Route of Land(Path 50-The First Meet)

After they woke up,they went to Kezst and arrived there two days later.The village’s houses are arranged in coloums of two houses which are back to back,four parks at the corners and the chief’s house at the end.Oddly,there is only one gate at the entrance.
“Princess,please come in.Looks like you haven’t visited us for a long time.”A guard greeted Clair.The trio went to the house at the left of the center lane.
“Azeyl,are you here?”Tefler called Azeyl.
“What?Isn’t that it is some kind of alloy?”Clair shocked.
“That alloy is named after her,Azeyl Nikolai.There are lots of alloys named this way.”Syrfan explained to him.The trio went inside.
“Oh,it’s Tefler and…princess?And who is this knight?”Azeyl shocked that Clair and Syrfan came to her house.
“Madam Azyel,I’m Syrfan.Syrfan Sigmeund,from Dugras of Zyland.Nice to meet you.”Syrfan introduced himself.
“How is your father?I’m sure he must go to the mountains at the borders now.Hopefully he’ll safe.”Azeyl told Syrfan.
“He is fine.Thanks for your concern.”Syrfan told her.
“Well,looks like you have a nice royal girlfriend here.You should have brought her earlier.”Azeyl told Tefler.Tefler and Clair blushed.
“All right.I need you to upgrade this boomerang.”Tefler handed his boomerang to her.
“Looks like you have some problems with this.I’ll fix this.”She took his boomerang into a laboratory.
“Are you her student?”Syrfan asked Tefler.
“Yes.In fact,your father always co-operate with her in official missions.I wondered if he interested in her.”Tefler replied him.
“He did mention about my new mother,becuase my mother died after giving me birth.But I don’t know if it is her.”Syrfan added.
“Hmm…I wondered how you can gain such amazing powers even living without your parents.”Clair asked him.
“I learned how to survive on my own since 5.I can hold my weapons and wear armor since 3.I cannot imagine why my growth is very fast compared to other knights.At least I lived in…em…Fie’s house since I was 1.”Syrfan blushed.
“I can’t believe this.You lived with her since you were small?”Tefler became jealous.
“Yeah.But you’ll marry her soon.I dunno if I can marry her…I must focus on my mission first.”Syrfan told him.
“Good.We’ll postpone our marriage until we are done with your mission.”Clair added.
“What?That is your decision.I consider this a joint mission between Oszer and Zyland.”Tefler told Clair.
“Here it is.The new boomerang for you.”Azeyl went out from the laboratory and handed the new boomerang to Tefler.
“Thanks.So,what changes that you made this time?”Tefler asked her.
“This boomerang is an enhanced version of your previous one.But this boomerang is added with a gun module which you can launch it when you throw it.The gun will shoot standard bullets and you can customize it as if you are customizing your guns.Hopefully you’ll find this useful.”She told Tefler.
“Is there any new attacks reported?”Syrfan asked Azeyl.
“No,but I suggest that you visit Frag temple,located south from here before you go north.There is a legendary metal stored at there but there is no one able to reach it because the guardians in there is too strong.With your abilities,I’m sure that you will able to get it.”Azeyl answered him.
“Thanks.Let’s go.The demons may have laid its dark aura on it.”The trio rushed quickly to Frag.
Looks like they will have fights again…


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