Route of Land(Path 49-The Connected Minds)

After 1 hour of running,they finally arrived at the king’s room at the B9 floor.The demons were appearing from the dark portals surrounding Arwol.
“Father,I’ll save you.”Syrfan charged his sword with holy and sun auras and stabbed it to the ground.Sun beams rose from the demons’ feet and destoyed them.Yet,more of them were coming through the dark portal.
“Take that!”Tefler took his boomerang,charged it with sun and holy auras and threw it towards them.They were destoyed quickly too.
“This will stop them.”Clair cast holy seal on the dark portals.Holy magic circles formed on the dark portals and they were disappeared.Syrfan went towards Arwol and hugged him.
“After 15 years,I finally get to see you again.How have you been?”Syrfan asked him.
“I’ve been travelling around Oszer in those years,exploring the ruins.Well,you better go inside the holy portal.”He was pointing at the portal on the wall behind him.Syrfan went to the inside and he was in the alternate dimension again.
“So,you arrived at here.There are several things that I need to tell you.First,you must step on the land no matter what unless you are in a combat or a shower.Second,the compass will only work when all the four holy items is collected.And the third,the demons are now trying to destroy the holy items.Wipe them out.”The mysterious sound appeared again.
“Why you select me as the chosen one?”Syrfan asked the voice.
“This is fate.You must obey to it.”The mysterious voice was faded and Syrfan was teleported back to the room and the portal was disappeared.Suddenly a huge dark portal appeared on the celling.Then,another minion of demon lord,Klag,a bodiless dark armor,appeared.
“This is our fight.Tefler,Clair,stay back and don’t help us even if we are in trouble.”Syrfan told them.
“We understand.”They teleported themselves out from the room.
At the inside,Syrfan and Arwol charged their swords using saint(the upgraded version of holy) aura and launched slash waves on it.Yet,they were blocked by its sword.
“This won’t work on me!Take this!”It charged its sword with metal aura and launched a slash wave on them.They jumped and shot some laser beams on it.It was unharmed.
“If this is what you’ve got then you are finished!”It taunted them and cast demon lord’s wrath on the king’s room.The room turned into the realm of satan.
“Is that what you’ve got?”Arwol cast Impnorhim(King of Gods in the realm of saint)’s chamber on the room and cancelled the spell.The room returned normal.Syrfan charged his sword with positrons and shot a blast on its sword.It was destroyed.
“How dare you…”The armor was destroyed as well.Yet,an evil spirit appeared in front of them.It has a red gem on its  “body”.
“Face my wrath!”It cast evil drop plane on them.The ground suddenly turned into the realm of satan.Syrfan quickly jumped and sticked at the ceiling.Arwol was stood at there.
“What?”It wondered what made him stood still and not falling to the realm of satan.
“My shoes is made from Lysef(metal full with saint element made from magic).You can’t harm me this way.”Arwol taunted it.Syrfan kept his sword in its sheath and took out his gun.He charged it using saint aura and shot Phoencyn(the god of guns)’s bullet on the ruby.It was blocked by its “hands” but Arwol quickly charged his sword and launched Ploencyn(the god of swords)’s slash wave and it destroyed the ruby.The spirit turned into concentrated dark aura and disappeared.The floor of the room was restored as well.
“Quite a good pair even not seeing each other for 15 years.’Tefler praised them.
“This is the mind bond of father and son.”Syrfan told Tefler.
“So,what is your plan next?”Syrfan asked Arwol.
“I’ll go to the mountains near Dlig to make some investigation.”He answered.
“Well,we won’t meet again.I’ll continue my mission as the chosen one at the north.”Syrfan told him.They leaved the ruin with the controller and departed,leaving the controller alone at the ruin.He teleported himself to nowhere.
“Hey,where are we going?”Clair asked Tefler.
“We are going to Kezst village,west from here.I need to find my master there to upgrade my boomerang.In fact,I received some rumors about attacks on the village.We might get some clue like the one we got at Norch back then.”Tefler told Clair and Syrfan.
“Should we get some rest?It’s already 2300.”Syrfan told Tefler.
“All right.”The trio cast sleep plate on themselves and slept at the plains between Kezst and Vyit.
Tomorrow morning will be another battle…


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