Route of Land(Path 44-Another Reunion)

The next morning,Syrfan,Tefler and Clair woke up and took their equipment and leaved Norch.
“Shouldn’t we give them a goodbye then?”Clair asked Syrfan.
“They must have a date then.In fact,I heard rumors that there are some sort of ceremony there.In fact,we need some more equipment before we cross the border.”Syrfan replied.
“Then,let’s go!”Tefler agreed with Syrfan.
They went to Blazet and arrived there after two days.The port town has only three gates because the west side is the sea.It is a very busy port town but it was very quiet when they arrived at the south gate.
“Why there is no guards here?”Syrfan felt weird that there is only one guard guarding the city.
“Two wedding ceremonies held at the same time.It is very rare in Blazet.Everyone would like to see it.”The guard replied him.
“What?”Tefler shocked with his statement.
“All of them just went back from the Syn village.”The guard added.
“Where is it?”Clair asked him.
“At the mayor’s house,walk straight to the second red signboard and go straight to the right.”The guard answered him.
“Thanks.”The trio went to the mayor’s house and shocked that they met Kahn,Rosé,Cafip and Wendy wearing wedding clothes.
“My oh my!The top three warriors of the Syn competition are here!”Kahn welcomed them.
“So,the rumors are true.I can’t imagine how she can let go of her position.”Tefler told him.
“Well,I announced it in front of the citizens and they were all supporting my decision.”Rosé confirmed the rumor is true.
“Then,who is the new mayor?”Clair asked her.
“It’s me.My name is Bisvan Vornof.”Bisfan introduced himself.
“Are you going to ignore us?”Cafip lost his patience and scolded the trio.
“Well,don’t tell me you’ve decided on this at the bridge over there.”Syrfan pointed to an old bridge used as a dock at the west,although it is vision was blocked by the buildings.
“The legendary love dock…how you know about that?”Cafip was shocked.
“That dock is known in Dugras as the ‘border of demons’ due to a war against demons 200 years ago was started there.”Syrfan explained to him.
“What do you want at here anyway?”Wendy asked them.
“We are getting some new supplies before we cross the border.”Tefler replied.
“Yeah,I almost forgot something.Seft arrived at here a few hours ago and gave me a letter.She wanted you to read it.”Kahn gave a letter to Syrfan.
“Well,we have to go.We have to cross the border fast.”The trio leaved Kahn’s house and went to some shops to get some suplies.Then,they had some sightseeing at the docks.Syrfan leaved Tefler and Clair to go to the love dock and he went to a quiet dock to read the letter.It wrote:
Fie has a new order for you.There will be a raid on the border after three days.Go quickly to defend the border or your mission is cancelled.I’ll help you at there.

Seft Itrag.

“Hmm…better I call them right now.”Syrfan went to the love dock.At the meantime,
“Clair,I wondered what is your main purpose of going to help Syrfan.”Tefler asked her.
“I wanted to see your parents in the very north of Oszer.In fact,I wanted to increase my fighting skill.I wanted you to grow with me.Do you understand what I’m feeling right now?”Clair cried and leaned against his shoulder.
“Well,I just wanted to have a good time with you.I wanted to quit this intelligence job to spend time with you but you wanted to fight with me.You are a princess with a fighter’s heart.I like you this way.”Tefler wiped her tears.
“Hey,we have some serious threat at the border!Go quickly if you want to guard your outpost!”Syrfan shouted at them.They nodded and rushed quickly leaving Blazet and went to Dlig.The next strike…the new forces will come…


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