Route of Land(Path 45-Surprise Attack)

The trio rushed to Dlig,a town with lots of intelligence outposts and guarding soldiers.The buildings were placed in the rows and there is only two vertical roads at the sides.The buildings were all grey in color,perhaps to remember the scar of Zyland-Oszer war.It is positioned exactly between two mountains perfectly.The soldiers from both countries were guarding the south and north gates.The east and west gates were locked and there is no one guarding them.
When they arrived at the south gate after two days,they were stopped by a solider.
“Syrfan Sigmeund,Tefler Zargaso and Clair Tyranof,we need your help.The demons will launch an air raid to us tomorrow.”The soldier asked them.
“I received orders from the capital.So,where should we guard?”Syrfan asked for further information.
“You’ll guard the 7th lane.There are 15 lanes,including the ones at the east and the west.Please get your supplies at the shops and rest at the Furyz intelligence outpost.We have no time to spare.”The guard answered him.
“Let’s go.There are some fighters from here who entered the Syn village competition but we have no time for reunion.”Tefler called the other two to go to his outpost.They get some new equipment and fine tuned them.Next,they were waiting at the outpost for further orders.Two hours later,a minion of the demon lord,Yodron Eftkin,a human who sided the demons,appeared at the Nuova mountain,the mountain east of Oszer.
“The demon lord sent only me for the raid.He must have thinking of storing his army when they arrived to the dimension of Satan.I’m sure that he wanted me to kill the chosen one.Better make a surprise attack now.”Yodron charged his wand and shot some laser beams on Furyz intelligence outpost.
Syrfan sensed some evil aura and rushed to block the laser beams.The soldiers and the residents Dlig shocked that the raid started earlier.Tefler and Clair quickly rushed to the 7th lane and prepared for the raid.The soldiers and the residents went quickly to their positions.
“Syrfan Sigmeund,the chosen one,prepare to rest in peace!”Yodron charged his wand with metal aura and turned his wand into platinum sword.He quickly launched a slash wave but Syrfan blocked it using his stainless steel sword.
“How pathetic.Your sword won’t withstand this!”Yodron charged his sword with platinum ions and launched ion laser blow on Syrfan.
“Then,taste this!”Syrfan charged his sword with electric aura and electrons.He shot a thunder blast on the ion laser.The electrons reacted with the ions,forming platinum metal scarps.Syrfan quickly blew them towards Yodron.He was injured and he quickly flew to Cyquin mountain,a mountain west of Dlig.
Syrfan will have to continue this fight at there…


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