Route of Land(Path 43-The Tranquil Late Night)

When Syrfan,Tefler,Astranaf and Nicole went back to Syrfan’s house,Clair was standing in front of the door,probably woke up when Syrfan was absorbing the dark laser.
“How dare you absorb the laser without any protection?Do you ever thought about us?Or don’t you consider that you are the only ‘chosen one’?”Clair scolded him.
“If I’m died,there will be someone take my place.Of course,I know the risks.Let’s have some talk inside.”Syrfan tapped her shoulder.They went inside to the house and had some chatter.
“I can’t imagine how they just simply kissed in the air like that when they were just met once.”Syrfan was thinking about what happened at the fountain.
“Is the woman just now the guardian of the fountain?”Tefler asked Astranaf.
“I’m not sure about that.But he did mention to me that he dreamt about a very lovely woman since several weeks ago.He felt that there is someone waiting for him.”Astranaf answered him.
“Was he doing something peculiar ever since?”Clair asked Astranaf.
“No,he was still the same.”He replied.
“At least he won’t feel alone anymore.”Nicole added.
“You’ve got it wrong,my dear.He never talked to a woman before,including his mother.I can’t understand how such a thing can happen on him.”Astranaf told her.
“Well,we have to wait until he came back and see if he has something to say.”Tefler told everyone.
“Yeah.We were too exhausted for today.”Syrfan agreed and they had some rest while waiting for Xigas and the woman from the fountain to come to them.
At the meantime,at the fountain,
“What’s your name?”Xigas asked her.
“Hafré Gaelt.Looks like a man’s name,right?”Hafré answered him.
“Not really.The male counterpart name is Hafra.”Xigas affirmed her.
“Oh?I didn’t realized that.Yeah,I think we’ve better go to the chosen one’s house.”She told him.”
“I’m understand.We must help him no matter in whatever ways we can.We can have our personal time later.”He agreed and dragged her to Syrfan’s house.
“Syrfan,we have some serious things to talk.”Xigas and Hafré arrived to Syrfan’s house and told Syrfan with high tone.
“I know.The chosen one is always full with duties.”Syrfan agreed with him.
“Listen this very carefully.You must keep the holy items intact.If they were contaminated with external aura,they will be shattered and you have to take them again at the same place you first obtained them.”Hafré told him.
“I’m understand.”Syrfan nodded.
“One more thing,I received reports that demons are attempting to destroy the holy items.Eliminate them or they will cause great trouble.”Hafré added.
“They won’t ever see those things.”Syrfan agreed with what she said.
“Now,it’s time for some investigation.”Syrfan woke up the others and locked the doors and windows.
“Tell me what happened actually.You never talked to a woman but you get a girlfriend tonight.”Astranaf pointed his finger to Xigas’ chest.
“I know this is not good but me secretly having friendships with them.I just pretend to be like that in front of you because I don’t want you become jealous of my popularity.”Xigas explained to him.
“Thanks,bro.But you don’t need to do that again.I have mine here.”Astranaf was pointing at Nicole.
“Who are you actually?”Tefler asked Hafré.
“I’m the guardian angel of the cental fountain of Norch.”She answered him.
“But why you never appeared before?”Xigas asked her.
“This fountain had been destroyed 200 years ago.I was badly injured during that time.The gods placed me into slumber and have me restored slowly.I’m just recently recovered completely and I knew I’m in danger if I appeared that time.The gods ordered me to get a man to protect me and he is Xigas.They must have connected my heart with his.”Hafré explained the situation.
“No wonder Astranaf always found me blushing after I’m woke up from my sleep lately.I’m already got my heart struck from you although we met only in the dreams.”Xigas told her.
“Is the fountain connects to the portal of god?”Clair asked her.
“Yes,the portal to the alternate dimension of gods were buried at there.That is why demons cannot touch the water of the fountain.”She answered.
“Can you describe the dreams to everyone?I think there must be something happened btween you two in your dreams that made you kissed in the air back then.”Syrfan started his bad habit again.Tefler punched his face.
“Can you stop peeping at others’ romantic secrets?”Tefler scolded him.Everyone laughed.
“All right.So,you must be pure water,sea and ice elements,right?”Syrfan asked Hafré.
“Not really.I can switch my elements anytime like you all.”She answered him.
“Can we go now?I have some private matter to settle with her.”Xigas asked everyone.
“Go as you wish.I’m too sleppy now…”Syrfan yawned and went to sleep in his room.
“Me too.”Tefler and Clair went to sleep in the guest room.
“We’ll have our practice at the abandoned park.”Astranaf and Nicole leaved the house and switched off the lights.
“Let’s go.I have something private to talk with you.”Xigas told Hafré and dragged her to the abandoned park.
At the abandoned park,
“This is the time for revenge!”Astranaf was peeping at them.
“Yeah.How dare he did that to us!”Nicole agreed with him.
“Actually,your blue robe…where you get that?”Xigas asked Hafré.
“This is my default equipment I have since I was born.What’s wrong about it?”Hafré wondered why he asked such a question.
“It was too beautiful,I feel like I am yours when I see it.Whatever it is,I think that you should get some equipment though or you won’t survive every battle.”Xigas explained to her.
“I understand what you feel.I’m from the alternate diemsion,so it was like I’m your quees or sort of like that.You are so nice to me,dear.”She blushed and avoided his sight like his heart was hers.
“By the name of cross warrior of Norch,I love you forever!”Xigas suddenly knelt while putting his sword and his chin on the hilt of his sword,which is stabbed to the ground.
“By the name of the guardian of Norch central fountain,I love you forever!”Hafré knelt too and kissed him.
“How romantic.Good job,Xigas.”Astranaf and Nicole liked the way they declaired the love.They went back to Astranaf’s house.
“Show me your house.I’ll stay in your house from now on.”Hafré made a request to Xigas.
“Thanks.Let’s go.”Xigas dragged her to her house.The next journey will become more suprising for them…


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