Route of Land(Path 46-The Awakened Heart)

“Good luck,Syrfan.”Tefler and Clair saw he was chasing a demon.
Syrfan and Yodron were rushed to the mountain and continued their fight there.
“Cyclone blast!”Yodron charged his sword with wind aura and it was concentrated at its tip.He shot the blast and Syrfan was pushed back 15 meters away although he blocked it using his sword.
“This is bad…this attack is not effective at all…”Yodron became nervous.
“He can focus the aura charging at one spot.I’ll have to use other powers.”Syrfan thought a strategy.He charged his sword with flame(an upgraded version of fire) aura,rushed to the front and launched a fire blow like a flame thrower.Yodron quickly charged his sword with water aura on his sword’s tip and shot water blast to extinguish the flame.Steam was formed and their vision were disrupted.Syrfan took the chance by charging his sword with steam aura and launched some steam shots on him.He was hit and felt pain.Syrfan quickly rushed to the front and cross-slashed him.He was pushed back and crashed at the mountain.Syrfan tried to finish fim off by cross-slashing him again but he quickly flew upwards and launched the central blade of his sword towards him.He quickly dashed backwards and avoided the counterattack.
“Why he can become so powerful in such a short time?Is he hiding his strength?”Yodron wondered about his suddenly increased strength.
“He is very powerful.He used his full stength.”Syrfan realized his ability.
Yodron rushed to the front and tried to slash him but he quickly crushed the sword’s side blades by inserting his stainless steel sword through the empty slot for the central blade of the platinum sword and spun his sword.Yodron kicked him using his left foot but his feet was held by Syrfan’s right arm while still holding the sword using the left arm and pushed him away.He tried to using his right feet to kick him but Syrfan quickly blew him away by launching a slash wave on him.He was again crushed to the mountain and hit his sword’s central blade at his right thumb.He quickly healed himself and attached it back to its hilt.
“No wonder he is the chosen one.His skill is highest of the enemies I’ve encountered ever before.”Yodron was thinking about Syrfan.
“If this continues,I’ll definitely lose.He is a formidable enemy.”Syrfan started became anxious.
Yodron charged his sword with metal aura and rushed to the front to strike him but he quickly destroyed the sword by launching lots of shift waves.The shift waves shaped like the letter v and moved at short range,which its distance is exactly the same with the sword’s length.Yodron dashed backwards and took out his lance.
“This lance…what is your connection between you and Lyank Stire?”Syrfan shocked that the lance he was using was the same with the one used by Lyank in the Syn village competition.
“He is my son.But my house at Blazet was attacked by thieves and he was stolen in the raid.15 years later,I managed to find his whereabouts but his adopted parents rejected me.I sided the demons ever since.I want those filthy humans face the punishment!”Yodron answered him and Lyank who just arrived there heard what he said.
“Father!I’m here!Please stop this!”Lyank shouted at Yodron.
“Lyank,is that you?”Yodron was looking at the ground but he didn’t saw Lyank.He quickly flew towards him.
“I missed you so much,father.Let’s go home.”Lyank hugged him.
“No.I have unsettled buisness here.”Yodron pushed him away.A dark vortex appeared in the sky.
“Yodron,you’ve betrayed us.Now face the punishment!”A mysterious sound appeared from nowhere and a dark laser beam was shot from the dark vortex on him.Lyank quickly shot holy laser beam to retaliate.It penetrated the dark laser beam and pierced through the dark vortex.
“You’ll regret that!”The mysterious sound appeared again and the dark vortex was disappeared.
“You are under arrest,Yodron Eftkin for attacking buildings.”The captain of the ZRSS-4226 troop arrested him.
“I’ll wait for you,father!”Lyank yelled to him while he was teleported to Dugras.
“So,what is your plan?”Lyank asked Syrfan.
“Tefler,you know more about Oszer.Where you are going next?”Syrfan asked him.
“Well,we are going to Flar village located northeast from here.The people of Oszer called that the Hare village of Oszer.”Tefler answered him.
“I can’t go along.I have some errand to run at Valin.”Lyank told Syrfan.
“Well,it’s OK.We can continue this mission ourselves.”Syrfan replied.The trio crossed the border and went to Valin.Their journey continues in Oszer…


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