Route of Land(Path 48-The Key Holder)

Using the dash,sprint,flash and restless spells,they arrived at the Vyit ruin three hours later.They saw nothing except the ruin but heard some weird sound.The ruin is like a fortress destroyed into bits.Yet,Syrfan’s aura sensing abilities told him that this ruin is no simple ruin,as if a pyramid was buried into the ground.
“Let’s check the entrance and bust it in!”Tefler rushed to the center of the ruin.
“Wait for us!”Syrfan and Clair chased Tefler.Tefler found the door to the basement and put the fire rune stone on the door but it did not open.Teler tried to break the door using his boomerang but the boomerang was broken instead.
“Hey Syrfan,what do you think?Is it protected by any spells?”Tefler asked him.
“This door is protected by lock spell.It is remote controlled so we can do nothing about it.We must find an alternate path.”Syrfan answered him.Tefler rushed to the right but Syrfan quickly grabbed his back.
“Wait.I sensed the remote control from a human life sign.Clair,try to yell or shout so that he know us.”Syrfan suddenly sensed the source of the lock spell and told Clair.
“I know what to do.”Clair took out his rod and knocked the door.It made a weird wave.Tefler felt nothing but Syrfan felt a ray pulse was directed towards the remote control source.
While at the B3 floor of the ruin,the controller of the spell heard a pulse.
“So,the princess,the information master and the chosen one is there.”The controller cancelled the lock spell.The door opened and the trio went inside.The door was locked again.The walls were brown in colour but the ground and the celing looked like chocolate bar.The auras were scattered everywhere.Syrfan’s aura sensing abilities causing him to feel headsick.
“Try focus on one aura which leads to the controller.I must find that person.”Clair made a request to Syrfan.Syrfan sensed the lock spell aura and chased its trail to the source.Tefler and Clair chased him.There was no monsters or demons in their way.
“Isn’t that this ruin is under demons’ attack?But why we havenn’t see anything?Or should I say that the controller is the demon?”Tefler started to worried about the controller.
“We cannot reject this posibility.But that person is our only clue.We must find him.At least if he is a demon,we can kill him.”Syrfan told Tefler.
After rushing downwards to B3 floor,they found a man heavily wounded lying on the floor.He was cut everywhere,but there is no blood.Perhaps he sealed them.
“Are you ok?You are heavily injured.”Clair healed the contoller.
“Thanks.I have something for you.”He handed a book to Syrfan.
“The journal of lost pyramid…father?”Syrfan felt weird that his father,Arwol Sigmeund’s name was there.
“He is known as the master explorer in Oszer.I know he is from Zyland,but I don’t know that he is your father.”Tefler told Syrfan.
“He is at the deepest floor fighting the demons in the king’s room.Please help him before it’s too late.”The controller told Syrfan.They quickly rushed downwards.
“Father,after 15 years…I’ll see you again…alive…”


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