Route of Land(Path 47-The Mission’s Briefing Second Message)

After two days of traveling,they arrived at the Flar village.The houses are scattered and there are lots of plantation fields.The intense greenness is enhanced by the nature aura emitted from the soil.
“I like this place.It is so refreshing.”Clair told Tefler.
“Hey you!I haven’t see you for a long time.And who is this knight over there?”Gandel Elfan,the chief of the village shouted at Tefler.
“Yeah,I’ve missed you so much.And this is Syrfan Sigmeund,a knight from Zyland.”Tefler answered him.
“Nice to meet you,sir.”Syrfan greeted him.
“So,what you want this time?”Gandel asked Tefler.
“I need your help to see if there are rumors on the holy weapons and the demon attacks.”Tefler made a request.
“Well,you have to wait until night.We are busy as usual.”Gandel answered him.
“So,what should we do?”Clair asked him.
“We better go outside.In fact,we have to tell you something important to him.”Tefler answered her and pointed towards Syrfan.They went to the outside.There are no walls,only steel gates and fences.
“Well,what should I beware in Oszer?”Syrfan asked Tefler.
“Actually,our country do consider you as a special guest.I recieved briefing from the royal astrology center that I must bring you to them alive.Another briefing from the ministry of external affairs international relations division said that I must treat you well.So,my only answer is consider yourself as a diplomat from Zyland.”Tefler replied him.
“As the princess of Oszer,I formally…”Clair wanted to salute to him but Syrfan quickly stopped her.
“Although this is an official mission of Zyland,but please put away the formalties until we arrive at Riv.Don’t forget,I’m considered you two as my friends and companion.”Syrfan told them.
“All right.You are no simple diplomat.If it is others we are already teleported to Riv.”Tefler replied to him.
“In fact,I want to complete this route by foot.Fie told me that I’m following the route of land.This means that I cannot take shortcuts or step on anything except the land.In fact,I want to gain some strength through taking errands.”Syrfan added.They had some sleep near the fence and woke up at night.They quickly went inside Gandel’s house.
“All right.Time for some serious buisness.”Gandel told the trio.
“So,is there anything I should know?”Syrfan asked him.
“I recieved reports of demons’ attack on Vyit ruin,west of this village.It is rumored lately that there is some sort of holy treasure buried at there.You’ve better go quick now or they will crush the ruin.Take this.You’ll need it to enter the ruin.”Gandel told him and gave him a fire rune stone.It has a deep red fire symbol carved on it.
“Thanks.We’ll bring it back to you after we finished our job.”Syrfan told him and the trio quickly rushed out from the village.
This will be their first exploration at Oszer…


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