Route of Land(Path 55-Owning)

Tefler started his attack by charging his boomerang with metal aura and threw it towards Foruen.He dashed backwards but Tefler launched the guns and he was shot.
“Dual guns hidden in the boomerang…looks like Azeyl knew he will fight us.”Foruen shocked of the attack just now.He charged himself with frost aura and cast frost crush on Tefler.Tefler was frozen by the frost formed on his body.Then,the frost shattered and cut him.He was wounded badly.
“Damn!”Tefler cast damage shift on himself.The ground turned into ice.Foruen ran towards him,but quickly fell because it was slippery.Tefler charged his sword with frost aura and launched several slash waves.He was frozen.Yet,he melted the ice and turned the ground back to normal.
“I know what you will do next.”Tefler charged his boomerang with steam and wind aura and stabbed it on the ground.Steam mists formed around the arena.Foruen jumped out from the mists and cast burning field on the ground.It was cancelled by the ocean rush spell cast by Tefler.The mists were disappeared as well,but Tefler was nowhere to be found.Suddenly,he was kicked at the back and knocked to the ground.
“You can jump that high and I don’t realize that?”Foruen cast electric seal on himself.Tefler charged his boomerang with photon and threw it upwards.Foruen stood up and discharged his electric seal.Electrons spread around the ground like a wave.He jumped to attack Tefler but he stopped when Tefler strafed to the right and saw the light from the boomerang.It is too shiny for his eyes to withstand such intensity.Tefler charged his sword with metal and gravity auras and launched a slash wave on him.He was hit and fell to the ground again.Tefler took his boomerang and keep it in his pocket.
“Looks like I’m the weakest in the group…”He started became anxious.Tefler went down to finished him off but he was electrocuted.
“Electron waves…he did this to trick me…”Some of Foruen’s injuries transferred to Tefler.
“Hmph…this is the weakness of the young fighters.”Foruen charged himself with aqua aura and cast submerge(an upgraded version of drown)on him.Yet,Tefler was unharmed and his sword’s tip was filled with water cyclone with electric pulse in the center.
“I did this in purpose.You think I know nothing about the electron wave?”Tefler taunted Foruen.He shot it on the ground.Foruen jumped and charged his fists. Tefler threw his sword downwards and charged his fists too.They launched punch waves and they canceled each other.Tefler became exhausted.
“This is my chance.”Foruen charged his sword with flame aura and launched flame blaze.Flame was shot from his sword’s tip like it was from a fire launcher.Tefler charged his fists with ice aura and punched ice waves to defend himself.Then,he quickly moved to the ground.
“I’ll finish him.”Foruen defended himself and charged towards him.Tefler charged his sword and launched a slash wave on Foruen.He was hit and fainted.Tefler won the battle.They were teleported to the rest area.Then,Syrfan and Ozaryl were teleported to the arena.
“Now,for the final battle,Syrfan Sigmeund versus Ozaryl Lyman!”The referee announced the start of next battle.
“If you lose,you can leave us alone.If you win,we will help you in your mission.”Ozaryl warned Syrfan.
“I’ll guarantee your spiritual energy will drop to zero after this by the scope spell.”Syrfan teased him.
The last battle…this will be very hard for Syrfan…


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