to the clouds directly above the fountain.
“Now is 0045.We have to guard here no matter what.”Astranaf told everyone.
“Damn…I’ll attack from here using the flash spell.”Gyrak healed his wounds and charged himself with sky aura.He was preparing for an ambush.
The last 15 minutes of the assaults will come to an end…


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