Route of Land(Path 56-Spell Strike)

Ozaryl started his attack by charging his wand with poison aura and launch poison wave on the ground.Syrfan jumped and cast neutralize to the poison formed on the ground.Ozaryl charged his rod with wind aura and cast cyclone vortex on him.He was surrounded by a cyclone ball.
“Elemental positioning synchronization?He is no simple fighter.”Syrfan cast gravity on himself and he was fallen to the ground.Dusts flew around the arena and Ozaryl cannot see anything.Syrfan charged himself with earth aura and cast earth astraea on Ozaryl.He was hit and the cyclone ball disappeared.
“Vacuum ignalial!”Ozaryl cast the spell and Syrfan was critically damaged.
“Damn…”Syrfan healed himself.He charged his sword with frost aura and stabbed it on the ground.Mini icebergs rose from Ozaryl’s feet and injured him.Syrfan charged his sword with bolt aura and charged towards him.Ozaryl strafed to the right and punched his shoulder.Syrfan was pushed back.
“He is very fast.”Syrfan charged himself with bolt aura and cast bolt astraea on him.He was hit but he was slightly injured.He charged his rod with aqua and acid aura and cast corrosive submerge on Syrfan.Syrfan cast alkaline guard on himself but he was wounded by the heat produced when the acid and alkali reacted.The reaction formed crystal around Syrfan’s body and he was trapped in it.Ozaryl charged his rod with metal aura and launched metal blades on him.Syrfan freed himself and launched the crystals to defend himself.
“The crystals can destroy the metal blades.He is no simple fighter.”Ozaryl keep his rod in his sack and took out his sword.He charged it with protons and bolt aura and launched proton pulse on Syrfan.Syrfan jumped and cast sea submerge on Ozaryl.He was electrocuted by he quickly cancelled it using the dry spell.Syrfan charged his sword with earth and wind aura and launched desert storm on Ozaryl.Sand were blown from his sword’s tip,causing Ozaryl was unable to see anything.He jumped and kicked Syrfan.Syrfan caught his feet and threw him to the ground.
“This is bad…I must do something.”Ozaryl healed himself and charged his sword with sun,star,and astro(upgraded version of space) auras along with positrons.The side blades were shifted away from the central blade
“Damn!I cannot let him use this!’Syrfan quickly charged his sword with aqua aura and shot extinguish blast on his sword.His sword was jammed.He threw away his sword and took out his rod.He charged it using toxin(upgraded version of poison) and launched several toxic needles on Syrfan,but he quickly dodge it and launched several slash waves on him.He dashed backwards but he was quickly kicked by Syrfan and he crashed the wall.Ozaryl stood up but he fainted shortly afterwards.Syrfan won the battle.
“We will wait for your recovery.”Syrfan healed him and they were teleported to the rest room.What happened to Fie when they were battling?Stay tuned…


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