Route of Land(Path 51-Counterattack of Counterattack)

After two days, they arrived at Frag temple. It is like a ziggurat in Earth, but there is only an entrance and a weird hole at the top. It has 15 floors, which the treasure room is at the 14th floor. They saw a hawk about their size wounded heavily lying on the ground.
“That demon…he must be one of the demon lord’s minions…you must prevent him from reaching the treasure room…” The hawk told Syrfan. Clair quickly healed him and told him to sleep. At the mean time, Isdro, a centaur which is a minion of demon lord,heavily injured the guardian in front of the treasure room.
“Hmph…the guardians are no match for me!” Isdro quickly went into the treasure room and found three swordsmen guarding the treasure chest.
“So,I have to fight them. I feel pity that they will die.” Isdro quickly fight them.
Back to the trio, they decided to climb up the temple using the solid attachment spell.
“Let’s go! We don’t have time to lose!” Syfan yelled at them and they quickly climbed into the temple. While in the temple,
“Holy trinity!’ The swordsmen cast the spell and he was injured. Yet, he healed himself quickly. He cast dark ignalial on them but they were unharmed. They jumped and launched slash waves on him but he amplified and reflected the waves and they were injured. He even put them in an electric cage and they were unable to move. When he was moving towards the treasure chest, the trio rushed into the room and stopped him.
“Walk over our dead bodies before you laid your hand to the treasure chest!” Syrfan shouted at him.
“Well, I can finish you like what I did to the swordsmen!” Isdro pointed at the swordsmen who are now trapped in the electric cages.
“Then, take this!” Tefler charged his sword with metal aura and launched a slash wave on him. He amplified and reflected it back. Tefler quickly attached the wave to his sword and stabbed it to the ground. The slash wave did not rose from Isdro’s feet. Tefler quickly pushed them away and dashed backwards. The slash wave emerged from his feet and nearly hit him.
“So, he only counterattacks.I know what to do.” Clair charged her club with metal aura and threw it towards the treasure chest. Isdro quickly went to the treasure chest to catch the club but he was electrocuted when Tefler teleported the electrical cages to the front of the treasure chest and he crashed with them.The three swordsmen were freed as well, but still unable to move and fight. The club hit the wall behind it.
“Damn you!” Isdro discharged the electrical cages and healed himself. Then,he opened the treasure chest but he discovered nothing.
“The treasure is at our hands!” Clair was holding a fake metal block.
“Tricks…that won’t work on me!” Isdro took the real metal block,which is invisible out from the treasure chest.Syrfan quickly cast acid mist on the real metal block and it turned into salt crystal.
“How dare you destroy the treasure!” He threw it away and charged towards Syrfan but Tefler quickly took it. Syrfan cast shadow body on himself and dashed backwards.His shadow rose and form a statue. Isdro crashed with the statue. The statue was shattered and he fell down to the ground. He was injured but he healed himself and stood up.
“Tefler, Clair, go back to Kezst and cast metal extraction spell to restore the treasure!I’ll handle him alone!” Syrfan yelled at them. They teleported themselves back to Kezst.
“Who says you’ll fight alone!” Suddenly Fie appeared from nowhere.
“We’ll have our reunion later.” Syrfan charged his sword with metal aura and threw it towards Isdro. Then,he cast acid mist on the sword. The sword’s blade turned into cyrstal.
“Smart move.” Fie charged her gun and shot him a blast.Isdro amplified and reflcted the attacks, but Syrfan quickly took his sword and launched a slash wave on him.He amplified the wave but at the moment he attempt to reflect the slash wave Fie charged himself with bolt(an upgraded version of electric)aura and cast thunder tyophrin on him. Three magic circles, formed through his body, alligned like xy-plane,xz-plane and yz-plane in the 3D-graph. The magic circles emit thunder randomly across his body and he was electrocuted. Then,Syrfan kicked his sword and finished him off.He was turned into dusts and the metal suddenly appeared above the opened treasure chest. Tefler and Clair were teleported to the treasure room too.
“This metal is for the ones who defeated all of the guardians. Yet,you helped us defeat the one who should never reach here. So, the metal blocks are yours. Use them well.” A pheonix appeared in front of them.
“How should we use them?” Syrfan asked the pheonix.
“Use it as if you are using the rare metals.” The pheonix disappeared and they were teleported back to the front door of Azeyl’s house.
They will recieve something they did not expect…


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