Route of Land(Path 42-The Hard Fight Fifth Round Part Three)

Gyrak cast flash on himself and dived through the sky to crush the fountain directly from above again.This time,it is very fast.The woman jumped to the center and cast friction strike on the air above him.however,he did not slow down.Syrfan,Tefler,Astranaf,and Nicole cast supernova chaos blast directly above the woman and shot the blast towards him.He was unharmed at all and pierced through the blast.When he was close to the fountain and nearly hit her,Xigas suddenly cast block plate on himself and jumped to the center of the fountain.
“I love you,my sweetheart.”Xigas told her.
“Me too.”The woman told him.They kissed in the air and when Gyras approached them,the block plate was shattered and Gyras’ mouth were injured.Syrfan quickly cross-slashed him and he was pushed to the west.Xigas and the woman were safe.
“I cannot lose…I still have 10 minutes…”Gyras healed himself again and flapped his wings to blow the fountain again.Tefler cast wind barrier on everyone and threw it upwards.
“I know what to do,Tefler Zargaso.”Xigas charged his feet with air,wind and sky auras and kicked it towards Gyrak.Gyrak blew it away using his wings.
“Now!”Astranaf charged his sword with metal aura and slashed his claws.His claws were broken and he fell to the ground,unable to stand up.He looked at the fountain and shot dark lasers from his eyes.Nicole reflected the lasers back to him using the mirror spell.He was hit and hurt badly.Xigas and the woman finished him off before he managed to heal himself again by cast rock ignalial on him.
“0059…we are almost there.”Nicole was happy that the demon is finally defeated.However,5 seconds before 0100,a huge laser beam was shot from nowhere towards the fountain.Syrfan sensed it and jumped to block the laser.The others cast guard on the fountain.
“You think that you can trick us?Think again.”Syrfan absorbed the laser and the fountain is finally safe.Syrfan’s armor was destroyed and he was severely injured while he was emitting evil(an element which is a more powerful version of dark element) aura in unconscious condition.The woman healed and recovered him completely.
“Good job.Get some rest,hero!”Syrfan was awakened and Tefler gave him some advice.
“We’ll leave you alone.Have some private time,couple!”Nicole teased Xigas and the woman.They leaved them alone.
The night belongs to them…


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