Route of Land(Path 52-A Gift From The Past)

“Hey, is this your girlfriend? Looks like you have quite a taste.”Tefler asked Syrfan.
“Yes. She is Fie Sephin.”Syrfan introduced her.
“Nice to meet you. I’m the royal astrology adviser and fortune teller of Zyland.”Fie greeted Tefler and Clair.
“I’m Tefler Zargaso, the leader of the Oszer union and she is Clair Tyranof,the princess of Oszer”Tefler introduced themselves.
“Let’s go. We have some tough job to do. We can have chatters later.”Syrfan called everyone.
They went inside Azeyl’s house. Azeyl shocked that Fie was there.
“So, you are finally here with your sweet girlfriend.”Azeyl teased Syrfan.
“Well, we need your help to forge weapons out from there metals.”Syrfan made a request.
“Sorry, I can upgrade existent weapons but not forge waepons out from an unknown thing. I cannot help you this time. But, I have something for you,  miss Fie, from My husband and Syrfan’s father. Wait for a while” Azeyl told everyone and went to the laboratory.
“What is it?” Fie asked Syrfan.
“He did say about the special paired swords for us when he leaved me.But I can’t be sure what were those swords anyway.”Syrfan answered her.
“The swords are here. The murazrai saint sword is for you, Syrfan and Fie. For the princess and Tefler, take the Tyranof knight sword.” Azeyl handed the swords to them.
“Is that the royal sword used by my ancestors before they were exiled to Zyland?” Clair shocked with her gift.
“Yes, in fact my husband found out that it has 100% resonance ability with the Oszer royal weapons. I can’t imagine why this is possible.”Azeyl rubbed her chin.
“Well, we have to solve these things at Riv. Maybe the royal alchemists and weaponsmiths can help us.”Tefler told Clair.
“What are these murazrai saint swords?” Syrfan asked Azeyl.
“They are weapons specially created for you two. He said that it is the ultimate weapon against demons after the holy weapons. I think you should examine them at Riv.” Azeyl advised him.
“Well,where should we go?” Syrfan asked Tefler.
“If we go to Riv, I think it is better to have a stop at Hestro, a city to the north first. I heard rumors that the alloy masters from Calfion will go to Frag temple. They should rest now at Hestro. If we can meet them there, they will help us. I have another rumor that the astrologists from Yedrei continent will meet at Hestro for an emergency meeting about the changes in the star formation. And, I will pay visit to your master, Guronof Hespib. I’m sure you will see him too.”Tefler told him.
“No wonder you are called the information master of Oszer. You are right. The stars are moving oddly nowadays. Let’s go folks. We have serious matter to do.”Fie told everyone. They leaved Kezst and went to the north.


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