Route of Land(Path 53-The Legendary Blacksmiths)

After one day of travelling,they arrived at Hestro.It is the biggest city in Oszer,even larger than Riv.It has lots of armory,weapons shops,customization centers and blacksmiths.It has also a convention center an an arena the center.The city is dubbed the center of fighters by the people of Oszer.
“I have to go to the convention center now.I’ll contact you after I finished at there.”Fie told Syrfan and ran away.
“Now,where is that bunch of legendary blacksmiths?”Tefler asked Syrfan.
“Let me sense the metal auras.I know they have their own auras which are totally different with the standard metal aura.”Syrfan told Tefler and started sensing the metal auras.
“Follow me.They are moving.”Syrfan called Tefler and Clair.They started their chase.
At the meantime,the group of blacksmiths were at spectateor’s seat in the arena waiting to “get some exercise”.
“Hey Ozaryl,I heard that there is a bunch of youngsters took away the metals already.What should we do?”Coravan Dlenfer asked Ozaryl Lyman.
“Don’t worry too much about that,Coravan.They will find us to see if we can analyze the metals.”Foruen Nebiros told him.
“We must find out who are the masters who can fight past the 15 guardians at Frag temple and investigate.Are you agree with me,Mr.Agau?”Forata Phires told everyone.
“Hmph.We must teach them a lesson.If we can fight them then we will know why they can defeat the guardians.”Agau Kife told everyone.
At the meantime,Syrfan,Tefler and Clair rushed into the arena and were stopped by a ticket vendor.
“Audience or fighter?”She asked them.
“Is there any upcoming fights?”Clair asked her.
“The legendary blacksmiths from Calfion requested a match right now.The winners can see them in person.”She told everyone.
“You know what that mean right?”Syrfan whispered to Tefler.
“We’ll chalenge them.”Tefler told the ticket vendor.
“Pay 300 Gleds and take this pass.Go to the underground rest area and we’ll call you when it is ready.”She told them.They paid the money,took the pass and went to the rest area at the underground floor.
“Please register your name here.”A clerk sitting near a desk told them.They registered their names and wait for the battles.
“Are you sure we have to fight them?”Tefler asked Syrfan.
“This is the proper way.They must having intend to teach us a lesson because we have taken the metals.They must think of us as thieves so we should fight them to show that we are taking them the proper way.”Syrfan answered him.
“The blacksmiths are impossible to defeat!They will refuse to help us is they know we get the metal without defeating the guardians.”Tefler shouted at Syrfan.
“That is not necessarily true.At least we taking them the proper way.”Clair told Tefler.
“We are not retreating.We can prove our strengths.At least if we show them we are worthy to get the metals.”Syrfan added.
“Get ready,fighters!Your challenge match will start soon.”The clerk yelled at them.A few moments later,they along with the legendary blacksmiths were teleported to the arena.
“So,these are the fighters who possess the metals.I can’t believe these bunch of youngsters can defeat them.”Ozaryl told the others.
“3 vs 5.I’ll quit the fight with Agau.This is not fair for them.”Coravan and Agau teleported themselves to the spectator’s seat.
“This is the first match for today.Clair Tyranof versus Forata Phires!”A referee announced the start of the first battle.Syrfan,Tefler,Foruen,and Ozaryl were teleported to the rest area.
The first battle will start soon…


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